Obama’s “Dirty Bomb” Terror Plot Exposed

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Bio-Terror, Breaking News, Nuclear Terror, Obama, Terror Alerts

New Year’s Eve Dirty Bomb Plot Subverted in NYC

October 5, 2012
David Chase Taylor

Unbeknownst to most Americans, an insidious state-sponsored terror plot by the Obama administration to detonate a “dirty bomb” in New York City’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve was exposed and ultimately subverted at the last minute.

As evidenced in the New Year’s Eve Dirty Bomb Plot and the failed 9/11 style terror attack on the 2012 Democratic National Convention, the assassination of high-ranking government officials immediately after the exposure of a major terror plot confirms suspicions and reasserts the notion that dead men tell no tales.

The Clean-Up
The terror warning responsible for the canceled dirty bomb terror attack was issued by Truther.org on December 26, 2011, and by January 1, 2012, the NYPD had executed a “very dedicated, aggressive agent” who was a highly trained explosives expert.

The dead agent was John Capano, an ATF agent who had previously taught explosives training to U.S. military personal in Afghanistan. Shortly after his return to the U.S., he was allegedly breaking up a local robbery on New Year’s day in Long Island, New York, when he was murdered outright by a retired NYPD officer. To date, the murder of an ATF agent by a former member of the NYPD has resulted in no charges, no trial and very little media attention.

That very same day, US Army sergeant, Trey Scott Atwater, was arrested in Midland, Texas, while trying to get military grade C-4 plastic explosives onto an outbound flight. Atwater, who was allowed to clear airport security with the explosives at Fayetteville Regional Airport, was eventually arrested in Texas, but there is still no public record of conviction or case dismissal and the New Year’s story about a terrorist with plastic explosives on a plane has all but vanished.

Roughly 10 days prior, an unnamed TSA agent was fired from Newark Airport in New Jersey after he failed to screen bags at a security checkpoint. Although impossible to know, it appears that the fired TSA agent was either a patsy in the dirty bomb plot or was fired to the show lapses in New York City airport security.

Radioactive Material Stolen
In January of 2012, it was reported that radioactive material was stolen from a nuclear power station in Egypt. The report stated that a safe containing radioactive material at the Dabaa nuclear power plant was seized while another safe also containing radioactive material was broken open and part of its contents taken. Suspiciously, despite the unprecedented heist of nuclear material, the exact date of the nuclear theft was never stated.

What role the stolen nuclear material would play in the New Year’s Eve Dirty Bomb Plot is unknown, but military grade explosives, stolen radioactive material from a Muslim country in revolution, a dead explosives expert and an open window in New York City airport security were all present surrounding the failed New Year’s Eve Dirty Bomb Plot.

Although the Times Square Dirty Bomb Plot was ultimately subverted, there is always the possibility that another dirty bomb plot will be conjured up for another time and place. This assertion is supported by the rash of recent thefts involving radiological material which ultimately indicates that the dirty bomb scenario is still in play.

Dirty Bombs Truth
Realistically and scientifically speaking, a dirty bomb, aside from the initial explosion, is overall relatively harmless. According to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), “the conventional explosive [of a dirty bomb] would be more harmful to individuals than the radioactive material”. The realization that all the hype and fear surrounding dirty bombs is unsubstantiated further fosters the notion that the real terrorism is in fact state-sponsored.

Dirty Bomb Drills & Plots
Despite the impotence of a dirty bomb, there have been at least 24 documented dirty bomb drills and exercises dealing with radiation exposure, radiation containment and radiation clean-up. These elaborate drills, which have simulated dirty bomb attacks on planes, auto shows, race car tracks, sports facilities and universities, have systematically programmed local, state and federal officials for impending dirty bomb terror. Adding credence to the dirty bomb threat are at least 5 dirty bomb plots which have been conveniently exposed by Western governments since 9/11.

Dirty Bomb Propaganda
Further hyping the dirty bomb threat is an unprecedented amount of dirty bomb propaganda  which has been packaged as news and distributed via the mainstream and alternative media. Aside from terrorizing the public, dirty bomb propaganda spawned by government entities serves as plausible deniability for public officials in the aftermath of a dirty bomb attack.

Other forms of dirty bomb propaganda include various mainstream and alternative dirty bomb movies and television programs. These films, which contain massive amounts of fraudulent information that directly conflicts with dirty bomb facts as presented by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, serves no other purpose than to terrorize and misinform the public about the true nature of the dirty bomb threat.

Based on the accumulative data acquired to date in respect to the dirty bomb scenario, a dirty bomb is ultimately a psychological and economic weapon rather than a radiological one. The overall goal of a dirty bomb is to create mass panic, confusion and chaos, and to ultimately give government a reason to close, quarantine, and economically choke a large city to death. The sustained closure of any city due to alleged radiation contamination would cause irreversible economic damage and would negatively impact that city’s business and tourism for the foreseeable future.

About the Author
David Chase Taylor is an American journalist living in Zurich, Switzerland, where he has applied for political asylum after the release of his first book entitled The Nuclear Bible which is credited with stopping a false-flag nuclear terror attack upon America. In May of 2012, Taylor released The Bio-Terror Bible, which exposes the coming global bio-terror pandemic. Taylor has also exposed the 2012 Democratic National Convention Terror PlotNATO’s implementation of the SKYNET Terminator Program, as well as the Alex Jones links to STRATFOR.

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