Assassination Of Obama Planned For 2012 Democratic National Convention?

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Breaking News, Obama, Terror Alerts

The 2012 Democratic National Convention logo depicts Obama’s head in center of a bullseye. News
May 18, 2012
David Chase Taylor

On September 6, 2012, the Democratic National Convention will take place at Bank of America Field in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aside from the log of the convention being a bulls-eye with Obama’s head in the center of it, the Carolinas have been home to a number of plots involving white men who allegedly wanted to assassinate Obama.

In 2008, Jerry Blanchard, a Charlotte accountant, threatened to use a military sniper rifle to kill, kidnap and inflict bodily harm upon then U.S. Sen. Barack Obama. In 2009, two former Marines named Nicholas Daniel Hanke and Kody Brittingham of Jacksonville, North Carolina were arrested for making death threats against their commander-in-chief.  In 2010, Joseph McVey, was being held on a charge of going armed to the terror of the public in Asheville, North Carolina after personating a police officer at the city’s airport after President Obama flew out of town. Police said the suspect was driving a car that was made to look like a law enforcement vehicle with working lights, sirens and police scanner. McVey allegedly stated that he heard the president was in town and wanted to see him. Also in 2010, Michael Stephen Bowden of Woodruff, S.C., a former police officer and veteran, was arrested after he allegedly told a nurse at a Veterans Affairs clinic that he was thinking about killing President Barack Obama.

As previously revealed on’s sister website entitled, the assassination or attempted assassination of Obama by the Israeli Mossad has been planned and speculated for some time. Whether people like Obama or not, an Obama assassination must be stopped at all costs. The murder of Obama would divide America between black and white, Democrat and Republican, and would inevitably cause riots, looting, violence, bloodshed, and chaos across America. It is still unclear whether the U.S. government will attempt to resurrect Obama politically in the aftermath of an assassination event or assassinate Obama for real, declare martial law, and suspend the U.S. Constitution.

The Obama Assassination

Potential Obama Assassination “Event” Scenarios

1. Obama may be targeted and killed.
2. Obama may be targeted and injured.
3. Obama may be targeted and come away unscathed.
4. Obama may also be targeted, injured, come away unscathed, only to be assassinated later.
5. Obama may be targeted, only to be replaced with a stunt double as to give the appearance that he was killed.
6. There are more potential scenarios, but an assassination “event” scenario would consist of some sort of major “event” in which the safety or life of Obama is publicly put at risk.

Israeli Mossad & the Assassination of Obama
Should Barack Obama be assassinated, the state of Israel and their intelligence agency known as Mossad will most likely be the assassins. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz stated in 2010 that, “Obama’s election may usher a political climate that could produce an assassination attempt…It is most likely, though, to be a lone assassin, he says, rather than an organized network.” The Israeli paper is clearly indicating that an Obama assassination is a political option, and if Obama is killed, look for a lone assassin rather than an Israeli Mossad operation.

The Secret Service was recently investigating Atlanta Jewish Times owner and publisher Andrew Adler for calling for President Obama’s assassination when he described the third of three options that Israel must take in regards to Iran: “Three, give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies. Yes, you read “three” correctly. Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel’s existence. Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don’t you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel’s most inner circles?”

The State of Israel has a deep history of assassinating political leaders, especially those who refuse to engage in war crimes, and they have an even deeper history of committing acts of terror upon their own people and those of other nations, especially America. Coincidentally, Israel will not be attending the 2012 NATO Summit, so they don’t have to worry about any of their people getting killed in any collateral damage.

Obama Assassination Weapon?
On July 15, 2011, a Dragunov sniper rifle was stolen from a U.S. military base in California along with 26 AK 74’s. Why the U.S. is storing Russian made weapons at a U.S. military base is beyond comprehension, but the weapons were allegedly stolen nonetheless. Should Obama be killed JFK style, rest assured a sniper rifle will be used and the Russian angle regarding the Dragunov will again be played up in the media. The Dragunov sniper rifle features a mechanically adjustable backup iron sight with a sliding tangent rear sight. The sight can be adjusted to a maximum range of 1,200 meters or 312 yards (312 yards is more than 3 American football fields in length and more than 2 times the height of the former World Trade Center towers). Coincidentally, troops from Russia and the U.S. will hold joint anti-terror drills in Colorado between May 24 and 31, 2012.

Obama Assassination Plots & Patsies
To date, there have been at least 48 various assassination plots and patsies in which individuals were either questioned, arrested, detained and convicted for making death threats against U.S. President Barack Obama. In May of 2012, two incidents whether perceived or real have occurred in respect to direct threats to Obama. On May 6, 2012, the Secret Service arrested Christopher Hecker of Waynesboro, Virginia for allegedly making repeated death threats against President Barack Obama. Hecker allegedly sent an e-mail to WVTF Public Radio in Roanoke April 19 with a subject line saying: “I am going to kill the president of the United States.” On May 11, 2012, two F-16 fighter jets intercepted a small private plane that violated Air Force One’s restricted airspace as President Barack Obama was about to depart from Los Angeles International Airport.

The amount of individuals and terror groups allegedly wanting to assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama is staggering. While some of the 48 documented cases may have in fact been legit threats to Obama, most if not all of them appear to be staged events conducted to give the appearance that Obama is in tremendous danger. Subsequently, almost all suspects charged have never had a trial or been convicted of any crime. An evaluation of the weapons, plots, and rhetoric contributed to these men and woman appear to be ripped from a bad movie. After almost four years and more than 45 blatantly unsuccessful assassination plots, mental deficiency or retardation must be attribute to these suspects unless they are indeed patsies in a bigger scheme orchestrated by intelligence agencies.

Police Shooter Scenario
Should an Obama assassination event take place, it will likely be conducted by someone on the inside, such as a police officer, FBI agent, or Secret Service agent. On April 25, 2010, would-be Obama assassin Joseph McVey, 23, was arrested while impersonating a police officer in North Carolina. Aside from being armed with a gun, McVey was “driving a car that was made to look like a law enforcement vehicle with working lights and sirens.” On July 22, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged shooter of the Norway Terror Attacks, allegedly dressed as a police officer when committing his acts of terror.

Looking back at Obama’s presidential inauguration in January of 2009, 40,000 agents and officers from some 94 police, military and security agencies were on duty including more than a dozen counter-sniper teams that were stationed along the inauguration parade route. Any one of these officers and agents could have gone rouge and there is no way to know which officers are on the take. Coincidentally, on May 13, 2012, it was reported that an FBI agent from the Los Angeles area of California had gone missing and that he may be armed and potentially suicidal. It is possible that this missing FBI agent could play some role in the events that may take place in Chicago on May 20-21, 2012

Obama’s Secret “Presidential Threat Task Force”
Three distinct and rather shocking events in respect to President Obama’s security occurred within a 13 month time frame, none of which have ever occurred to any of the previous 43 U.S. Presidents. The first two incidents included the backpack bomber known as  “White House Fence Jumper”, and the “White House Security Breaches” wherein three random individuals gained personal access to Obama at a White House State dinner with India. Both first-ever U.S. Presidential security breaches appear to be false-flag operations aimed at subverting the reputation of the Secret Service in order to convince Obama that he needed an extra layer of security and protection.

Roughly 8 months after the aforementioned security breaches occurred, Obama was given a secret and unprecedented security team entitled the “Presidential Threat Task Force”. This new and first of its kind task force enables access to Obama outside of the Secret Service and makes the future assassination of Obama all the more likely. The “Presidential Threat Task Force” is so secret that to date there has only been one news article written about it, ever. The “special” U.S. Presidential protection task force operates within the FBI’s National Security Branch and consists of 20 representatives from pertinent agencies including the FBI, the Secret Service, the CIA, the NSA, the Defense Department, and unnamed analysts.

State of the Union: Joint Threat Assessment
State sponsored terrorism is usually preceded by government issued memos, one of which is the infamous Joint Threat Assessment (JTA). As demonstrated in the failed nuclear terror attack on Super Bowl XLV, a JTA was issued stating verbatim how Super Bowl would eventually be attacked. The “2010 State of the Union Address: Joint Threat Assessment” is the first ever know U.S. Presidential JTA. Unfortunately, 8 of the 10 pages are either missing or have been classified, but the gist of the JTA is that Obama will be attacked by a “lone offender” who may be a member of former member of the U.S. military. In reality, a JTA is nothing more than a publicly declared premeditation, terror script or blueprint, issued in writing of the act of terror itself. JTAs are issued to gain plausible deniability whereby providing political cover if and when an act of terror is committed. Shortly after the release of the Obama JTA, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz echoed the Joint Threat Assessment stating that Obama assassination “Is most likely, though, to be a lone assassin…rather than an organized network”.

DHS Assassination Memo
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is so in tune with terrorist activity that they routinely predict what type of terror events will occur, who will commit them, and why the perpetrators were inspired to carry out the attacks. All that seems to be missing from the DHS memos is the actual date of the attack and the names of the individuals responsible. In order to coordinate local, state, and federal authorities for an upcoming terror attack, DHS memos are issued years ahead of time.  By analyzing the memos published by the DHS, a more clear and concise picture of future events begins to emerge; one of them being the impending  Obama assassination event.

A 2009 DHS memo entitled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” states that “rightwing terrorists” are “antagonistic” towards Obama and that “rightwing extremists have capitalized on the election of the first African American president…but they have not yet turned to attack planning…Extremists appeared to be in the early planning stages of some threatening activity targeting [Obama], but law enforcement interceded.” The memo also states that “rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat. These skills and knowledge have the potential to boost the capabilities of extremists—including lone wolves or small terrorist cells—to carry out violence”.

The Secret Service
Since 2007, the Secret Service’s protection of Barack Obama can be defined no other way but bi-polar. From the earliest protection of a U.S. Presidential candidate to not screening patrons for weapons at Obama events, the Secret Service is either unable or unwilling to protect Obama in a responsible manner. Should a future assassination of Obama transpire in Chicago or anywhere else, the Secret Service will ultimately allow the event to occur. However, prior to any U.S. Presidential assassination, the reputation of the Secret Service must me tarnished and degraded publically.

The woman at the center of the U.S. Secret Service scandal in Colombia recently called the agents involved “idiots” for letting it happen, and said that if she were a spy and sensitive information was available, she could have easily obtained it. When asked whether the security of U.S. President Barack Obama was compromised, she replied, “Totally”. The woman then called the Secret Service agents caught up in the scandal “fools for being from Obama’s security and letting all this happen.” To add insult to injury, a Secret Service agent allegedly struck and killed a woman with a car in Brooklyn, New York, just days after the latest scandal broke.

“Lone Wolf” Assassination Scenario
The U.S. and Israeli government apparently know the inner workings of the plot to assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama because they are all predicting the exact same thing: a “lone wolf” or “lone offender” will attack Obama. A “lone wolf” or a “lone shooter” is much easier to handle publicly, criminally and politically than a grand conspiracy. The propaganda groundwork for the “lone” Obama assassin has been fed to the American public via mainstream and alternative media outlets in an attempt to divert attention from the real terrorist group that will execute Obama: Israeli Mossad. Remember, “Lone Wolf” is the new terror buzzword and it means that everyone in America is now a terror suspect.

In the assassinations of John F. Kennedy (1963), Robert F. Kennedy (1968), John Lennon (1980), Ronald Reagan (1981), and the terror attacks Oklahoma City Bombing* (1995), the Tucson Massacre (2010), and Norway Terror Attacks (2011), “Lone Wolves” or individuals said by the media and the government to be acting alone, all share three distinct trademarks:

1. Apprehended within Hours
Alleged assassination suspects were smart enough to hide their secret and murderous plans for months, but stupid enough to stay at the scene of the crime or get apprehended by police within hours.

2. “Lone Wolf” Never Alone
Alleged assassination suspects were all witnessed by bystanders to be with at least one other unidentified person (likely their handler) which appeared to be accompanying or helping the suspect at the scene of the crime.

3. Mentally Unstable
Alleged suspects were either under a doctor’s control at the time of the crime or were severely mentally unstable at the time of their arrest. Many of the suspects did not recall the crimes that they are alleged to have committed.

Breaking News

Canceled Chicago G8 Meeting
On March 6, 2012, the long scheduled G8 meeting in Chicago, Illinois was canceled among “security fears” arising from future protests in Chicago and subsequently moved to Camp David, Maryland outside Washington D.C. In the wake of an Obama/NATO assassination event, the G8 cancelation will serve as plausible deniability, in that if anything terror related happens, Emanuel and his gang of Zionist terrorists can claim that there was a legit threat to Chicago and that is why the G8 meeting was moved out of the city. The G8 meeting at Camp David will also allow for a private venue whereby the NATO heads of state can drill, practice and rehearse their roles if in fact a real or staged assassination is planned for the NATO Summit.

Another Kennedy Killed
Only 3 days prior to the NATO Summit in Chicago where a real or staged assassination attempt on Obama’s life is all set-up to take place, another Kennedy has been killed. According to the New York medical examiner’s office, Mary Kennedy, the estranged wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is dead. The sudden death of Ms. Kennedy is no accident and clearly invokes memories of the JFK assassination as well as the assassinations Robert Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr. According to reports, the death of Mary Kennedy was the result of suicide by hanging.

Obama Portrayed as Weak
A recent barrage of news reports has painted Obama as the weakest President in American history and appears to be a calculated attempt to “invite” a future assassination attempt. In April of 2012, a photo of Obama looking thin, weak and frail surfaced with major media outlets questioning the health of Obama and whether or not he was able to continue under the stress in his capacity as Commander and Chief of the U.S. armed forces. On May 9, 2012, U.S. President Barack Obama stated that he supports gay marriage, a rather curious position to be flaunting 6 months before a reelection bid. Since this historic announcement which surely angered a majority of conservative people across America, especially from the southern part of the United States, the Atlantic went on to portray Obama as the first gay-female-Hispanic-Asian-Jewish President, another obvious slap to the conservative right in America. On May 13, 2012, intelligence operative Wayne Madsen wrote a story about how Obama and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel attend the same gay bath house in Chicago.  On May 17, 2012, it was reported that Obama’s illegal NDAA was allegedly blocked by a U.S. federal judge making the Obama administration look weaker and illegitimate than ever before. Lastly, on May 17, 2012, it was reported that Obama was in fact born in Kenya, making his presidency officially unconstitutional.

Missing FBI Agent
On May 13, 2012, it was reported that an FBI agent from the Los Angeles area of California had gone missing and that he may be armed and potentially suicidal. It is possible that the missing FBI agent could play some role in the events that may take place in Chicago on May 20-21, 2012, and may even be scapegoated as the assassin in an upcoming Obama assassination attempt. The FBI agent story could have also been leaked as to preemptively set-up the FBI for the Obama assassination so that the FBI is blamed for the assassination attempt instead of the Israeli Mossad. The missing agent could also theoretically provide information, data or access to alleged terrorists or individuals who would do Obama or NATO officials harm. Lastly, the FBI agent could also theoretically provide weapons, documentation or uniforms to persons wanting to gain access to restricted areas in and around the NATO meetings.

Act of War

War on Terror Over? Not a Chance
In August of 2009, the Obama White House first issued a statement that the war on terror was over. Nine month later in May of 2010, the Obama White House again stated that the war on terror was over.  Curiously, in April of 2012, the Obama White House issues a third statement that the war on terror was over, again. Based on the revelation of The Nuclear Bible, it is clear the first two “war on terror is over” statements was propaganda issued in an attempt to calm people prior to the planned nuclear terror attack of February 6, 2011. Like the first two statements, the third and most recent claim that the war on terror is over means exactly the opposite. The simple fact that a senior official in the State Department stated that “The war on terror is over”, it undoubtedly mean that the war on terror is on and a major false-flag terror attack is in the pipeline.

Iranian Assassination Plot
In October of 2011, an alleged Iranian assassination plot was foiled in a very public and comical way. According to officials, an Iranian-American citizen named Mansour Arbabsiar was indicted on terrorism and related charges after an FBI-style DEA sting operation revealed that Arbabsiar conspired with individuals in Iran, including members of the Quds Force (an arm of the Iranian revolutionary guard), to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington. The assassination hoax was likely a calculated media stunt aimed at scapegoating Iran in the wake of an Obama or NATO assassination event. The Secret Service was recently investigating Atlanta Jewish Times owner and publisher Andrew Adler for calling for President Obama’s assassination when he described the third of three options that Israel must take if Obama fails to attack Iran.

U.S. War Games
Multiple war-games and drills within the United States indicate that something major may be going down sometime very soon. Starting on April 16, 2012, Chicago has been home to many drills and war-games and Blackhawk helicopters were seen circling the city prior to the NATO Summit. On May 2-9, 2012, NORAD and U.S. Northern Command conducted a major exercise entitled Ardent Sentry 2012, which focused on Defense Support of Civil Authorities. Lastly, according to reports, airborne troops from Russia and the U.S. will hold joint anti-terror drills in Colorado between May 24 and 31, 2012. This will be the first time that Russian airborne forces will hold exercises with the U.S. airborne forces in America.

Middle East War Game
On May 15, 2012, the United States led the largest war-game in the Middle East since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The war-game entitled Eager Lion 2012 was held in Jordan and according to Major General Ken Tovo, head of the US Special Operations Forces, it was “the largest exercise held in the region in the past ten years”. Over 12,000 soldiers took part in the war games, totaling 19 countries, including Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Qatar, Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Australia.

Obama Assassination Marketing & Public Relations

Obama Assassination & LIVE TV
Spectacular terrorism demands an audience and there is no better place for it than Live TV. The images of terror must be burned into the collective mind of the masses in order have their desired terrorizing effect. Due to the 30-60 second lifespan of an assassination attempt, a sitting TV audience must already be in place prior to the assassination taking place. The future assassination of Barack Obama is no different and it’s highly likely that an Obama assassination event will transpire at some live political or sports function that is being broadcast worldwide on television.

As the L.A. Times headline from the 2008 Democratic National Convention foreshadowed, “Plot Unfolds To Assassinate Obama On National TV”. With history as our guide, it is highly likely that an Obama assassination event will transpire on Live TV. Due to Obama’s fame and celebrity status, it is likely that any major event Obama attends will have a massive TV audience ranging somewhere between 75 and 100 million. The NATO Summit in Chicago, Illinois, on May 20-21, 2012 is a perfect venue that will be broadcast live to a global audience of potentially hundreds of millions. Hours after the NATO Summit has concluded, Obama is scheduled to speak at a high school commencement in Joplin, Missouri, on May 21, 2012, which may provide an opportunity for a second follow-up assassination event.

Movie: “Death of a President”
Filmed in 2006 but released in 2008, “The Death of a President” is an apparent script for the future assassination of Barack Obama. The assassination in the film takes place at 8:13pm on October 19th  in Chicago, Illinois, Obama’s home town. The president depicted in the movie, George W. Bush, is shot twice at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Chicago by an assassin with a sniper rifle. The top three suspects for the assassination are a full-time peace activist, a U.S. military veteran, and a Syrian man with alleged Al Qaeda ties. Although the Syrian man was charged, tried and convicted for the assassination, the true perpetrator of the crime was the U.S. military veteran’s father, a Major in U.S. military and a Desert Storm veteran. If there was ever a blueprint for the assassination of Barack Obama, “The Death of a President” is definitely it.

Obama Assassination: As Seen On TV
As with most earth changing events of the last 50 years, the slogan “AS SEEN ON TV” can be dutifully applied. The election and future assassination of a black U.S. President is no different. The information contained within movies and television is scientifically and subliminally pre-programming America for future events, namely the assassination of Barack Obama. The following TV shows and movies give cinematic insight into the future assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama: “The Manchurian Candidate” (2004)“24” (2006)“Shooter” (2007)“Death of a President” (2008)“Rise of the New Right” (2010), and “Homeland” (2011).

Obama Assassination Predictions    
As if singing in concert, individuals from all walks have life have predicted the future assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama. Do these characters know something we don’t? Is there a master plan to assassinate Obama? Only time will tell, but until then, the words of these prophets will have to suffice:

Doris Lessing (2008)
The Nobel Peace Prize winner Doris Lessing went on record stating that U.S. President Barack Obama will not last long and that “they” would murder him. Who “they” is, is anybody’s guess, but if you ask Gaddafi, he would say Israel.

Jesse Ventura (2008)
The former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura states that if U.S. President Barack Obama wins he would be assassinated by the U.S. government. Unfortunately, the “Conspiracy Theory” host only leaves us with vague generalizations and no specifics.

Hillary Clinton (2008)
Current U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, invokes the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in California and predicts that then U.S. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama may suffer the same fate.

Samuel L. Jackson (2008)
Oscar winning actor Samuel L. Jackson wonders when someone going to try and kill U.S. President Barack Obama and predicts that someone at a Sarah Palin rally will finally say “Kill that nigger!’

Muammar Gaddafi (2008 & 2009)
Muammar Gaddafi is the only known Head of State to implicate Israel in the assassination of JFK and the future assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama. As if the world did not hear him the first time, Gaddafi again predicted he future assassination of Barack Obama by the state of Israel. Roughly 2 years later after his last prediction, Libya was invaded and Gaddafi was assassinated.

Ray Larson  (2009)
The International Imperial Wizard of the National Knights of the Klu Klux Klan, Ray Larsen, predicts that someone from the South (Confederate part of the U.S.) will eventually assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama.

Nostradamus Child (2010)
Oliver, the alleged child Nostradamus of Columbia, predicts the future assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama. Unfortunately, Oliver was unable to divulge the exact date that Obama would be assassinated and who would ultimately be responsible.

Glenn Beck (2010)
Fox News TV anchor and nationally syndicated radio host, Glenn Beck, states that “9/11 Truthers” will ultimately assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama. Does Beck know something we don’t? Is there a plan to assassinate Obama and blame 9/11 Truthers?

Alex Jones (2010)
Infowars radio host and renowned fear monger, Alex Jones, states that the assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama is the next false-flag, but ultimately fails to produce one shred of evidence as to why this may be the case. Jones appears to be acting on insider information, as he states that he is now 100% sure Obama will be targeted for assassination.

Michelle Obama (2011)
U.S. President Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, made a ghastly statement when she stated to the Secret Service” Just tell me when – where to run”. This statement clearly infers that an assassination of her husband involving the Secret Service is just around the corner. Mrs. Obama’s statement indicates that the White House is leaking future assassination insinuations in an attempt to prepare the American public for what is about to transpire.

Obama Assassination Provocateurs
A number of different celebrities have predicted the future assassination of Barack Obama, but there are a few special celebrities out-right attempting to provocateur it or profit off of it when it happens. If these celebrity provocateurs weren’t part of some organized government operation, they would be arrested and charged with felonies just like the other 48 non-celebrities who have made “threats” against Obama’s life. The simple fact that none of these “celebrities” were ever charged in any way shows that there is an organized attempt to rile up hatred of Obama to the point of violence.

Ted Nugent (2007)
Singer Ted Nugent likely started the entire media mantra of assassinating U.S. President Barack Obama. Before there were any plots or patsies to parade in front of the media, Nugent was on stage screaming inflammatory and hateful messages about Obama while holding his machine gun.

Yazmany Arboleda (2008)
An alleged Colombian, Yazmany Arboleda produced one of the most hateful and despicable works of art in recorded history. His collection, “The Assassination of Barack Obama”, was allegedly shut down by the Secret Service after a big media storm descended onto his New York Gallery. Naturally, Yamany was never charged, and his gallery remained open for business.

Doron Braunshtein (2008)
An Israeli born citizen, Doron Braunstein, also known as Apollo Braun, is selling sweatshirts with the words “Who Killed Obama?” in New York City for $129.00, and has plans to profit tremendously off the upcoming assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama.

Bill White (2008)
Bill White, and alleged Neo-Nazi, is famous for publishing the National Socialist magazine with the hateful message of “Kill this Nigger?”, in reference to U.S. President Barack Obama. A closer look at White reveals that he may be in fact a government agent provocateur due to the simple fact that he has repeatedly committed crimes without ever serving any real jail time. As evidenced by White’s Wikipedia page, he has escaped punishment from both state and federal authorities for numerous crimes, including the blatant provocateuring of an Obama assassination. Bill White’s ethnicity is also a mystery, as he exhibits Israeli-Middle Eastern traits rather than the German blonde haired blue-eyed traits white supremacists are famous for.

Gregory S. Parks & Danielle C. Heard (2009)
“Assassinate the Nigger Ape” is a scholarly paper written by Gregory S. Parks and Danielle C. Heard. While the paper appears on its face to be against racism and in defense of U.S. President Barack Obama, its title alone is basic stochastic terrorism. Since the release of the paper, both Parks and Heard have taken on new and more lucrative positions in academia.

Peter Fonda (2011)
Hollywood has always had an interesting relationship with intelligence agencies and Peter Fonda is Hollywood if there ever was such a thing. A person of his notoriety and fame would be scapegoated along with the other Obama assassination patsies if he wasn’t on the take for his inflammatory words. Fonda stated, “I’m training my grandchildren to use long-range rifles,” said the actor, 71. “For what purpose? Well, I’m not going to say the words ‘Barack Obama’, but …”

University of Texas at Austin GOP Leader (2011)
Lauren E. Pierce, the leader of the College Republicans at UT Austin and part of the Republican Party, stated on her Twitter account that “Y’all as tempting as it may be, don’t shoot Obama. We need him to go down in history as the WORST president we’ve EVER had! #2012.” The comments came hours after Pennsylvania State Police arrested a 21-year-old Idaho man for allegedly firing a semi-automatic rifle at the White House.

Assassination Aftermath

Timothy McVeigh 2.0?
Coincidentally, just in time for the upcoming Obama assassination, two white individuals with McVeigh sounding names were arrested in attempted assassination plots on U.S. President Barack Obama. On April 25, 2010, Joseph S. McVey, 23 was arrested in North Carolina, and on July 7, 2011, James V. McVay, 41, was arrested in North Dakota. Interestingly, Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged shooter of the Norway Terror Attacks, has also been repeatedly compared to Timothy McVeigh. Should Obama be assassinated, the alleged assassin will likely suffer the same fate.

Osama’s Revenge
The assassination of Osama bin Laden by U.S. President Barack Obama on May 1, 2011, clearly puts a fresh bulls-eye on Obama by the alleged terror group Al Qaeda. The blatant murder of Bin Laden, whether perceived or real, gives well needed plausible deniability to the Israeli Mossad if and when they decide to assassinate Obama. While multiple news sources confirmed that Bin Laden passed away on December 26, 2001killing him again to incite an alleged revenge killing appears to be the underlying motive as evidenced by the rash of recent news articles that Osama bin Laden has a plan to assassinate Obama. While it’s not clear who’s responsible for the horrendous war on terror script writing, it is clear that it’s getting more pathetic and predictable by the day.

Assassination of SEAL Team 6
The assassination of SEAL Team 6 on August 6, 2011, shows that an Obama assassination narrative by “Al Qaeda” may already be underway. This was allegedly the exact same SEAL Team 6 that killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on May 1, 2011, and it plays quite nicely into the story of Bin Laden’s revenge. Although the military and the media state that none of the SEAL Team 6 members that died in the helicopter crash actually participated in the Osama bin Laden assassination, but intelligence from the military families who lost their sons state otherwise.

One Year Anniversary of Bin Laden’s Death
The Chicago NATO Summit will commence roughly 12 months after the alleged death of Osama Bin Laden, and U.S. federal authorities have issued statements that there is no specific, credible threat to the U.S. homeland, but that they remain concerned “lone wolf” terrorists could use the date to avenge the former Al Qaeda leader’s death. Should anything remotely terror related occur in Chicago on May 20-21, 2012, there is little doubt that some alleged terrorist avenging the death of their former leader will be scapegoated in the aftermath of the attack.

Death of Obama: Shooting at the President
Hip-hop artist Ty Hustle all but predicts the exact scenario of Osama bin Laden’s alleged revenge killing of U.S. President Barack  Obama in his future hit song entitled “Death of Obama: Shooting at the President”.

Assassination Scapegoats
In the aftermath of an Obama assassination, the government and media will be feeding the public any number of different scapegoats in a desperate attempt to shift the blame and responsibility of the assassination away from the Israeli Mossad and onto anybody or anything but themselves. The list of potential scapegoats developed since the election of Obama in 2008 includes but is not limited to: 9/11 truthersAl-ShabaabChristiansgun ownersIranPalestinethe Haqqani Networkthe Irishthe Tea Party and Ron Paulers, and U.S. military veterans.

Alex Jones
In the aftermath of an Obama assassination, there will be mass confusion, fear, and hysteria. In this chaotic environment, there will be political and governmental agencies and institutions that will attempt to take advantage of the situation. When this occurs, radio host and alleged STRATFOR double agent Alex Jones will attempt to incite violence by calling for violence against the U.S. military and police forces. Once Jones’ listeners take up arms against the U.S. government, Operation ENDGAME will go into effect, whereby DHS will detain and deport all removable aliens and “suspected terrorists” currently living in the United States. Operation ENDGAME is scheduled to be completed by 2012.

Looking Forward

Obama Assassination Predictions
Based on the cumulative data incorporated into the ObamaCSI website, the predictions/educated guesses have been made in respect to the future assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama:

1. The alleged Obama assassin will either be a white male from the Southern (Confederate) part of the United States, and/or an alleged Middle Eastern “terrorist” with links to Al Qaeda.

2. The Obama assassination will occur in the evening (EST) when most Americans are at home watching TV and will be replayed over and over again for all the world to see for the foreseeable future.

3. There may be more than one Obama assassination attempt. Just because Obama is targeted once does not mean he will not be targeted again. Chances are, there will be more than one attempt, especially if he is the sitting U.S. President until 2016.

4. As demonstrated in the Norway Terror Attack, the Obama assassin will likely be dressed in a policeman/law enforcement uniform and is likely to be a current member or veteran of the U.S. military.

5. The Obama assassin will remain at large for some time, making every gun owning American an immediate suspect. While the Obama assassin is at large, gun rights in America will be demonized via the media in a fashion unprecedented in American history. Former Jewish congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona will likely spearhead the new anti-gun movement in America.

6. After an Obama assassination or assassination attempt, a manhunt will ensue and roadblocks with checkpoints will be resurrected throughout America. Despite the alleged capture of the Obama assassin, the temporary roadblocks and checkpoints will permanently remain.

7. An Obama assassination event will likely come right before or right after a homeland terror attack. Like 9/11, there will be multiple attacks in a short period of time, thus giving the illusion that America is under attack.

8. The first Obama assassination event will undoubtedly come prior to the 2012 U.S. Presidential election.

About the Author: David Chase Taylor is the author of  The Nuclear Bible, which exposed the 2011 Super Bowl nuclear terror conspiracy, and The Bio-Terror Bible, which exposes the coming bio-terror pandemic. Taylor has also exposed the future assassination of Barack Obama by the Israeli Mossad, as well as the Alex Jones links to STRATFOR.

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