Alex Jones And STRATFOR Linked To The Assassination Of Andrew Breitbart

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Alex Jones, Breaking News

Alex Jones & STRATFOR
Est. 1996

In a desperate attempt to hide Jones’ connection to STRATFOR, both Jones and STRATFOR appear complicit in the plot to assassinate Andrew Breitbart. 

May 25, 2012 News

On February 12, 2012, David Chase Taylor of broke the story that Alex Jones was likely an intelligence tool for STRATFOR, a private Zionist intelligence agency located in Austin, Texas. As detailed in the original article, STRATFOR admits to being an intelligence gathering center and therefore it stands to reason that Alex Jones and his affiliates of Inforwars and PrisonPlanet have likely been gathering intelligence, data and information on patriotic Americans since 1996, coincidently the exact same year that STRATFOR was founded.

The Cover-Up  is Always Worse than the Crime

What has transpired since the Alex Jones-STRATFOR connection was made is quite shocking, especially considering there is now evidence herein linking Alex Jones and STRATFOR directly to the murder of journalist Andrew Breitbart. Not only did Jones and STRATFOR collude with other intelligence operatives such as Wikileaks, Larry Sinclair, Wayne Madsen, Wesley Rawles, Mark Dice and Jason Bermas in an attempt to whitewash the Jones-STRATFOR connection, Jones and STRATFOR had their intelligence operatives attack the author and messenger, David Chase Taylor, repeatedly with vicious personal attacks while NEVER once addressing the evidence disclosed by Taylor.

“Bilderberg” in German or Deutsche Means “Photo Mountain”

Since Alex Jones has been made as an American traitor, he will likely be exiting from public life, but not before he completes his mission of prematurely ejaculating the 2nd American Revolution. This future act of treason will likely occur when Alex Jones and Mark Dice descend upon the 58th annual meeting of the “Bilderberg” Group between May 31, 2012 and June 3, 2012 in Chantilly, Virginia. “Bilderberg” in German means “photo mountain” and after Jones and Dice are done provocateuring an armed riot in Virginia, the internet will be littered with thousands of photos of useful idiots shooting guns at New World Order puppets while the true Zionist control of America sits back and pulls the strings.

“You don’t know who’s good or bad until you get to that crisis point.” ~ Alex Jones, October 14, 2011

The Alex Jones/STRATFOR Timeline:

February 02, 2012: Infowars: Alex Jones Announces Nationwide Speaking Tour
February 12, 2012: News: Is Alex Jones A STRATFOR Double Agent?
February 15, 2012: Infowars: Alex Jones Cancels Nationwide Speaking Tour
February 16, 2012: Infowars changes Alex Jones Show logo (see below)
February 16, 2012: News: Alex Jones Cancels Speaking Tour 3 Days After Exposure As STRATFOR Double Agent
February 26, 2012: Race War False-Flag Averted in Orlando, Florida (Night Trayvon Martin was Killed)
February 27, 2012: Alex Jones & Infowars STRATFOR Whitewash Begins (see articles below)
February 28, 2012:
Associated Press: STRATFOR Disinformation Piece
March 01, 2012:
Infowars: Assassination of Andrew Breitbart
March 01, 2012: Larry Sinclair: “Wait ‘Til They See What Happens March 1st”
March 01, 2012: Guardian: STRATFOR Active in Austin
March 02, 2012:
Infowars: Breitbart: “Wait ‘Til They See What Happens March 1st”
March 02, 2012: Alex Jones Attacks STRATFOR (YouTube Video 1, YouTube Video 2)
March 04, 2012: David Chase Taylor Hit Piece # 1: Exposed, Alex Jones STRATFOR Myth Debunked
March 05, 3012: Intel Hub: Jason Bermas Attacks Jones STRATFOR Connection
March 05, 2012: David Chase Taylor Hit Piece # 2: Chased Far From Reality: A Super Bowl Nuke Conspiracy Theorist Run Amok
March 07, 2012: Infowars: Breitbart’s Obama Video A Hoax
May 24, 2012: Alex Jones Show logo changed, again, day before the release of this article

Alex Jones Cancels Nationwide Speaking Tour (February 15, 2012)
In a YouTube video originally uploaded on February 2, 2012, Alex Jones states, “Alex Jones here announcing the first of many trips that I’m gonna take across this wonderful United States that we live in”. On the February 15, 2012, broadcast of the Alex Jones show, just three days after Taylor’s original article entitled “Is Alex Jones A STRATFOR Double Agent?” was published, Jones abruptly canceled his nationwide speaking tour without reason except that “the collapse is so imminent”. Jones then went on to attack the links between himself and STRATFOR by stating that he started his radio broadcast in 1995 and that was indeed self-made.

Access: 10 Reasons Why Alex Jones Should Be Tried For Treason

Alex Jones Show Changes Logo (Feb 16, 2012)
Immediately after the original story broke that Alex Jones was likely an intelligence tool of STRATFOR, the Infowars website removed the Alex Jones Show banner (Photo 1), which looks almost identical to the Alex Jones-STRATFOR photo in the original story. Although the colors of the Alex Jones Show is and always has been Israeli blue, a brand new green Alex Jones Show logo (Photo 2) was uploaded on the Infowars website in an obvious attempt to distance Alex Jones from STRATFOR. The strange looking and oddly colored green Alex Jones Show logo stayed up on Infowars until May 24, 2012, coincidently just 1 day prior to this story being published. The new Alex Jones Show logo (Photo 3) is another obvious clue that the cover-up involving Alex Jones and STRATFOR continues even today.

On or about August 17, 2012, Alex Jones again changed the Alex Jones Show banner (see below) on the website. This is the 3rd time Jones has changed the banner in roughly 6 months. Previously, Jones had used the same Alex Jones Show banner (Photo 1) for at least 3 or 4 years. As people around the world continue to discover Jones’ true motives and aspirations, Jones and are doing their best to cover it up. 

STRATFOR Email Mentioning Alex Jones (February 27, 2012)  
On February 27, 2012, roughly 2 weeks after the original story linking Jones to STRATFOR had been published, WikiLeaks release an alleged email from STRATFOR mentioning Alex Jones in a negative light. The timing of the STRATFOR email release by Wikileaks was rather curious, especially considering that STRATFOR was allegedly hacked in December of 2011. The bogus STRATFOR email was then used by Jones, Infowars and other intelligence operatives to attack STRATFOR in a desperate attempt to distance Jones from STRATFOR­.

STRATFOR Email: “The US Govt needs to make body pics available like the MX’s do, with OBL’s pants pulled down, to shout down the lunatics like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck.”

The alleged STRATFOR email was an obvious and blatant straw man fallacy aimed at deceiving Jones’ listeners into believing that the STRATFOR buzz surrounding Jones was about a one sentence blurb about Jones being a lunatic rather than the real connections made between Jones and STRATFOR in the original article. To Jones’ credit, the trickery did manage to fool a lot of people who had heard about the Jones-STRATFOR connection second hand. Although the STRATFOR email did manage to muddy the waters in respect to the Jones-STRATFOR connection, it also proved that there is a direct working relationship between Alex Jones, STRATFOR, and Wikileaks.

The Alex Jones-STRATFOR Whitewash (February 27, 2012 – Present)
Shortly after the Alex Jones-STRATFOR story became a viral internet sensation, Alex Jones, Infowars and Prison Planet began publishing story after story with “STRATFOR” in the headline. The STRATFOR news articles were a calculated move to again muddy the waters in respect to the information linking Jones to STRATFOR. By publishing a number of new Infowars and Prison Planet stories with STRATFOR in the headline, people searching online for information linking Jones to STRATFOR would be led astray. The STRATFOR stories were then carried by hundreds if not thousands of alternative news websites which muddied the waters even farther. If the allegations linking Jones to STRATFOR were not true, why so many suspiciously timed STRATFOR stories?

February 27, 2012: Israel, Kurdish fighters destroyed Iran nuclear facility, email released by WikiLeaks claims
February 28, 2012:
Wikileaks Global Intelligence Files: Israel
February 29, 2012:
Stratfor Emails: Israel Has Destroyed Iran’s Nuclear Program
March 03, 2012: LEAKED STRATFOR EMAILS: Analysts Didn’t Believe Bin Laden Was Buried At Sea
March 04, 2012:
Leaked Stratfor Email Calls Ground Zero Mosque Imam ‘an FBI asset’
March 05, 2012:
Hacked Stratfor Emails: Osama’s Body Not Dumped at Sea
March 06, 2012: Stratfor Wanted To Show Bin Laden Body Photos To Shut Up “Lunatics Like Alex Jones & Glenn Beck”
March 06, 2012: Leaked Email: Pentagon Admits Plan To Direct Terror Attacks Inside Syria
March 07, 2012: Stratfor leaks: NATO commandos in illegal special ops in Syria
March 20, 2012: Stratfor Emails: US Government Contractor Was Involved In Gaddafi Killing
March 20, 2012: Stratfor Emails: Google Behind Middle East Regime Change
April 06, 2012: Leaked Stratfor emails show US security firm SCG is helping Syrian rebels

STRATFOR Disinformation (February 28, 2012)
In an apparent attempt to muddy the waters even further in respect to the the Alex Jones-STRATFOR connection, the Associated Press (AP) purposefully disseminated fraudulent information about STRATFOR. In the February 28, 2012, story picked up by the Advocate, the AP claims that, “Stratfor was founded in Baton Rouge by George Friedman in 1994 and called LSU its home until 1997, when Friedman moved the company to Austin.” One quick look at the STRATFOR website or the STRATFOR Wikipedia page, and it’s evident that STRATFOR was indeed founded in 1996 in Austin, Texas. The disinformation by the AP was likely released in an attempt to distance the founding of the Alex Jones Show in Austin, Texas in 1996, from that of the founding of STRATFOR in Austin, Texas, in 1996. Clearly, they are one in the same entity.

Assassination of Andrew Breitbart (February 29, 2012)

The assassination of political activist Andrew Breitbart is disturbing for many reasons, but mainly because Breitbart died on the Thursday evening of February 29, 2012, the exact same time that the story regarding Jones and STRATFOR became a viral internet sensation. While Breitbart’s time of death is officially listed as Friday March 1, 2012, he died around 12:30 am Thursday night shortly after allegedly drinking two glasses of wine with dinner, the second of which was likely spiked with cyanide or another untraceable toxin.

As the March 2, 2012, Infowars story stated, “In a stunning coincidence, It appears Andrew Breitbart suffered his untimely death just hours before he was set to release damning video footage that could have sunk Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.” Although Breitbart was allegedly killed by the Obama administration to stop the video release of Obama’s alleged Communist terror connections (see below), evidence now suggests that Breitbart was murdered by intelligence services linked to Alex Jones and STARTFOR in a desperate attempt to create a major conspiracy and subsequent internet buzz to distract from the viral internet story linking Alex Jones to STRATFOR.

Aside from Alex Jones, Israeli owned Fox News, Jewish radio host Michael Savage and Jewish news guru Matt Drudge were the loudest in reporting the murder of Breitbart as a potential Obama assassination. Despite what Jones had repeatedly stated on his radio program in respect to Breitbart’s unexpected death, Breitbart was Jewish and supported Zionist wars and policies in the Middle East. There was really nothing anti-establishment about Breitbart, unless he had a recent change of heart that went unreported. In what appears to be a sickening twist of irony, Breitbart may have been killed for political gain by the very same Zionists he supported. In retrospect, it was Alex Jones, Infowars and STRATFOR which benefited the most from the distraction that was the assassination of Andrew Breitbart.

Fake Breitbart Story (March 1, 2012)
A suspicious and timely news story published on March 1, 2012, by Larry Sinclair, the alleged former homosexual lover of Barack Obama, claimed that Andrew Breitbart was all set to release a damning video about Obama’s alleged Communist terror connections on March 1, 2012. Well, that never happened. A closer look at the facts surrounding the release and propaganization of the fictional story sheds even more light on the Alex Jones-STRATFOR cover-up.

1. The Sinclair story entitled, “Wait Til They See What Happens March First”, was actually written on March 1, 2012, about an alleged incident that was to occur March 1, 2012! The desperation and obvious fraud in the timing and revelation of the story is unprecedented.
2. Although the statement regarding the Obama video by Breitbart to Sinclair allegedly took place on February 9, 2012, despite having his own news website, Sinclair only published the story once Breitbart was dead.
3. The story by Sinclair could not have been published prior to the death of Breitbart, as Breitbart would have been alive to refute it.
4. The alleged statement by Breitbart to Sinclair was never corroborated by any witnesses, audio, or video.
5. The story by Sinclair was then exclusively picked up by Infowars and Prison Planet and disseminated without regard for the aforementioned issues.
6. Ultimately, like the Sinclair news story, the Obama video that Alex Jones and others repeatedly cited as the main reason for the assassination of Breitbart by Obama has now been revealed as a total hoax.
7. When the Alex Jones-STRATFOR Breitbart assassination cover-up becomes a viral internet sensation, it should come as no surprise if another Obama hoax video by Breitbart’s people is suddenly discovered.

Access: 10 Reasons Why Alex Jones Should Be Tried For Treason

STRATFOR Active In Austin (March 1, 2012)
A March 1, 2012, story reported in the Guardian stated that, “The Texas Department of Public Safety has an undercover agent at Occupy Austin who was disclosing information to contacts at Stratfor. Stratfor also is hired by multinational corporations to glean “intelligence” about critics.” The Guardian story appears to have been released to further muddy the waters surrounding Alex Jones and STRATFOR. By somehow linking the STRATFOR intelligence gathering operation to the Occupy Movement, the story is insinuating that STRATFOR is a boots on the ground type of operation. The story also implies that STRATFOR outsources intelligence gathering to multinational corporations, another calculated attempt to distance STRATFOR’s role from that of Alex Jones.

Alex Jones Attacks STRATFOR (March 3, 2012)
In YouTube videos of Alex Jones uploaded on March 3, 2012, Jones repeatedly attacks STRATFOR in a calculated attempt to distance him from the private security firm and deceive his listeners. Jones went on the offensive desperately trying to distance himself from STRATFOR, but admits in the process of his attack that he has contacted STRATFOR more than 20 times over the years, clearly indicating a relationship between the two.

Alex Jones Word for Word
(Video 1)

“Isn’t STRATFOR really just a megaphone to put out Pentagon propaganda so they can act like, look private intelligence groups are saying this, because STRATFOR is based here in Austin, and they even had a local radio show on 590, a piece they would do, and I would listen, and it just sounded like propaganda, not real intelligence…All STRATFOR was doing was reporting on what was already in the news, and now the medias like, it’s a private intelligence group, it’s like God said it, because it was in an email, and you read it, it’s just a bunch of garbilee-gook…

…I’ve been out of town for a week and a half and he just told me I was mentioned in a STRATFOR email…Because I saw some YouTube comments going, Jones, they’re call you a kook at STRATFOR, and I just didn’t believe that…Oh wow, so [STRATFOR] called me a crazy…You know what, I’m going to challenge Dr. Friedman, because I’ve asked him on like 20 times over the years, literally, I’ve asked him over and over…They put out fake intelligence to argue that the other intelligence is wrong so you believe the general story…But the main story is true…”

Alex Jones Word for Word
(Video 2)

“Well there is this idea that, ooooh STRATFOR, you know I could start a group called Geniusore, even more awesomer, you know oh oh oh my God, and your right, it’s just a bunch of crusty guys in there picking their nose just like just calling people lunatics and spewing garbage out…I’ve got to be honest; I know that Debka is an Israeli front, probably even Shin Bet domestically, but I found overall their stuff turns out to be more accurate than STRATFOR, cause you know they were admitting that, Ya they were using Al Qaeda to attack Libya, Ya, there’s three groups invading Syria, this is going to happen in a few months; I found Debka has actually been pretty accurate…

And overall it just creates a fog of war to confuse those that aren’t that informed…And I was seeing this stuff on YouTube, comments like, Hey! When are you gonna talk about the STRATFOR thing? And I’m like what? And of course they never put any facts…No wonder those STRATFOR guys every time I call to get them on as a guest will never return our phone call. That’s it, next week go down there. Isn’t it downtown? Probably bunch of guys literally just sitting there with chimpanzees and typewriters randomly typing stuff the way this is written. Ha ha ha. Anyways, at least here we try to get it right and actually do some research. You know. That’s why we’ve been so accurate. You want real intelligence? We’re giving it to you…

David Chase Taylor Hit Piece # 1 (March 4, 2012)
On March 4, 2012, a brand new blog entitled “Slip Catchers” was started by an unknown intelligence operative likely working for the Alex Jones-STRATFOR intelligence operation. The unknown author wrote a vicious article attacking founder David Chase Taylor and even states, “David Chase Taylor fashions himself as an Andrew Breitbart of the “truther” movement”, an obvious threat as Breitbart was assassinated only 3 days prior.

As is the case with most hit pieces, they generally attack the messenger, not the message. Despite Taylor having his own website with up-to-date and accurate information about himself personally, his 9/11 truth activism in San Diego, his U.S. nationality, his book entitled The Nuclear Bible, and his well-known case for Swiss Asylum, the article, clearly written by a professional, conveniently left out all pertinent information regarding Taylor and his beliefs while pathetically attempting to paint Taylor as an ego maniac hell bent on world domination.

Aside from routinely misquoting Taylor and engaging in character assassination, the blog’s author failed to mention that Jones himself stated he the he canceled his nationwide speaking tour because, “The collapse is so imminent”, the sole crux of Taylor’s article. The author or other intelligence operatives then spammed many of the Alex Jones-STRATFOR YouTube videos is a desperate attempt to swing popular opinion back to the side of Alex Jones.

Jason Bermas
Attacks Alex Jones/STRATFOR Connection (March 5, 2012)

In a video uploaded on March 5, 2012, former Infowars employee and intelligence operative Jason Bermas took to YouTube in another desperate attempt to dispel evidence linking  Alex Jones to STRATFOR. In the video, Bermas deceivingly claims that the link between Jones and STRATFOR have everything to do with the bogus WikiLeaks’ Alex Jones-STRATFOR email, and nothing to do with Jones working for STRATFOR, an obvious straw man fallacy.

The original article linking Jones to STRATFOR mentions nothing in respect to the bogus WikiLeaks’ Alex Jones-STRATFOR email, and is clearly another desperate move by Bermas and his Zionist handlers to create mass confusion surrounding the Jones-STRATFOR connection. Bermas goes on to state that Jones canceled his speaking tour because of technical issues arising from traveling, another blatant lie as Jones himself stated that he canceled his nationwide speaking tour because, “the collapse is so imminent”. Since Jones generally holds his speaking engagements on the weekends, he could easily fly to any destination within the continental United States within 5 hours, enabling him to avoid any potential technical issues, making Bermas’ point even more ridiculous.

Jason Bermas
Word for Word

“And of course all this ridiculous stuff that I’m an agent, Alex is an agent, yada yada yada yada yada. Ok, well, I wanna address one of those concerns right off the bat. I don’t even know why I am addressing it because it is so asinine, so ridiculous, so without merit, that I don’t think that he should have to answer for it. Why doesn’t Alex Jones answer for this? Why doesn’t Alex Jones answer to this? Because it’s a bunch of Johhny Nonsense and none of it has any validity whatsoever. Now, what am I talking about? This week, Wikileaks released the STRATFOR emails…

…Now, I had somebody post that uh you know there was this big link between Alex Jones and STRATFOR, with zero evidence whatsoever. The big hook up was that Alex had canceled his speaking tours just days into it because of the STRATFOR email link. Well, I can tell you that from experience at working at Infowars that only reason that Alex would have cut that think short, if you were listening to the shows anytime last week, it broke up quite a bit….I would imagine that was the problem.

And I can only see him cutting his tour short because of that. It had nothing to do with the STRATFOR emails, as 5 million emails have leaked and not one of them is linked to Alex Jones. And of course, it’s Oh STRATFOR and Alex Jones works together with the CIA, and the Mossad and the Jesuits, and every other ridiculous thing that has been put on the internet so far.

Now why I am continuing on with this, why am I discussing this at such length? Well because I went back and forth with somebody as if they were in the “I hope it’s not true Jason”. And I just said, well look at the links. There’s not one piece of actual evidence whatsoever linking Alex Jones to STRATFOR or any of these ridiculous claims…”

David Chase Taylor Hit Piece # 2 (March 5, 2012)
On March 5, 2012, James Wesley Rawles of Survival Blog, a former Army Intelligence Officer who routinely appears on the Alex Jones show, attacked David Chase Taylor in much the same manner as the author of Slip Catchers. Although Rawles claims that Taylor has been “chased far from reality”, specifically in respect to the three terror incidents listed below, nothing could be further from the truth. As evidenced via the links, there is ample evidence to support all of Taylor’s claims and more. The fact is, Rawles is and always will be an Army intelligence tool and therefore it should come as no surprise that he is a horrible researcher and an even worse journalist. Rawles appears to be the victim of one too many experimental Army vaccinations which has apparently rendered him mentally inferior and unable to comprehend false-flag terror operations.

1. 9/11 Terror Attacks were executed by the Israeli Mossad (September 11, 2001)
2. Super Bowl XLV was targeted by Zionists for nuclear terror (February 6, 2011)
3. 2011 Norway Terror Attacks were executed by Israeli Mossad (July 22, 2011)

Obama Video Hoax (March 7, 2012)
The suspicious and timely story published by Larry Sinclair March 1, 2012, claiming that Andrew Breitbart was all set to release a video about Obama’s alleged Communist terror connections on March first, turned out to be a complete fraud and hoax, as the video in question was a previously released video from 2008. Essentially, the failure to produce the super-hyped Obama video is the smoking gun in the assassination of Andrew Breitbart, for if there was no video there would be no motive. If there was no motive for the assassination, there would be no story to distract people from the Alex Jones-STRATFOR connection

According to an Infowars article,“This is surely not the video that Andrew Breitbart was dying to release at the 2012 CPAC conference weeks before his untimely death. As predicted by Alex Jones, Mancow Mueller and others, the public will be distracted with less than bombshell issue while the real revelations Andrew Breitbart said he held likely ‘go with him to the grave,’ as Mancow put it earlier today.” No Mr. Jones, this was not the video because there is no video. In retrospect, it is now clear that the entire Obama video hoax was a premeditated false-flag by the Alex Jones-STRATFOR intelligence operation in order to save Jones from exposure.

Interesting Revelations

Darth Vader & Alex Jones
Of all the music available to Alex Jones for the introductory music to his radio show, he chose the Star Wars musical theme of none other than Darth Vader. For the last sixteen years, Jones personally chose the most sadistic and evil character outside of Adolph Hitler to represent the Alex Jones Show. This particular music selections was no accident, but rather a choice made by Jones for approximately 4,000 shows in a row. Aside from playing the Darth Vader music, Jones also enjoys dressing up as Darth Vader, another clear sign that Alex Jones has chosen the Dark Side.

 Access: 10 Reasons Why Alex Jones Should Be Tried For Treason

Alex Jones Illuminati Cards
Believe it or not, the Illuminati card game released in 1995 predicted the 9/11 attacks (Pentagon & Twin Towers), the Gulf Oil Spill and the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The game also predicts a coming bio-terror pandemic and what appears to be an Alex Jones/Ron Paul betrayal. The city of Austin, Texas, is not only home to Alex Jones, STRATFOR and a host of other political operatives such as Steven Jackson, the founder of the Illuminati card game, but it’s only a couple hundred miles away from Lake Jackson, Texas, which is home to U.S. Congressman and 2012 U.S. Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that both Alex Jones and Ron Paul have their own Illuminati cards made by fellow Texan Steven Jackson. The representations of Jones and Paul are spitting images and indicate that both men are part of the plan to prematurely ejaculate the 2nd American revolution. The betrayal of Jones and Paul was all set for the night of February 6, 2011, but a book entitled The Nuclear Bible managed to postpone it. The Jones/Paul deception will likely come in the wake of a national terror event whereby Jones and Paul will by bait the Infowarriors and Ron Paulers alike into taking up arms against American police and military.

Looking Forward

Future Assassination of Alex Jones
Based on the speed at which news and events in respect to the Alex Jones-STRATFOR connection continue to develop, a staged assassination of Jones may be the cards. Jones’ time as the so called leader of the 9/11 Truth movement is quickly coming to an end, and based on his recent rhetoric, Jones seems to be preparing his audience for his eventual assassination. By staging a Jones assassination, Jones will become an instant martyr and a legend in the minds of many uninformed Americans who were unaware of his treasonous behavior. In the aftermath of his alleged death, the Infowars crew will likely call on Jones’ fans to revenge the death of their departed leader. While most of Jones’ listeners won’t listen to anybody but the voice but Jones, there are a few listeners that will heed the Infowars call to attack American police and military.

Alex Jones Heart Attack
Shortly after the Alex Jones-STRATFOR connection was made, COINTELPRO agent Mark Dice has been conditioning his minute audience on his weekly show that Alex Jones may die of a heart attack anytime. Dice went to great lengths to illustrate how he could see Jones getting so fired up fighting the New World Order that his heart could just give out. A heart attack would be a clean way for Jones to leave his position without a lot of questions as to why. If a staged Alex Jones heart attack does occur, it will most likely happen while Jones is on the air. Jones, a former actor, would easily be able to fake the heart attack in such a way that his audience would believe it.

Escape to Israel
Jones escape from America has no doubt been planned for some time. Post assassination or heart attack, Jones will likely flee to the apartheid state of Israel where he and his Israeli wife will have access to Israeli citizenship. Behind the walls that divide Palestinians from Israelis, Jones will be protected from American retaliation which is sure to find him within the continental Unites States.Alex Jones’ repeated denials and lies in regards to Zionism clearly indicate that he is a Zionist tool and therfore it is highly likely that for his betrayal of the American people, Jones would take his 30 pieces of silver in the form of land somewhere in Israel.

The Alex Jones-STRATFOR connection has serious implications and therefore it’s no wonder that there has been such a concerted effort to cover it up. If Jones is an intelligence operative, then so too are all the other activists Jones has built up and fostered over the years. Individuals such as Mark Dice, Jason Bermas, and Luke Rudkowski now must wonder if there COINTELPRO cover will hold throughout the summer. The crux of the matter is that exposing Alex Jones, STRATFOR, and their partners in crime is the first step towards getting a real and independent investigation into 9/11 and saving America from is rapid free-fall. America and Alex Jones are run by Zionists, not a New World Order. The sooner Americans figure this out, the better.

About the Author: 
David Chase Taylor is an American journalist living in Zurich, Switzerland, where he has sought political asylum after the release of his first book entitled The Nuclear Bible. In May of 2012, Taylor released The Bio-Terror Bible, which exposes the coming global bio-terror pandemic. Taylor has also revealed the future assassination of Barack Obama by the Israeli Mossad, as well as the Alex Jones links to STRATFOR.

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