Miami, Florida: Man-Made “Global Warming” Hurricane Attack: False-Flag Terror Threat Assessment

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Miami Hurricane Attack

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UPDATE: Roughly 24 hours after the following false-flag hurricane warning was published, Tropical Storm Dorian allegedly formed in the Atlantic. Based on early storm tracking images, it would appear that the storm is headed directly for Southern Florida, possibly Miami or the Florida Keys.

David Chase Taylor
July 23, 2013

SWITZERLAND, Zürich — Based on breaking news and events, it now appears that an unprecedented man-made “global warming” blamed hurricane is planned for the state of Florida, namely the city of Miami.

A major false-flag hurricane strike on Miami would most likely cause a Fukushima-like nuclear disaster at the Turkey Point Nuclear Reactor just south of Miami, completely bankrupt the state of Florida due to an insolvent government run hurricane insurance program, spawn a biological outbreak which could easily morph into the global pandemic planned for 2013, and create a scenario whereby President Obama would enact martial law.

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Roughly a year ago on August 10, 2012, released a terror warning entitled, “Jamaica Set-Up For False-Flag Global Warming Attack”, which exposed how the Caribbean island had been set-up for an unprecedented man-made “global warming” hurricane attack. Although the man-made hurricane strike on Jamaica was apparently foiled, almost all of the red flags identified in the hurricane plot have recently surfaced in respect to Miami, Florida. Curiously, Nike has just released a Miami Hurricanes T-shirt which states, “Full Speed Ahead”, potentially insinuating that the Miami hurricane terror plot has been officially green-lighted.

“Miami, as we know it today, is doomed. It’s not a question of if. It’s a question of when.”
—Harold Wanless, Chairman of the Department of Geological Sciences, University of Miami

Aside from hurricane propaganda reports such as “Goodbye, Miami”, a new hurricane text alert system in Florida has just been activated, a security company in Miami has just issued a hurricane checklist, the National Hurricane Center has just released updated hurricane evacuation maps for Miami, and the city of Miami has been suspiciously listed as #2 in the U.S. at risk of a devastating hurricane and #4 in the U.S. as risk for storm surge, despite the fact that no major hurricane has occurred in the state since 2005. With the Obama administration grounding C-130 “Hurricane Hunter” aircraft and NOAA hurricane satellites conveniently failing, 2013 is shaping up to be a very deadly hurricane year, especially for Miami.


1. The Set-Up
2. Miami, Florida
3. Man-Made Hurricanes

Realistically speaking, the term “global warming” is just cover for man-made weather attacks which turn once peaceful communities into obliterated war zones. The reality is that billions of gallons of aluminum dioxide and barium salts are being dumped into our atmosphere on a daily basis via cloud seeding and chemtrails yet humanity is supposed to believe that “global warming” is a natural phenomenon caused by greenhouse gasses? Global warming is nothing more than a colossal hoax which essentially gives the government carte blanche to execute bigger and stronger man-made weather attacks while conveniently scapegoating global warming. In the aftermath of man-made weather attacks, the public usually blames God or Mother Nature while the government actually responsible for the disaster gets to step in and play the heroic savior by handing out food, water and shelter to the people fortunate enough not to perish in their cowardly attacks.

Coincidentally, on July 21, 2013, it was reported that the CIA has backed a $630,000 study into how to control global weather through geoengineering, also known as man-made weather modification. Although governments would like the public to think that they are trying to figure out how to manipulate the weather, there is a wealth of evidence (see chapter #3) which indicates that they have been creating “natural disasters” using explosives and cloud-seeding for quite a while now.

Since the official start of the hurricane season on June 1, 2013, the Atlantic Basin has thus far experienced 3 tropical cyclones which were subsequently named by the National Hurricane Center (see list below). In the event that the Atlantic Basin suffers further tropical cyclones in 2013, they will be labeled according to alphabetic list of 21 predetermined names (i.e., Erin, Fernand, Gabrielle, Humberto, Ingrid, Jerry, Karen, Lorenzo, Melissa, Nestor, Olga, Pablo, Rebekah, Sebastien, Tanya, Van and Wendy).

2013 Atlantic Basin Storms:

1. June 5-10, 2013: Tropical Storm Andrea (3 Fatalities)
2. June 17-20, 2013: Tropical Storm Barry (3 Fatalities)
3. July 5-10, 2013: Tropical Storm Chantal (0 Fatalities)
4. July 24, 2013: Tropical Storm Dorian (0 Fatalities)


1.1: Weather Now a National Security Threat
In a potential sign indicating that martial law will be enacted post-hurricane, on November 12, 2012, a report entitled, “Climate Change Triggering National Security Threats”, was published which stated that, “Climate change will likely lead to more frequent extreme weather events as well as droughts and floods, triggering serious social and political disruption that poses a potential threat to U.S. national security”, and that, “…unpredictable weather events are increasingly damaging and could ultimately prove a security risk”. It’s no secret that the Obama administration has been desperately trying to trigger a martial law scenario which would inevitably lead to civil-war; a so called unprecedented “natural disaster” may just do the trick.

1.2: Global Warming Hurricane Bomb
Propaganda that “global warming” spawned hurricanes will eventually destroy a major U.S. city is getting louder and louder. On November 13, 2012, a report entitled, “Time To Face Global Warming Time Bomb”, was published which stated that climate change is accelerating and that Hurricane Sandy was only Mother Nature’s opening salvo of global warming spawned apocalyptic hurricanes. According to the report which cited a 206 page study by the National Research Council (NRC), the nation’s principal scientific research body, the notion that U.S. coastlines will be targeted with unprecedented global warming events is “no longer idle scientific speculation”. The NRC study warned of “catastrophic over-the-horizon events of much greater magnitude than Sandy‘s destructive impact that left thousands homeless as houses snapped like firewood”.

1.3: Hurricanes Now Bigger, Faster, Stronger
Prior to a major man-made hurricane attack, the academic community must first manufacture the evidence to back up the impending government claim that global warming was in fact responsible. On May 11, 2013, a study entitled, “
More Hurricanes To Hit Western Europe Due To Global Warming”, was published. As is usually par for the intelligence community, terror propaganda is disseminated in respect to Europe for terror related events which usually transpire in America at a later date. According to the study, “The rise in Atlantic tropical sea surface temperatures extends eastward the breeding ground of tropical cyclones, yielding more frequent and intense hurricanes…model simulations clearly show that future tropical cyclones are more prone to hit Western Europe, and do so earlier in the season, thereby increasing the frequency and impact of hurricane force winds.” After all, if Europe is at risk of hurricanes, the threat to Florida must be off the charts. 

1.4: Eleven Hurricanes Predicted for 2013
Similarly to 2012, the 2013 hurricane season is predicted to be quite deadly with 11 hurricanes. On July 6, 2013, a report entitled, “Some Hurricane Season Factors May Work In Florida’s Favor”, was published which stated that although “Florida usually feels like it’s in the hurricane crosshairs”, a cool northeast Atlantic and a warm tropical Atlantic could possibly steer systems north of Florida, but “don’t let your guard down yet, however”. In respect to the 2013 hurricane season, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted up to 20 named storms, including 11 hurricanes, despite the fact that the average hurricane season only produces 12 storms and 6 hurricanes. According to Stanley Goldenberg, a research meteorologist with NOAA, if the hurricane season ends up being “hyperactive”, the odds of a hurricane striking the U.S. coastline increase “significantly”. The report states that forecasters will know more by early August of 2013 when “the climate factors are there”.

1.5: 2013 Hurricane Season Behind Schedule
In an apparent sign that an unprecedented hurricane is brewing, on July 18, 2013, it was reported that the 2013 hurricane season way behind schedule. According to the report, three named tropical storms have come and gone in the seven weeks since the start of the hurricane season on June 1, 2013, which is far behind schedule compared to predictions. Meteorologist Scott Spratt of the National Weather Service in Melbourne, Florida, stated, “People start to think the forecast is going to be wrong because we haven’t had many storms yet…In a typical year, most storms happen in late August and so on…It’s very quiet right now, but don’t take that as a false sense of security.” Spratt also had a special warning for Floridians who should be prepared this year because the worst is yet to come.

1.6: C-130 “Hurricane Hunter” Aircraft Grounded
In calculated move to limit both aerial coverage and witnesses during a man-made explosive driven hurricane attack, on July 18, 2013, it was reported that federal budget cuts may  ground “Hurricane Hunter” aircraft which will deprive forecasters of real-time measurements of storms during 2013 Atlantic hurricane season. Although the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) operates some of the modified C-130 “Hurricane Hunters”, most of the planes which gather vital information on the position, strength and direction of hurricanes are flown by the Air Force Reserve’s 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron based out of Biloxi, Mississippi. Brian McNoldy, a senior research associate at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, stated that, “Not having aircraft data for a storm near land could have a very real and very negative effect on the accuracy of forecasts”. McNoldy stated that he hopes the hurricane specialists at National Hurricane Center (NHC), “never have to make a forecast and issue watches and warnings on a significant tropical cyclone threatening land areas without aircraft reconnaissance”. By defunding the “Hurricane Hunters”, it allows both the media and the public to politically scapegoat President Obama in the aftermath of the hurricane, ultimately drawing attention away from the fact that it was man-made to begin with.

1.7: NOAA Hurricane Satellite Fails
In yet another calculated move to give the federal government plausible deniability in the aftermath of an unprecedented hurricane strike, on May 26, 2013, it was reported that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) satellite designed to track hurricanes in the U.S. has failed on the eve of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season. The failed NOAA satellite is fitted with technology that monitors and tracks developing storms over the entire Atlantic seaboard which is then used in determining threats to cities along the U.S. coastline. According to the report, the first sign of trouble with GOES-13 satellite emerged on May 22, 2013, when it failed to relay expected weather images. NOAA announced that a spare satellite had been activated while attempts to fix the failed one continue, but added there was currently “no estimate on its return to operations”. If a second satellite fails, NOAA would operate its remaining satellite to get a full view, but only every half-hour. In the aftermath of a major hurricane strike, the public will naturally be seeking photos, videos and data of the devastating man-made hurricane that would clearly show the man-made attack. However, with C-130 “Hurricane Hunters” grounded and limited satellite coverage, it provides the government with an all too convenient excuse as to why only limited information is being released.


2.1: Miami’s Hurricane History
A year after the University of Miami adopted the nickname the Miami Hurricanes for their varsity sports teams, the 1926 Miami Hurricane, a Category 4 hurricane, also known as the Great Miami Hurricane, devastated Miami on September 18, 1926. The hurricane was so horrific that it caused 372 fatalities and cost approximately $157 billion in economic damages, ultimately pushing the region into the Great Depression. Roughly 66 years later, the fourth tropical cyclone and the first hurricane of the 1992 Atlantic hurricane season was a Category 5 hurricane entitled Andrew, which hit Miami on August 24, 1992. Hurricane Andrew’s peak winds reached 193 mph (280 km/h) which damaged or destroyed over 730,000 houses and buildings, ultimately leaving more than 1 million without power. The hurricane, which caused no major flooding, cost an estimated $25.3 billion (1992 USD) in damage and caused 44 fatalities across Florida—15 directly from the storm and 29 indirectly. At the time, Hurricane Andrew was the costliest hurricane in the history of the United States.

2.2: “Goodbye Miami”
A June 20, 2013, propaganda report by Rolling Stone entitled “Goodbye, Miami”,  appears to be the working plan for an unprecedented man-made hurricane striking Miami, Florida. The article begins by depicting a future apocalyptic scenario in which a mythical hurricane named “Milo” strikes Miami in 2030, causing 175-mph winds and a 24-foot storm surge which ultimately takes out a 17-mile stretch of Highway A1A and knocks out Miami’s wastewater-treatment plant, forcing the city to dump hundreds of millions of gallons of raw sewage into Biscayne Bay. The article then suspiciously mentions a “false report” in the wake of Hurricane Milo which states that the nuclear reactor at Turkey Point, just 24 miles south of Miami, had been destroyed by the storm surge, consequently sending up a radioactive cloud over the city. In all, Hurricane Milo causes 800 fatalities, corroded underground wiring, leaving parts of the city dark for months, ultimately bankrupting the state of Florida. Although the report blames “global warming” for Miami’s future demise, a man-made hurricane event of unprecedented proportions will most likely be the reason why Miami ceases to exist in a future scenario.

Target #1: Turkey Point Nuclear Plant
According to “Goodbye, Miami”, the Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station, which sits on the edge of the Biscayne Bay is completely exposed to hurricanes and rising seas. Philip Stoddard, the mayor of South Miami and an outspoken critic of the nuclear plant reportedly stated that, “It is impossible to imagine a stupider place to build a nuclear plant than Turkey Point”. Although the plant’s nuclear reactor vessels are elevated 20 feet above sea level and precautions have been instituted to protect the nuclear plant from hurricanes, the article begs the question: “How would Turkey Point fare if it were hit with a Hurricane Katrina-size storm surge of 28 feet?” If and when a Milo-like hurricane strike Miami causing a Fukushima like-nuclear disaster at the Turkey Point plant, the entire region will become radioactive and Florida’s $67 billion a year tourism industry will disappear overnight.

Target #2: Miami Sewage Plants
Rolling Stone’s “Goodbye, Miami” states that 22 million gallons of sewage is created by Miami residents each day which is then pumped out to Miami’s Central District Wastewater (Sewage) Treatment Plant located on Virginia Key in Biscayne Bay. According to the report, “The decrepit old facility, which has been plagued by spills and overflow for a decade, is hugely vulnerable to storm surges and rising tides.” Should a Milo-like hurricane strike Miami, the overflowing sewage will likely be blamed for cause of a global pandemic which is planned for 2013 as sewage and stagnant water will bread disease.

Target #3: Miami’s $416 Billion Waterfront
The “Goodbye, Miami” article states that, “South Florida is uniquely screwed, in part because about 75 percent of the 5.5 million people in South Florida live along the coast. And unlike many cities, where the wealth congregates in the hills, southern Florida’s most valuable real estate is right on the water”. According to the report, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development lists Miami as the number-one most vulnerable city worldwide in terms of property damage, with more than $416 billion in assets at risk to storm-related flooding and sea-level rise. If an when a hurricane takes out Miami, it will not only bankrupt millions of people but the state of Florida as well.

Target #4: Florida Bankruptcy
Just as President Bill Clinton’s repealing of the Glass–Steagall Act in 1999 conveniently set-up the Financial Crisis of 2008, the state of Florida has been purposely set-up to be bankrupted in the wake of the next major hurricane. The “Goodbye, Miami” article reveals that after Hurricane Andrew hit in Florida in 1992, many large insurers stopped offering property coverage, citing the high risks of hurricane insurance. Consequently, only small regional insurers offered to underwrite hurricane coverage for Floridians. In the event of a Hurricane Andrew type scenario, the small insurance firms would not have the sufficient capital needed to cover the claims they would receive. To remedy the situation, the state of Florida began offering low-cost hurricane insurance under the name Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, now the single largest insurer in the state. In the event of another devastating hurricane, Florida will be on the hook for hundreds billions of dollars. The fact that Florida will not be able to pay this bill not only makes Citizens Property Insurance insolvent, but it will bankrupt both the state and millions of people who are currently paying for what they think is actual hurricane insurance. According to Eli Lehrer, an insurance expert and President of the R Street Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C., “A single big storm could bankrupt the state”.

2.3: Florida Hurricane Programming
In another ominous sign that Miami may be the target of another deadly man-made hurricane, propaganda is now programming Floridians for a major hurricane strike in 2013. On July 7, 2013, a report entitled, “Chantal Churns Toward Hispaniola; South Florida Remains At Risk”, was published. Two days later on July 9, 2013, another report entitled, “Tropical Storm Chantal Has Florida In Its Sights” was published. In both of the reports, photos showing Tropical Storm Chantal making landfall on the Florida coast were shown, despite the fact that the tropical storm was 1,000’s of miles away and had not yet developed into a hurricane. According to the text of the latter report, “Tropical Storm Chantal is projected to aim generally toward Florida…It is forecast to move about 130 miles east of Miami…forecast update pushed the track a little closer to Florida…It’s too soon to say whether Chantal might hit the state…it is forecast to make a distinct turn northwest toward the Bahamas and possibly Florida”. The bi-polar hurricane forecast was apparently issued at the behest of the Miami based National Hurricane Center (NHC), who had issued a hurricane warning a day prior. Chantal was only the third named storm of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season, so this type of fear-mongering weather coverage will likely intensify as the year progresses.

2.4: Miami Hurricane Evacuation Maps Updated
In yet another move by the federal government to create plausible deniability in the aftermath of an unprecedented hurricane strike, on July 14, 2013, it was reported that hurricane evacuation maps have been updated for various cities on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the U.S. because they are, “heading into what’s expected to be a whopper of a hurricane season”. According to the report, the National Hurricane Center has updated storm-surge information for multiple U.S. cities, including Miami, Florida, to “help guide emergency managers and the public in case a dangerous hurricane approaches and evacuations become necessary”. The new hurricane evacuation zones use information from a recently updated computer model which accounts for larger and slower-moving storms that also assumes that the storm surge will coincide with high tide, a worst-case scenario. According to Curtis Sommerhoff, the director of Miami-Dade County’s emergency management office, “We used to have three zones, with 600,000 people; now we have five zones, with 1.9 million people“. In other words, the evacuation plan for the greater Miami area just quadrupled by 400%, potentially insinuating that the entire area may be destroyed in a man-made hurricane like “event”.

2.5: Miami #2 at Risk of Devastating Hurricane
Despite the fact that no major hurricane has hit Florida since 2005, on June 5, 2013, a report entitled, “Ten American Cities Hurricanes Could Devastate”, was published which listed Miami, Florida, as the second highest city in the U.S. at risk of a devastating hurricane. According to the report, an estimated $1.1 trillion in U.S. property is at risk of hurricane damage with more than $658 billion of those homes located within just 10 metropolitan areas, five of which are coincidentally in Florida (i.e., #2 Miami, #4 Tampa, #6 Cape Coral, #8 Naples, and #9 Bradenton). The report further states that although a category 5 hurricane is unlikely to hit a major U.S. city in 2013, if Sandy is any indication, it does not take a Category 5 hurricane to cause massive damage. Miami reportedly has 239,910 properties at a value risk of $100.1 billion with more than $42 billion worth of property located in extreme areas, higher than any other metro area except for New York.

2.6: Hurricane Text Alert System Activated in Florida
In yet another sign that Florida is being prepped for a major hurricane, on July 9, 2013, it was reported that a new hurricane text alert system has been developed for Florida residents. According to the report, “My Community Alert” is a Wellington, Florida, based company that now allows home owners associates, community managers and residents to send and receive alerts, bulletins and text messages during a hurricane. “You could describe it as a personal concierge service,” stated Shep Doniger, spokesperson for My Community Alert. Doniger also said that the messages have a better chance of making into the hands of residents because the texts need little cell signal and are small in size.

2.7: Miami #4 for Hurricane Storm Surge Threat
Despite the fact that no major hurricane has hit Florida since 2005,on July 15, 2013, a report entitled, “Top 10 Cities For Hurricane Storm Surge Threat”, was published which listed Miami, Florida, as the #4 city with the most homes under threat of storm surge. According to the report, Miami has 239,910 homes under threat and the estimated cost of damage if all surge areas are inundated is $100 billion. The report cites a 2013 study which warns that 4.2 million homes on U.S. coastlines are at risk of storm surge flooding from hurricanes. Dr. Tom Jeffery, Senior Hazard Scientist with CoreLogic and researcher on the new study stated, “If you see your house is in one of these zones, you need to be aware of evacuation route. Have an evacuation plan and be prepared to leave early.”

2.8: Miami Issues Hurricane Checklist
In order to prepare Miami, Florida, for its impending doom, on July 19, 2013, a report entitled, “South Florida Avoids Major Hurricanes Since 2005, But Residents Are Encouraged To Be Prepared”, was published which revealed that Bryant Security Corporation (BSC), a Miami based security company, has issued a hurricane safety checklist to help Floridians prepare for the 2013 hurricane season. According to the report, although the hurricane season is projected to be mild, BSC President Shay Ben-David had encouraged residents to still be prepared for the worst. “We still encourage families to take extra precautions, and prepare for the season.” The checklist includes non-perishable food items, flashlights and candles, extra water, first aid kit, non-prescription drugs, batteries, extra blankets, and sanitation items

2.9: Emergency Hurricane Warnings for Florida
In an apparent move to incite unprecedented panic just prior to and right after a deadly hurricane striking Florida or any other state, on August 28, 2012, it was reported that Google has launched a project entitled “Google Crisis Response” to help out with upcoming hurricanes because “When disaster strikes, people turn to the Internet for information”. According to the report, the Google team has “collaborated with the Red Cross, the Florida Division of Emergency Management, and various government and NGO partners to present emergency storm warnings, alerts of earthquakes and more, including active shelters and the forecast path of the storm.” Curiously, Google’s Crisis Response, “allows for user generated content … warnings and advice, or other relevant information”, ultimately giving the private and government organizations the plausible deniability it needs should their actions lead to the deaths of American citizens. In other words, Google, the Red Cross and the Florida Division of Emergency Management can now purposely publish fraudulent information which may result in a mass panic only to later state that the information was user submitted, thereby alleviating themselves of any legal responsibility whatsoever.

2.10: Florida and the Global Pandemic
Should a major hurricane strike Florida, it will likely set the scene for the global pandemic predicted in the Bio-Terror Bible. In the aftermath of a major so called “natural disaster”, there would be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dead, sick, dying and starving Floridians along with billions of gallons of stagnant water and sewage which could spawn an outbreak and subsequent pandemic. As evidenced in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, various diseases spread throughout the island. According to reports, the earthquake in Haiti allegedly brought back cholera as more than 4,500 Haitians supposedly perished from the disease. Health experts also warned that diseases such as tetanus, gangrene, measles and meningitis could also breakout in Haiti. Interestingly, the source of the cholera according to thousands of Haitians was the U.N., who was blamed for the outbreak. The same U.N. treachery is to be expected in Florida or any other place the United Nations go to “help” out. Coincidentally, on June 18, 2013, it was reported that Florida health officials are urging swimmers to steer clear of stagnant water, which could be home to millions of microscopic killers. According to the Florida Department of Health, “Naegleria Fowleri, an amoeba invisible to the naked eye, loves to lurk in warm, standing water”, which can cause a fatal brain infection if inhaled through the nose.

2.11: NASA to Host Google+ Hurricane Chat
In a move meant to bring unprecedented attention to hurricanes just prior to one striking the U.S., on July 19, 2013, it was reported that NASA will host a Google+ Hangout from several NASA centers on July 23, 2013, as the agency prepares to fly two unmanned aircraft drones over Atlantic Ocean during the 2013 hurricanes season. According to the report, “NASA’s Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel, or HS3, mission is a five-year project that first took to the field in 2012 from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility at Wallops Island, Va. HS3 is investigating the roles of the large-scale environment and storm-scale internal processes in hurricane formation and intensity change in the Atlantic basin”. Whether or not a massive hurricane will begin to form while the Google+ Hangout is “live” and being watched by millions is yet to be determined, but it would be a perfect opportunity.


3.1: Man-Made Hurricanes
To date, has identified two distinct types of man-made hurricanes. Although both have been used in the past, explosive driven hurricanes which employs “tsunami bombs” are a relatively new phenomenon:

A. Souped-Up Natural Hurricanes: A souped-up hurricane is essentially a naturally occurring tropical cyclone which has been doctored via cloud seeding and other classified weather modification technologies to become an extremely powerful hurricane. The downside in using these types of hurricanes in “natural disaster” attacks is that they are both unpredictable and unreliable simply due to the fact they are hard to spawn, soup-up and guide to their desired location. When these hurricanes make landfall, they generally cause extensive wind damage to houses, boats, trees and any other standing objects. However, as witnessed with Hurricane Andrew in Florida, they typically cause no major flooding and society can move forward and start rebuilding almost immediately.

B. Explosive-Driven Tsunami-Like Hurricanes: An explosive driven tsunami-like hurricane occurs when tens of thousands of pounds of explosives are detonated simultaneously in a coordinated effort just a few miles offshore. Subsequently, a wall of water, commonly referred to as the “storm surge”, makes landfall flooding out the entire region as recently witnessed with Hurricane Sandy (see below). Unlike the aforementioned souped-up hurricanes, billions of gallons of displaced water inundate and corrupt almost all standing structures. Until the water recedes, the evacuated residents are left in limbo while disease and mildew infest the area. In other words, tsunami-like hurricanes are massive floods which are rather permanent as opposed to just a passing storm. Although these man-made hurricanes are hyped by the media as being huge and powerful storms, they generally are quiet weak in respect to wind speed.

3.2: Hurricane Sandy
Although hurricane
Sandy was only a Category 1 hurricane, it had a storm surge equivalent to a tsunami which flooded parts of New Jersey coast shoulder high and swamped the streets, subways and tunnels of New York City. On July 12, 2013, a report by Live Science featured a study by “Geophysical Research Letters” which stated in respect to Hurricane Sandy that, “statistical analysis estimates that the track of the storm — which took an unusual left-hand turn in the Atlantic before slamming into the East Coast — has an average probability of happening only once every 700 years” and that Sandy’s trajectory and near-direct impact on New Jersey was unprecedented in the historical record as it hit the east coast at an angle of just 17 degrees from perpendicular, almost perfectly crisscrossing the typical storm track. In other words, Hurricane Sandy came directly from the East over cold October water instead of from the South over warm water, completely opposite of naturally occurring hurricane behavior.

3.3: Tsunami Bombs
Interestingly, just prior to Hurricane Sandy making landfall, it was reported on October 26, 2012, that the U.S. Navy had sent 24 naval vessels, including the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman, out to sea. Whether or not the U.S. Navy ships were in fact participating in a coordinated effort to rig military grade explosives off the eastern seaboard is not known, but a few months late on January 1, 2013, it was reported that “Tsunami Bombs” were tested off the coast of New Zealand. According to the report, the tests, which were carried out in the waters around New Caledonia and Auckland, showed that “Tsunami Bombs” were a feasible WMD in that a series of 10 large offshore blasts could potentially create a 33-foot tsunami capable of inundating a small city. The top secret operation, code-named “Project Seal”, tested out the doomsday device as a possible rival to the nuclear bomb. Although 3,700 bombs were exploded during the tests, experts concluded that single explosions were not powerful enough and that a successful tsunami bomb would require about 2 million kilograms of explosive arrayed in a line about five miles from shore. When all the facts concerning Hurricane Sandy are taken into consideration (i.e., Sandy’s unprecedented landfall pattern, “Tsunami Bomb” technology, and the 24 U.S. Navy ships off the New York and New Jersey coast), it does appear that Hurricane Sandy was in fact a man-made hurricane. Coincidentally, on June 27, 2013, it was reported that a mysterious mine was found by a swimmer just off the coast of Bay Head, New Jersey, roughly 50 miles south of New York City. According to the report, the mine, which was detonated by the U.S. Navy, sent water 100 feet into the air.

3.4: Un-Natural Disasters
In yet another example of government spawned “natural disasters”, on July 22, 2013, it was reported that New Zealanders ran screaming from buildings in Wellington on July 21, 2013, when as a magnitude 6.5 earthquake blew out windows and caused part of the city’s port to slide into the sea. According to the report, the earthquake struck at 5:09 p.m. local time and was centered offshore, 57 kilometers (35 miles) south-southwest of the capital city, at a depth of 14 kilometers, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Coincidentally, on July 21, 2013, the same exact day as the earthquake, it was reported that the U.S. Navy had dropped 4 bombs totaling 4,000 pounds into the sea just off the New Zealand coast. Although the exact location of the incident was changed, which is standard operating procedure for intelligence agencies, the fact that a major earthquake occurred on the same day as 2 tons of aquatic bunker busting-like bombs were reportedly dropped is quite a coincidence, furthering the notion that so called “natural disasters” are anything but natural.

3.5: Governments can “Set off Earthquakes”
In April of 1997, U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen stated that governments “are engaging in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves”. Although Cohen would like us to take him at his word, it is far more likely that his statement was part of a military psychological operation (PSYOP) in order to draw attention away from the tried and true method of creating earthquakes—large amounts of underground or underwater explosives.

3.6: Admitted “Man-Made” Earthquakes
If in fact underground or underwater explosives are the root cause of earthquakes and tsunamis, oil and gas drilling operations conducted by multinational corporations would provide the optimal cover needed for these covert operations. Under the term “fracking”, the National Research Council admitted as much on June 15, 2012, when it was reported that certain oil and gas operations can result in earthquakes. The report was quick to point out that the risk of earthquakes from hydraulic fracturing is generally low and that “fracking” was only found to have caused very small quakes of a 2.3 and 1.5 magnitude.

Case 1: Punggye-ri, North Korea
Although many such cases likely exist, on February 12, 2013, it was reported that South Korea had detected “an artificial earthquake” as a result of North Korea’s nuclear program. According to the report, “The United States Geological Survey confirmed an earthquake in North Korea’s northeast of between 4.9- and 5.1-magnitude, at a depth of about one kilometer.” The report further stated that, “The Japanese Meteorological Agency reports that the tremor’s epicenter was located in Kilju county, at exactly the same place and depth as the quake caused by North Korea’s last known underground nuclear test in 2009. North Korea’s first nuclear test in 2006 was also carried out at the Punggye-ri test site.”

Case 2: Prague, Oklahoma
Only a month later on March 26, 2013, it was reported that a team of scientists had determined that the 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Prague, Oklahoma, on November 6, 2011, was man-made as a result of “oil drilling waste [that] was injected deep underground”. These oil and gas drilling operations could easily enable the strategic placement of large amounts of explosive far beneath the earth’s surface which can then be detonated at a later date via remote control. Based on these recent revelations, it appears that “fracking” is the political cover for man-made “black ops” earthquake operations.

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David Chase Taylor, the editor-in-chief of, is an American journalist living in Zürich, Switzerland where he has applied for political asylum since the release of The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with foiling a false-flag/state-sponsored nuclear terror attack upon America in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011. Taylor has also released The Bio-Terror Bible, a website exposing the coming global bio-terror pandemic. Taylor has also been credited with exposing numerous terror plots including the 2012 DNC Terror Plot and the “Twilight” Premier Terror Plot, as well as the Alex Jones links to STRATFOR. Legal Disclaimer’s stated purpose is to prevent terror attacks by drawing unwanted global attention to these terror plots prior to their fruition. Terror related assertions, forecasts and predictions made by DO NOT necessarily imply that these terror events will transpire in reality but rather that there is a distinct possibility they could theoretically happen based on the cumulative terror related data. Historically, once a major false-flag terror plot is exposed (e.g., the Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot), the terror plot is immediately canceled or postponed. State-sponsored acts of terror must have a prior paper trail in order to set-up patsies, prime scapegoats, create plausible deniability, as well as mislead the public from the true perpetrators of terror. By first identifying and then connecting the dots of the terror related paper trail, has successfully blown the whistle on numerous terror related plots. Please spread the word in helping make terrorism a thing of the past. Namaste.

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