Islamic Terrorist Invasion of America (SSTTA): Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab and Syrian Rebel Assault on U.S. Homeland Imminent

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Terrorist Invasion of America

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UPDATE III: On October 18, 2013, it was reported that Libya’s military police commander, Ahmed al-Barghathi, was assassinated as he left a mosque. What role al-Barghathi was slated to play in the U.S. pirate/terrorist invasion is not known, but his timely assassination is highly suspect. A day later on October 19, 2013, it was reported that a senior Mexican drug cartel member was executed by an assassin in a clown suit. As previously reported, terrorists invading from Mexico would have needed inside help from a Mexican drug cartel. A day late on October 20, 2013, it was reported that the Australian navy arrested 9 suspected pirates in the Indian Ocean. Four days later on October 24, 2013, Special Forces, most likely dressed up like pirates, stormed a U.S.-flagged ship off the coast of Nigeria and kidnapped two Americans on board while simultaneously disabling the communications and navigation equipment on the ship. Evidently, the pirates (Special Forces) were not concerned with the ship or the other passengers as they took the two Americans and escaped. What role these two Americans were slated to play in the U.S. terrorist invasion is not known, but their random kidnapping is highly suspect. That same day, Russia dropped piracy charge against 30 Greenpeace activists who were slated to participate in a show trial in the aftermath of a U.S. pirate invasion. A day later on October 25, 2013, it was reported that the leader of al-Nusra Front, an Al-Qaeda affiliated fighting force in Syria, was assassinated. What role Abu Mohammad al-Golani was slated to play in the U.S. terrorist invasion is not known, but his timely assassination is also highly suspect. Intelligence agencies are evidently cleaning up all remaining liabilities in their now foiled U.S. terrorist invasion plot.

UPDATE II: On October 18, 2013, it was reported that a “top Syrian intelligence officer” was killed during fighting in Syria. Although not yet confirmed, it does appear that Maj. Gen. Jamea Jamea was directly involved in the planned Syrian Rebel invasion of the U.S. and therefore was subsequently executed once he became a liability in the aftermath of the foiled state-sponsored terror plot.

On October 17, 2013, it was revealed that the cruise ship entitled the “Disney Magic”, which had been dry docked in Cadiz, Spain after undergoing a “five-week overhaul”, crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Cadiz to Miami, Florida WITHOUT passengers. Although not yet confirmed, it does appear that the ship was to be hijacked by Islamic terrorists in Spain and sailed to American shores laden with a deadly concoction of chemical weapons. A day later on October 18, 2013, it was revealed that a notorious thief named Ismael A.V., alias “The Troll,” was arrested on the Spanish island of Ibiza along with 16 other criminals for committing the “biggest jewelry robbery in Spanish history”. The heist reportedly involved the theft of 1,700 prestigious Swiss watches valued at almost $400,000. Evidentially, “The Troll” and his “band of criminals” were going to be implicated in the theft of the “Disney Magic” cruise ship in the aftermath of the U.S. terrorist invasion.

David Chase Taylor
October 15, 2013

SWITZERLAND, Zürich — Based on breaking news and events, President Barack Obama has green-lighted the full-scale invasion of the continental United States by Islamic terrorists. This particular terror scenario was previously attempted by the Obama administration on April, 4, 2013 and August 24, 2013, but was postponed due to unwanted media exposure.   

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The unprecedented invasion of the American Homeland will be conducted by a concoction of Islamic “terrorists” including but not limited to: Al Qaeda; Al Shabaab; Boko Haram; the Free Syrian Army (Rebels); the Libyan Rebels; the Lord’s Resistance Army; and Somali Pirates. As the May 22, 2013, Atlantic Wire headlines ominously foreshadowed: “Obama Is Set to Reset the War on Terror”.

This treasonous terror plot was initiated one week after the foiled nuclear terror attack on Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas, when the real terrorists, unable to terrorize Americans with an Al Qaeda nuclear bomb, were forced to resort to Plan B: the full-scale terrorist invasion of America by terrorists equipped with biological and chemical weapons.

Starting on February 15, 2011, the Obama administration authorized the terrorist invasion of Libya. A month later, the “civil war” in Syria commenced on March 15, 2011. In an obvious sign that the state-sponsored terror operation is going as planned, the black Al Qaeda flag now flies high over Libya as well as over Syria.

Now that the CIA funded terrorist “Rebels” have had over 2 years to perfect there urban warfare terrorism training on innocent civilians, they are slated to make their long-awaited appearance on American shores. They will be aided in their travels by another state-sponsored terrorist organization that specializes in both terror and piracy—Al Shabaab. The eclectic group of terrorists will most likely travel to America using one or more of the following methods:   

Means of Terrorist Invasion:

1. By Air: Hijack and Commandeer a Commercial Airplane
2. By Air: Hijack and Commandeer a U.S. C-130 Transport Plane
3. By Sea: Hijack and Commandeer a Commercial Cruise Ship
4. By Sea: Hijack and Commandeer a Freighter-Cargo Ship
5. By Sea: Hijack and Commandeer a Nuclear or Homemade Submarine

White Al Qaeda
Once in America, the concoction of Islamic terrorists will allegedly link up with white American gun owners who oppose Obama in order to commit simultaneous acts of “Jihad” and “Race War” terror. By conducting large scale terror attacks on the same exact day, the Islamic terrorists and the American gun owners will appear to be working in collusion, which is exactly the point. The twin terror attacks will bring about the emergence of the so-called “White Al Qaeda” which will ultimately give Obama cart blanch to authorize drone strikes on all American citizens. Naturally, this type of aggression by Obama would spark a civil war—exactly what it’s intended to do.

The “Rebels
The Libyan Rebels and Syrian Rebels were given their “Rebel” nicknames because the plan has always been to merge the Islamic Rebels with those who fly the Confederate Rebel Flag and root for the Ole Miss Rebels in the American South. That way, Americans nobody will be able to tell the difference between the foreign terrorists and the domestic terrorists. This will ultimately allow the Obama administration to eradicate all of its political opposition with autonomous drones while the world cheers them on.

Live TV Terror
Prior to high-profile “Jihad” and “Race War” terror attacks on “Live TV”, the American public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. In the hit series “
Homeland”, the episode entitled “Two Hats” featured a terrorist leader who was plotting to film a terror attack on “Live TV”  and disseminate it globally. This is the exact game plan of the Obama administration, which is planning on doing the same exact thing. The reasoning behind this is simple for it will allow the footage of the dastardly acts of terror to be shown over and over again on television and social media until the reputation of America is completely decimated.

Secondary Targets
In the aftermath of the “Live TV” terror attacks, the invading terrorists
will fan out through America like a plague conducting further acts of terror most likely consisting of 9/11 style aerial attacks and suicide bombings against U.S. airports, bio-labs, churches, courthouses, dams, hospitals, landmarks, malls, nuclear reactors, ports, oil and gas facilities, power plants, schools, sporting events and universities. They will likely be aided in part by the thousands of two-way radios which were lost by the U.S. Marshals and the 1 million foreigners who were recently “lost” by Homeland Security.In the aftermath of a wave of unprecedented terror attacks, the Rebels will likely seize the Sierra Army Depot in Herlong, California, where millions of tons of U.S. Army equipment is stored (e.g., 35,000 military vehicles and 95,000 military containers). This military equipment will then be used by the Rebels to terrorize and destroy America for years to come.

Dictator Obama
Just as the first African Emperor of Rome,
Septimius Severus (April 11, 145 AD – February 4, 211 AD), suspended the Roman Constitution and declared the Roman Empire a military dictatorship, Obama, the first African-American president, will declare martial law in the United States the aftermath of an terrorist invasion. The reason history is always repeating is because humanity is in fact living in New Roman Times. The invasion of America by terrorists will be a valiant political attempt to resurrect Obama to dictator status. This will be accomplished by: a) garnering unprecedented domestic support in the wake of the invasion and subsequent attacks, b) creating unprecedented race related division in the U.S. over an African-American president allowing Al Qaeda and African terrorists to invade, and c), mass death on the scale of Nazi Germany as American gun owners, intellectuals and patriots are rounded up and sent to FEMA camps for extermination.

U.S. Security Compromised
In the aftermath of a terrorist invasion of America, the NSA leaks and the recent shutdown of the U.S. government will no doubt be scapegoated as the reason that the invasion was not thwarted. This was all but confirmed on June 26th, 2013, when it was reported that Al Qaeda terrorists have changed their communication methods after the NSA leaks made by alleged whistleblower Edwards Snowden, making it impossible for the Obama administration to spy on terrorists. Roughly 4 months late on October 2, 2013, it was reported that the U.S. government shutdown has already damaged national security. In a speech before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Ted Cruz stated, “If God forbid, we see an attack on the United States because the intelligence community has not been adequately funded, every member of this committee would be horrified”. Five days later on October 9, 2013, the Chief of MI5 stated that the material leaked by alleged NSA whistle-blower ‘hands the advantage to the terrorists’, insinuating that a major terror attack is imminent. Needless to say, the U.S. government has given themselves multiple reasons as to why they are vulnerable to an upcoming wave of domestic terror attacks. Further indicating that all is not well in America, it was reported on October 10, 2013, the No. 2 man at the Pentagon, Ashton Carter, has resigned as deputy defense secretary.

U.S. Counter-Terror Operations in Africa
Starting on October 5, 2013, the
U.S. inexplicably executed two counter terror raids in Libya and Somali, home to Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, and the Somali Pirates. The anti-terror missions were led by the Navy SEALs in response to the Westgate Mall Terror Attack which was allegedly committed by Al Shabaab in Nairobi, Kenya on September 21, 2013. Evidently, the terror raids were all part of a staged military and intelligence effort to publically enrage African-based terror groups just prior to their scheduled invasion of the United States. Reports stating that the raids “highlight” the terror threat in Africa and could “bolster” Al Shabaab suggests that the feared “militant backlash” from the raids is all part of the Hollywood-like narrative which will likely culminate in revenge attacks emanating out of Africa.

SEAL Mission # 1 (SUCCESS)
According to reports, the first raid was conducted in Libya where the SEALs arrested Al Qaeda leader Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai (aka Anas Al Liby), an alleged terrorist wanted by the U.S. for the 1998 American embassy bombings in east Africa. Interestingly, it was reported on October 8, 2013, that a special team from the U.S. is interrogating Al Liby from Libya on naval ship and that Obama may have swapped ‘black’ detention sites for ships. The raid, arrest and interrogation of a 15-year old terror suspect on a ship just off the African coast appear to be nothing more than well-coordinated publicity stunt meant to bring unprecedented global attention on Africa, African terrorists and ships just prior to the scheduled invasion of the U.S. by Islamic terrorists from Africa.

SEAL Mission # 2 (FAIL)
The second U.S. military raid was executed in southern Somalia where Navy SEAL Team 6 allegedly swam ashore near the town of Barawe before encountering fierce resistance from the al-Qaida-linked terrorist group known as Al Shabaab. According to reports, a 15-20 minute firefight allegedly occurred between the two groups before SEAL Team leader decided to abort the mission. However, since the SEALs did not complete their mission and secure their intended target (i.e., an Al-Qaida suspect allegedly related to the Westgate Mall Terror Attack),  it can be insinuated that the SEALs were no match for the terrorists—a convenient and sexy terror narrative that makes Al Shabaab look, at least fighting wise, on par with the Navy SEALs.

Black Flag Terror Propaganda
Prior to a high-profile invasion of the United States by terrorists flying a black flag, the American public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood videogame propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. On October 29, 2013, the highly anticipated videogame entitled “
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag” will be released. Coincidentally, the four of the top state-sponsored terror groups (e.g., Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram, and Al-Nusra Front) all fly black flags.


1. The Terror Warnings
2. Terrorist Mergers
3. Terrorist Invasion of America
4. Air Invasion
5. Sea Invasion
6. Crossing the Mexican Border
7. American Sleeper Cells
8. Al Qaeda
9. Al Shabaab
10. The Syrian Rebels
11. Government Attacks & Threats


1.1: Unprecedented Terror Warnings
In the last few months, there has been an unprecedented amount of terror warnings emanating from both the U.S. government and their state-sponsored terror groups (e.g., Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, Syrian Rebels, etc.). The fact that these warnings exist in mass and mirror each other identically further indicates that Islamic terrorists groups and intelligence services (e.g., CIA, FBI, ATF, NATO, etc.) are one in the same entity. The recent wave of terror warnings began on June 3, 2013, when it was reported that
Al Qaeda released a new video urging Boston Bombing-like attacks in the United States. Roughly 2 months later on August 5, 2013, it was reported that “terrorists” already have their orders and could be in place for upcoming attacks. Intelligence agencies only know that the terrorists have their “orders” because they themselves issued the order to attack. A month later on September 13, 2013, Al Qaeda again called for attacks inside United States. These terror warnings are being issued in mass in order to psychologically prepare the American public for a wave of unprecedented terror-related events.

U.S. Terror Warning Timeline:

1. January 27, 2913:
UK Warns of Specific Threat to Westerners in Somalia
1. August 2, 2013:
U.S. Issues Global Travel Alert over Al-Qaeda Threat
2. August 3, 2013:
Interpol Issues Global Security Alert Regarding Al Qaeda
3. August 6, 2013:
State Dept. Urges US Citizens To Leave Yemen Over Al Qaeda Threat
4. August 5, 2013:
New York, San Francisco increase security over Al Qaeda threat
5. August 5, 2013:
US Special Forces on Alert Overseas To Strike Any Potential Al Qaeda Targets
6. August 19, 2013:
Al Qaeda Terrorists ‘Aim to Hit Jewish Targets Worldwide’ In Coming Weeks
7. September 1, 2013:
U.S. Travel Warning: Al Qaeda-Syrian Rebels ‘Claimed Nearly 600 Attacks’
8. September 26, 2013:
US Renews Global Terrorism Alert for American Citizens
9. September 28, 2013:
US Issues Travel Advisory for Kenya in Wake of Mall Attack

[Does not purport to a complete list of events]


2.1: Chief of U.S. Africa Command Warns Of Islamic Terror Collaboration
The worst case scenario in which all Islamic terrorists would join forces was first vocalized on March 15, 2013, it was reported that the Chief of the U.S. Africa Command has warned that threats from Islamic extremists in Africa are increasing and if unchecked could pose a greater danger to American interests and allies. According to the report, Army General Carter Ham stated that threats in Africa do not match al-Qaida or the Taliban in Afghanistan, “but the trend is not good”. General Ham then cited the growing collaboration between the Nigerian-based radical sect Boko Haram and al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which bases its operations in Mali.

2.2: Terrorists Groups Coordinating Attacks  

Terror collaboration concerns originally voiced by the Chief of U.S. Africa Command were reiterated on  April 2, 2013, when it was reported that Iraqi intelligence has revealed that
Syrian and Iraqi Islamic extremist groups were ramping up cooperation in terrorist attacks throughout the Middle East. Also on April, 2, 2013, it was reported that a radical Islamic group that the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa, or MUJAO, claimed credit for 9 operations around the northern Malian city of Gao, including suicide bombings. According to the report, the city of Gao was ruled by MUJAO, an offshoot of al-Qaida’s chapter in Africa for nearly 10 months. These April reports show further terrorist collaboration in both name and attacks throughout the Middle East and Africa.

2.3: Al Qaeda & Syrian Rebel Merger
Why intelligence agencies and the media continue to be the mouthpiece for alleged Islamic terror groups is self-evident, but never more so than April 9, 2013, it was reported that Al Qaeda’s Iraq branch and a Syria militant group had announced a merger. Roughly two months later on June 10, 2013, it was reported that an Al Qaeda leader had rejected the merger between the Syrian and Iraqi terror networks. The on and off again merger between the Al Qaeda and their affiliates in Syria was a publicity stunt to: a) show that the two terror groups are in communication and therefore it would be more likely that they would in fact work together, and b) convince the public that there is in fact a difference between state-sponsored terror groups.

2.4: Africa & Middle East Terror Collaboration  
The latest terror collaboration was revealed on October 3, 2013, it was reported that
Al-Shabaab and other Islamic militant groups in Africa have developed ties, further insinuating that the terrorists are working together. According to the report, terrorism analysts say there is a worrying trend in Africa: “an increase in collaboration among religious radicals across borders and vast, poorly policed regions”. Terror groups cited in the report include al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (north and west Africa); Nigeria’s Boko Haram; and al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, based in Yemen, across the Gulf of Aden from Somalia.

2.5: Middle East & Africa Terror Funding
In an attempt to bait the public into thinking that terrorism is actually funded from inside the Middle East and Africa, a number of propaganda reports in respect to billionaires from African and the Middle East have been published. On September 16, 2013, a report entitled “
Saudi Arabia Top Middle East Billionaire List” was published. 17 days later on October 3, 2013, a secondary report entitled “Wealth-X Reveals Middle East’s Wealthiest Billionaires” was published. 5 days later on October 8, 2013, a report entitled “Africa Rises: Continent Triples its Number of Billionaires” was published which was quickly followed by secondary report on October 10, 2013, entitled “Survey Lists 55 Billionaires in Africa”. If and when major terror attacks occur within the U.S. stemming from Africa and the Middle East, patsies doubling as the alleged financiers will no doubt be arrested, tried and convicted for terror attacks stemming from Washington, D.C. and Tel Aviv. Then on October 11, 2013, it was reported that Syria extremists are financed by private Gulf donors who went on to commit mass killing, confirming that billionaires in Africa and the Middle East will be scapegoated for financing future terror attacks.


3.1: Strait of Gibraltar, Spain

Prior to a high-profile terrorist invasion of the United States by a ship (e.g., cruise ship, freighter, tanker or submarine) emanating from the Strait of Gibraltar in Spain, the American public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Starting on June 21, 2013, when police allegedly in Spain busted an Al-Qaeda terror ring in Ceuta, there has been a coordinated effort by intelligence services to portray Spain as: a) sympathetic to Islamic extremism, and b) home to Islamic extremists who are willing to help Islamic terrorists. A few months later on September 16, 2013, it was reported that Spain had arrested the leader of terror recruitment network that sent terrorists to Syria. Three days later on September 19, 2013, Britain named an ex-Iraqi general, likely highly anti-American, as the governor of Gibraltar, ultimately ensuring that a terrorist laden ship will be able to pass through security at the Strait of Gibraltar. A few weeks later on October 5, 2013, thousands of protestors in Spain marched in support of Basque terrorists. Two days later on October 7, 2013, Spanish government tried 6 Somalis in court for piracy after an alleged attack on Spanish warship in 2012. The next day on October 8, 2013, Britain put Spain on alert over Gibraltar border checks, potentially indicating that terrorists are already trying to infiltrate the Strait of Gibraltar.  A day later on October 9, 2013, Belgian police arrested an armed Basque terror suspect wanted in 6 killings, further insinuating that Spanish people are involved in acts of terror. In the aftermath of an unprecedented terrorist invasion of the United States, the Spanish people will likely be demonized as Islamic terrorist sympathizers.

3.2: “Operation Martillo”
If and when terrorists hijack commercial or military aircraft, ships or subs and make their way to America, a drill to ensure their safe landing must be in place so that they are not shot down or sunk by artillery fire. On October 6, 2013, a report entitled “
4 Dead in Colombia Crash of US Anti-Drug Plane” revealed that a plane “tracking a suspected smuggling vessel along with a Colombian vessel over the western Caribbean” had lost radio contact and crashed in mountainous jungle region where rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) operate along with drug traffickers. Aside from assassinating a few unwanted personal, the “accident” highlighted that “Operation Martillo” is in full effect. According a September 22, 2013, report from SOUTHCOM, Operation Martillo (Hammer) is a U.S., European, and Western Hemisphere effort targeting illicit trafficking routes in coastal waters along the Central American isthmus”. The South American “security initiative” focusing on “key shipping routes” is being led by the U.S. and 13 other countries (e.g., Belize, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Honduras, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Spain, and the United Kingdom). Coincidentally, Operation Hammer (Martillo) (the name reversed) is the official name of the NATO operation in Afghanistan, potentially indication the origin of the impending terrorist laden plane.

3.3: Terrorist Invasion of America
As evidenced, cruise ships, freighters, subs, cargo planes and commercial airliners are all simultaneously blinking red in respect to state-sponsored terrorism and may be used as a means of transportation in respect to the impending terrorist invasion of America. It is imperative to note that intelligence agencies always prime multiple terror scenarios, multiple patsies and multiple scapegoats in order to give themselves options during and after a terror attack. That way, they always have a backup when things go south.


4.1: Airport Attacks Trending

The notion that terrorists (e.g., Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, or the Syrian Rebels) could attack a commercial airport or a fortified military airbase and hijack aircraft has already been established. Aside from the 2 suspicious fires at Nairobi Airport that indicate that airport terror is imminent, there have been at least 3 terrorist attacks on airports, including the
Mannagh Air Base in Syria which is currently under terrorist control.

2013 Terrorist Airport Attacks:

1. June 7, 2013:
Rebels Attack Mannagh Air Base in Northern Syria(Idlib, Syria)
2. August 6, 2013:
Al Qaida And Syrian Rebels Seize Mannagh Air Base (Idlib, Syria)
3. August 8, 2013: Nairobi Airport Suffers 2nd Fire after Massive Blaze(Nairobi, Kenya)
4. September 25, 2013:
Kenya Air Force Bombs Somali Airport Held by Militants (Kismayo, Somalia)

[Does not purport to a complete list of events]

4.2: Airport Hijack Drills?

In what appears to be an
Israeli Mossad airport hijack drill, it was reported on September 3, 2013, that two alleged Palestinian truck thieves stormed though checkpoints in an Israel airport, resulting in a security scare and the cancelation of flights. The fact that there “thieves” were not killed or apprehended by the infamously tight Israeli airport security suggests that this was in fact a dry run for a future airport terror-related event. 18 days later on September 21, 2013, it was reported that two men were arrested for “suspicion of endangering an aircraft”, resulting in the emergency landing of the plane in Britain. The fact that the nationality of the men arrested was not disclosed by authorities suggests that they were also Israeli agents conducting a dry run for an eventual terrorists hijacking.

4.3: Commercial Airplane Hijack
Based on recent news and events, the terrorist invasion of the U.S. may use commercial airplanes originating out of Palestine, Zimbabwe or Nigeria, all of which have been recently implicated in Islamic terror attacks. On May 28, 2012, it was reported that Palestinian Airlines had resumes flights after a lengthy hiatus. Roughly five months later on October 23, 2012, it was reported that an airline from Zimbabwe has been now allowed to resume international flights. Three months later on January 3, 2013, it was reported that Nigeria’s Dana Air has been allowed to resume flights after a horrific accident. Nine months later on October 3, 2013, it was reported that Nigeria’s Federal Aviation Agency has grounded all aircraft belonging to Lagos-based Associated Airline after a plane crash, ultimately leaving a fleet of commercial airliners at Nigerian airports just waiting to be hijacked. Once hijacked by terrorists, the commercial aircraft will likely be flown across the Atlantic where it will make a crash landing somewhere in South America or on a U.S. freeway. A freeway landing was recently witnessed in a staged event on September 23, 2013, when an airplane landed on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois. Only a few weeks later on October 9, 2013, another highly publicized and unprecedented plane incident occurred when a pilot allegedly fell ill and a passenger was forced to land the plane. The latter event in Britain was likely staged in order to make the future landing a commercial airplane by a terrorist more believable.

4.4: C-130 Transport Plane Hijack
Prior to a high-profile terrorist invasion of the United States using a military cargo plane such as a
Lockheed C-130 Hercules, the public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. “Con Air” (1997) is a film (see trailer) in which “the worst of the worst” criminals hijack a Convair C-131 Samaritan transport plane and eventually crash-land it on  Las Vegas strip where they initiate a wave of terror. On August 6, 2013, CNN report entitled “Terror Alert Spurs Extra Screening of Cargo Flown into U.S.” was published, ultimately consummating the terms “terror” and “cargo” in the same headline. Roughly 6 weeks later on September 18, 2013, it was reported that U.S. Air Force will give the Afghani Air Four 4 C-130 transport aircraft and a month later on October 10, 2013, the U.S. made good on its promise by delivering two C-130 aircraft to Afghanistan which was touted as a “parting gift”. Coincidentally, on July 30, 2013, it was reported that Al-Qaeda backers had been found to have U.S. military contracts In Afghanistan, potentially insinuation terrorist collusion is already in play. Then there is the report that the alleged ‘mentor’ of the 9/11 mastermind is now running for president in Afghanistan, an ominous sign that terror on the scale of 9/11 may be imminent. A few months later on October 6, 2013, it was reported that 4 U.S. soldiers had been killed in Afghanistan by a bomb. Whether or not the uniforms, identification or some other information these soldiers had on their person will be used to enter U.S. airspace is not known, but on the same day of October 6, 2013, it was reported that Germany handed over control of military base in Afghanistan to local security forces, potentially indicating that the formerly German military base is where the C-130s loaded with terrorists will embark on their journey to America. Five days later on October 11, 2013, a reported entitled Foreigners Train Syrian Rebels in Afghanistan to use Chemical Weapons” was published, indicating that both chemical weapons and Syrian Rebels are now in Afghanistan.


5.1: Port Terror Trending
In order for terrorists to hijack a cruise ship, freighter or submarine, they likely need to get some inside help from port security in order to refuel once or twice along their way to America. Coincidentally, in the last 3 months, there has been an unprecedented wave of terror-related activity in and around ports in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. On August 7, 2013, it was reported that the government of
Yemen had foiled an Al Qaeda terror plot targeting ports and their oil and gas facilities. Roughly a month late on September 17, 2013, it was reported that British police had arrested 2 terrorists arriving at the port of Dover, England. Four days later on September 21, 2013, the government of Yemen boosted their port security after the foiled Al Qaeda terror plot. Interestingly, 9 days later on September 30, 2013, Al Qaeda gunmen seized the army headquarters in the port city of Mukalla, Yemen. Three days later on October 2, 2013, it was reported that unidentified gunmen shot and killed a Libyan naval officer and his son, potentially insinuating the Al Qaeda is targeting navy personal in order to guide them to American shores.

5.2: Somali Pirate Propaganda Films
Prior to a high-profile cruise ship or freighter hijack by Somali pirates, the public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. “A Hijacking” (2012) is a film (see trailer) in which a Danish ship is hijacked by Somali pirates and the shipping crew is held for ransom; “Fishing Without Nets” (2012) is a film (see trailer) which tells the story of Somali pirates from the viewpoint of the Somalis; and  Captain Phillips” (2013) is a film (see trailer) starring Tom Hanks about Captain Richard Phillips who was taken hostage by Somali Pirates with AK-47’s in 2009. When real-life pirate terror will go primetime is not known, but the pre-terror Hollywood propaganda is in full swing.

5.3: Ship Attacks & Hijackings Trending
In 2013 alone, there have been roughly 10 ship hijackings by pirates (see list below) as well as 2 unprecedented attacks by terrorist on freighters in the Suez Canal. The first incident occurred on September 1, 2013, when it was reported that the Suez Canal Authority stated that terrorists attacked a container ship. Four days later on September 5, 2013, it was reported that terrorists had launched a Launch rocket attack at a commercial ship in the Suez Canal. In a publicity stunt to garner as much attention in respect to piracy, it was reported on October 2, 2013, that the state-sponsored Greenpeace activists will be charged with piracyover a Russian oil rig protest. In a despicable effort to bring unprecedented global attention to ship smuggling just prior to the terrorists invasion of America, it was reported on October 8, 2013, that 275 people have died in the suspicious sinking of a smugglers’ ship off the coast of Sicily. Whether or not the ship was sunk on purpose is not known, but it wouldn’t be the first time that humans were sacrificed in order to present a believe terror narrative to the public.

Pirate Terror Headlines

1. December 9, 2008:Pirate Threat Forces Cruise Ship Evacuation (Somali Coast, Africa)
2. May 21, 2010:
GAO Report: Waterside Attacks Threaten Cruise Ships (U.S. government)
3. September 17, 2010:
Somali Pirates Scope Out Cruise Ship (Seychelles, Indian Ocean)
4. May 14, 2013:
Iran Navy Foils Pirate Attacks on Iranian Freighter (Coast of Somalia)
5. October 19, 2012:
10 Somali Pirates Guilty in Container Ship Hijack (Gulf of Aden)
6. October 8, 2012:
Greek Oil Tanker & Crew of 24 Disappears (Ivory Coast, Africa)
7. October 29, 2013:
Ship With 700 Tons Of Gold Ore Disappears (Sea of Okhotsk, Russia)
8. January 21, 2013:
Pirates Hijack Oil Tanker (Ivory Coast, Ghana)
9. February 4, 2013:
Oil Tanker with 17 aboard Hijacked By Pirates (Ivory Coast, Africa)
10. February 8, 2013:
Pirates Kidnap 3 Sailors in Hijack Attempt (Gulf Of Guinea, Africa)
11. March 5, 2013:
3 Arrested After Yacht Is Hijacked And Crashed (Pacifica, California)
12 March 12, 2013:
Somali Pirates Release Hijacked Oil Tanker, 26 Sailors (Arabian Sea)
13. March 25, 2013:
Somali Pirate Pleads Guilty to Supporting Al-Shabaab (New York, New York)
14. May 2, 2013:
Fight Against Somali Pirates a Success – No Hijackings In a Year (Somali Coast)
15. May 13, 2013:
Police Arrest Somali Pirate Accountant as He Seeks Asylum (Giessen, Germany)
16. May 14, 2013:
5 Crew Members Kidnapped from Container Ship are Released (Coast of Nigeria)
17. May 25, 2013:
German Ship’s Crew Captured by Pirates Released (Coast of Equatorial Guinea
18. May 28, 2013:
Pirates Hijack Fuel Tanker, Kidnap Crew off African Coast (Coast of Nigeria)
19. June 3, 2013:
Somalis Accused of Killing 4 Americans in Piracy Case (Norfolk, Virginia)
20. June 7, 2013:
Pirate Attack Thwarted by EU Naval Force, Military Group Says (Coast of Somalia)
21. June 18, 2013: 
West Africa has World’s Worst Piracy Rate: Report (West Africa)
22. June 18, 2013:
French Sailor Kidnapped from Ship Freed in Nigeria (Yenagoa, Nigeria)
23. June 18, 2013:
More Sailors Affected by Piracy off West Africa than Somalia (West Africa)
24. June 24, 2013:
Leaders from West, Central Africa to Address Piracy (Yaoundé, Cameroon)
25. June 24, 2013:
African Leaders Want Navy to Fight Gulf of Guinea Piracy (Yaoundé, Cameroon)
26. July 9, 2013:
Federal Jury Convicts 3 Somalis in Piracy Case which Killed Four (Norfolk, Virginia)
27. July 15, 2013:
Maritime Bureau Reports Surge in Piracy Attacks and Kidnapping (Gulf of Guinea)
28. July 18, 2013:
Oil Tanker Hijacked as Pirates in West Africa Expand Reach (Coast of Gabon)
29. July 22, 2013:
The Worst Fate: Somalia’s Ship Wrecked Hostages (Coast of Somalia)
30. July 22, 2013:
Pirates Release Hijacked Oil Tanker Leaving Crew Unharmed (Coast of Gabon)
31. July 25, 2013:
Somali Pirates Now Protecting Illegal Fishing Ships (Coast of Somalia)
32. July 30, 2013:
UN Seeking Information on Somali Pirates’ Facebook Activity (Coast of Somalia)
33. July 31, 2013:
 Convicted Somali Pirates may be Sentenced to Death (Norfolk, Virginia)
34. September 30, 2013: Greenpeace Activists Charged with Piracy (Coast of Russia)
35. October 7, 2013:
Spain Tries 6 Somalis for Piracy after Attack on Warship (Madrid, Spain)
36. October 14, 2013: Authorities Capture Somali Pirate by Promising Film Role (Brussels, Belgium)

[Does not purport to a complete list of events]

5.4: Conflicting Pirate Headlines
In a rather strange sequence of events, the following headlines were repeatedly published in respect to Somali piracy despite the contrary occurring in reality: On October 22, 2012, the following report entitled “World Sea Piracy Falls To Lowest Level In 4 years As Somali Threat Eases” was published. Approximately three months later on January 16, 2013, essentially the same story was again published with the headline, “World Sea Piracy Falls to Five-Year Low In 2012 As Naval Patrols Deter Somali Pirates”. Roughly two months later, the same basic story was published again for a third time with the headline, “Somali Pirates Release Sailors as Piracy Reports Reach Five-Year Low”. Aside from being repetitive, these reports directly conflict with the ever increasing amount of reported pirate attacks and ship hijackings. Why the public is being purposely being misled is not known, but all indications are that Somali pirate related terror attacks and hijackings are imminent.

5.5: Potential Terror Ships
Before Islamic terrorists can invade United States, they will need an ocean worthy vessel to make the journey across the Atlantic along with their prized cargo of biological and chemical weapons. To date, three suspicious ships have been identified which may be cited by intelligence agencies in future Senate hearings as the terrorists’ vessel. Interestingly, two of them use a form of the name “whale”, invoking the Biblical story of Jonah who was swallowed and then spit out by a “big fish” or whale.

Ship # 1: The “Lyubov Orlova”
On May 28, 2013, it was reported that a 4000-ton cruise liner entitled the “Lyubov Orlova” was lost at sea during a storm after its cable snapped when it was being towed from Newfoundland in Canada to the Dominican Republic to be sold for scrap metal. Unable to reconnect it, the boat towing the cruise ship inexplicably sailed away from the vessel. Although the ship was reportedly picked up by an offshore supply vessel a few days later, the ship was again let go. The ship was then allegedly spotted by satellite, assumed to have sunk, and was allegedly last seen on March 14, 2013. Whether or not “terrorists” have commandeered the Russian “ghost ship” is not known, but the story is so obviously fabricated that it may be cited by intelligence agencies as the means of transportation by which terrorists from the Middle East and Africa make their way to America.

Ship # 2: The “Wael”
On August 20, 2013, it was reported that a tanker entitled the “Wael” was reportedly prevented from “illegally entering” Al-Sedra oil terminal by the Libyan Navy. Whether or not this was the terrorist laden ship to be used in the August 24, 2013, terrorist invasion of America is not known, but the timing and location of the alleged Weal incident off the coast of Libya suggest that the ship was bound for America.

Ship # 3: The “A Wale”
On October 6, 2013, it was reported that Captain Khan Jubair Niaz and his cargo freighter entitled “A Whale” are aimlessly adrift in the Gulf of Suez, just north of the pirate infested waters off the Somalia coast. According to the report, the ship and her crew have been cut off from communications and financial help from the TMT Group, which is going bankrupt and has effectively abandoned the ship. Whether or not “A Whale” will be hijacked by pirates and taken through the Suez Canal and then the Strait of Gibraltar to America is not known, but to say that the ship is a sitting duck would be an understatement.

5.6: Cruise Ship Propaganda
If and when a cruise ship terror occurs, the most likely scenario is one in which a U.S. cruise ship is hijacked in the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean or Mediterranean by pirates who are members of the Somali terrorist group known as Al Shabaab. Once the cruise ship is under pirate control, the captain and her crew will likely be forced at gunpoint to sail to a port in the U.S. or South America. Interestingly, on September 17, 2013, the sunken Costa Concordia was resurrected in a publicity stunt roughly 21 months after she sank in January of 2012. Aside from making the public even more fearful of the sea and traveling, the timely raising of the doomed cruise ship was planned just prior to future acts of ship hijackings by pirates, possibly involving a commercial cruise ship. Just 5 days after the Concordia was raised, it was reported that protesters dove into a Venice canal in order to block cruise ships, potentially foreshadowing that cruise ships will be blocked by terrorist in the near future.

5.7: Submarines

Recent news and events suggests that a major terror-related event involving submarines may be imminent. Aside from the
sudden death of Tom Clancy, the author of the Hunt for Red October, it was reported on September 14, 2013 that the U.S. Navy is cutting its submarine force by 30%. Roughly 2 weeks later on September 29, 2013, it was reported that the U.S. Navy had suspended Vice Admiral Tim Giardina over a gambling probe, the man responsible for all of the U.S. military’s nuclear submarines. Also in September of 2013, it was reported that the submersible James Bond Lotus brought nearly $1 million at auction. Roughly a month later on October 2, 2013, a publicity stunt in Milan, Italy featured a submarine breaking the surface on a busy city street. While these events may seem random, they were all part of a coordinated propaganda campaign designed to bring as much global attention to submarines prior to terror-related involving the use of them. Only 5 days later on October 7, 2013, it was reported that a nuclear submarine engineer had been found dead on railway tracks in the port city of Visakhapatnam, India. The dead bodies were “found under suspicious circumstances” suggesting that foul play involving nuclear submarines may be imminent.   

5.8: Potential Terrorist Subs
Before Islamic terrorists can invade United States, they will need an ocean worthy vessel to make the journey across the Atlantic along with their prized cargo of biological and chemical weapons. To date, two suspicious submarines have been identified which may be cited by intelligence agencies in future Senate hearings as the terrorists’ vessel.

Sub # 1: The “USS Miami”
On September 13, 2013, it was reported that the
US.S. Navy spent $71M to repair a submarine and then abandoned it. Although the sub is allegedly still dry-docked in a Kittery, Maine, shipyard, the story was published to: a) show that the U.S. Navy is careless with submarines and therefore it makes the narrative of a terrorists hijacking or stealing a nuclear sub all the more believable, and b) to disseminated the name of “Miami”, potentially indicating where a terrorist sub will dock.   

Sub # 2: The “INS Sindhurakshak”
On September 19, 2013, it was reported that the Indian Navy’s probe into the INS Sindhurakshak submarine tragedy is nowhere near completion. According to the report, the submarine is still located where it sunk on August 14, 2013, after an onboard explosion and fire. In most cases, a sunken nuclear submarine would be a navy’s first priority, but in this particular case, the Indian government appears to be stalling. Whether or not “terrorists” will access the sub and steal navigation equipment or weapons is not known, but the sub is located in the shallow Bombay (Mumbai) Dockyard, home to the Mumbai terror attacks of 2008.    

5.9: Homemade Subs Trending
Prior to a high-profile terrorist invasion using a homemade or hijacked submarine, the public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Since September 12, 2013, there have been a rash of propaganda reports highlighting homemade submarines and the ease with which they can be built. After all, if a man with a high-school education can build a fleet of submarines, a terrorist organization with millions of dollars could easily build a workable sub and set sail for America.

Homemade Submarines Headlines:

1. September 12, 2013: How to Launch a 13-Ton Submarine, Part 1
2. September 13, 2013:
Drug Trafficking Drug Cartels Take to The Seas in Tiny Subs
3. September 18, 2013:
Custom-Built Submarine Launched at Milford Lake
4. September 21, 2013:
Kansas Man Launches Custom-Built Submarine
5. September 24, 2013:
Iran Mass Producing Light Submarines
6. September 25, 2013:
Barrow Shipping and Defense Firm Creates Own Range of Mini Submarines
7. October 8, 2013:
First Ever Fiji-built Submarine-Like Vessel Launched
8. October 8, 2013:
High School-Educated Drug Smuggler Built Subs to Ferry Cocaine to U.S.

[Does not purport to a complete list of events]


6.1: Mexican Terrorist Propaganda
In the latest episode of the hit television show entitled “
Homeland”, which aired on October 13, 2013, former U.S: Captain Nicholas Brody, the world’s most wanted terrorist, is hiding out in Caracas, Venezuela. The notion of Islamic “jihad” terror stemming from south of the border is also the theme of Tom Clancy book entitled “Against All Enemies” (2011) which depicts a CIA Special Activities Division Operation Officer named Max Moore who takes part in an anti-terror operation involving Mexican drug cartels. According to the synopsis provided by Wikipedia, Moore and his team attempt to infiltrate the Mexican cartels and play them off against each other. Although they are able to bring down a major kingpin, they are unable to prevent several Muslim terrorists from entering the United States via a drug smuggling tunnel on the U.S-Mexico border. The Islamic terrorists brought with them a number of MANPADS (e.g., surface-to-air missile launchers) which are then used to target commercial planes in several American cities. Moore and his CIA associates are only able to stop one of the terrorist teams, resulting in homeland terror attacks. Moore is then deployed to Belize, another South American country, on a secondary mission to capture the leader of the terrorist cell. Interestingly, Tom Clancy suddenly died on October 1, 2013, just days prior to the plot of his book manifesting itself in reality.

6.2: Terrorist Crossing of U.S. Border
In a coordinated effort to bring unprecedented attention to the U.S.-Mexico border just prior to a major terror related event emanating from Mexico, it was reported on October 9, 2013, that the ACLU will probe allegations of constitutional violations by Border Patrol in Arizona. The notion that terrorists (e.g., Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, or the Syrian Rebels) will storm America’s border to conduct terror attacks using chemical weapons has already been established in theory. On June 6, 2013, it was reported that Syrian Rebels were seized at the Turkish-Syrian border with a 2kg cylinder full of nerve gas sarin. Ten days later on June 16, 2013, it was reported that Syrian forces are training to storm Israel’s border, an ominous sign considering Israel is allegedly America’s #1 ally in the Middle East. A few months later on October 2, 2013, the headline “Syria Jihadists ‘Advance toward Turkey Border Post’ was published, further insinuating that the Syrian Rebels will cross a major border in the near future.

6.3: U.S. Border Security Compromised
The notion that the U.S.-Mexico border is open to terrorists is a concept that has been propagandized ever since 9/11. Recent events suggest terrorists have been “testing” the border for upcoming attacks. On June 8, 2012, it was reported that a California-born Muslim man was back home on after he discovered he was on the U.S. government’s “no-fly” list. According to the reports, the man was able to walk back over the U.S./Mexico border on foot. A family member allegedly conformed to a San Diego-area TV station that the man had traveled to Egypt during the uprising, but denied he was “the revolutionary type”. 15 months later on September 5, 2013, a propaganda report entitled, “Iran Recruiting ‘Invisible Army’ Converts to Infiltrate U.S. Through Southern Border”, was published, further confirming that terrorists will infiltrate the U.S. from Mexico.

Border Headlines Trending:

1. April 12, 2013:
DHS Officials Charged with Falsifying Records Related to Border Crimes
2. June 12, 2013:
U.S. and Canadian Drill to “Prevent Cross-Border Terrorist and Criminal Activities”
3. June 21, 2013:
Lockdown USA: Congress Plans 700-Mile ‘Surge’ on Mexico Border
4. August 1, 2013:
Mexican Cartels Hiring US Soldiers as Hit Men
5. August 16, 2013:
US Border Security Data Not Reliable, Government Reports Show
6. October 3, 2013:Border Patrol Rep Claims Agents Being Ordered to Stand Down

6.4: Mexican Drug Cartels
It’s no secret that Mexican drug cartels work for the governments of the U.S. and Mexico. Therefore, if and when terrorists land in South America, they will likely be aided by one of the many cartels and ushered into America. On August 1, 2013, it was reported that Mexican cartels are hiring U.S. soldiers as hit men,ultimately insinuating that cartels are for sale to the highest bidder. In a bid to gain plausible deniability just prior to a cartel-assisted terrorist invasion, it was reported on August 17, 2013, that the government of Mexico had arrested the leader of the Gulf cartel who operates near the U.S. border.

6.5: Mexican Monster Trucks
On October 9, 2013, a monster truck driver in Mexico was charged with manslaughter after his vehicle killed 8 people in attendance. The highly suspicious “accident”, in which the accelerator was apparently sabotaged, was likely staged in order to bring international attention to jacked-up trucks in Mexico just prior to a few of them crossing the U.S. border filled with terrorists.

6.7: Mexican Tour Buses
If and when terrorists make their way up from South America to the United States, they may do it by hijacking a tour bus. This particular scenario was evident on October 8, 2013, it was reported that Somalis were found crammed into fake tour bus bound for Italy. Theoretically speaking, terrorists could load up a few tour busses with along with their chemical weapons and drive unabated though Mexico and into the U.S. in order to conduct their attacks.

6.8: U.S.-Mexico Terror Tunnel
Once the concoction of Islamic “terrorists” land in South American , they will need to make it across the U.S.-Mexico border with their biological and chemical weapons intact. Recent headlines in respect to both tunnels and terror suggest that the terrorist may use one of the many drug tunnels in California or Texas in order to sneak into America.

Border Tunnel Headlines:

1. December 28, 2012:
Authorities Find Smuggling Tunnel Equipped With Electricity Near Border
2. August 5, 2013:
Syria Rebel ‘Moles’ Wage Battle from Underground Tunnels
3. August 6, 2013:
Nasir Wuhayshi, Jail Escapee Via Tunnel Turned Yemen’s Qaeda Head
4. August 24, 2013: Syrian Soldiers Find Chemical Agents in Rebel Tunnels in Syria
5. October 13, 2013:
‘Terror Tunnel’ Discovered Running from Gaza to Israel


7.1: Islamic Terror Sympathizers
Since April 19, 2013, there have been roughly 20 U.S. citizens who have been indicted, arrested or implicated in terror attacks against U.S. interests both home and abroad. If and when America is invaded by African and Middle Eastern terrorists, they will allegedly be aided across the border by individuals “sympathetic” to the Islamic cause of jihad. In what appears to be propaganda for Syrian Rebel terror in America, it was reported on May 2, 2013, that a Judge in Illinois released a man accused of trying to join Al-Qaida in Syria. Roughly 2 months later on June 20, 2013, it was reported that an American who allegedly fought with Al Qaeda in Syria has been indicted for terrorism. Three months later, the U.S. Army veteran plead guilty, further indicating that the Syrian endgame is to merge the Syrian Rebels with American citizens opposed to President Obama.

U.S. Homegrown Terror Timeline:

1. April 19, 2013:
US Man Pleads Guilty to Supporting Terrorism in Somalia
2. April 21, 2013:
Illinois Man Tried To Join Al Qaeda-Linked Group, FBI Says
3. April 26, 2013:
American Jihadi in Somalia Tweets on Assassination Attempt
4. May 2, 2013:
Judge Releases Illinois Man Accused of Trying To Join Al-Qaida in Syria
5. May 14, 2013:
2 Minnesota Men Sentenced To Prison For Joining Somali Terror Group
6. May 14, 2013:
North Carolina Man Pleads Guilty To Buying Gun For Terrorist Jihad
7. May 17, 2013:
Uzbekistan Living in Idaho to Appear in Court on Federal Terrorism Charges
8. June 20, 2013:
American Who Allegedly Fought With Al Qaeda Affiliate In Syria Indicted
9. July 18, 2013:
Florida Teen Faces Charges of Helping Terrorists following Visit to Middle East
10. July 31, 2013:
Police in Colorado Warn of Self-Described Islamist Jihadist
11. August 6, 2013:
Man Planning Jihad in Africa Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Charge in Alabama
12. August 6, 2013:
Somali Militant Group Al-Shabaab Praises ‘Martyrs’ from Minnesota
13. August 7, 2013:
Man Sentenced to 5 1/2 Years for Conspiring To Sell Cocaine To Taliban
14. August 8, 2013:
Florida Teen Accused of Training with Middle East Terrorists to Appear In Court
15. August 12, 2013:
West African Drug Traffickers in Prison for Taliban Drug Conspiracy
16. June 26, 2013:
New York Student Sought to Join Al Qaeda, Federal Officials Say
17. July 5, 2013:
Terrorists Dupe Kansas City Al Qaeda Supporter, 2 Others
18. September 12, 2013:
American Islamic Militant Killed in Somalia: Witnesses
19. September 20, 2013: American who Allegedly Fought with Al Qaeda in Syria has been Indicted
20. September 30, 2013:
NYC Accountant Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Supporting Al-Qaida
21. October 7, 2013: Missouri Man to be Sentenced for Al Qaeda Support

[Does not purport to a complete list of events]


8.1: Al Qaeda Bio-Terror
marriage between Al Qaeda and both biological and chemical weapons was made shortly after 9/11, but has recently been featured in numerous propaganda reports which suggests that an Islamic bio-terror attack is imminent. Now that Al Qaeda and the Syrian Rebels have merged, it’s just a matter of time before they hijack chemical weapons from the Syrian government and unleash them on American citizens.

Al Qaeda & Chemical Weapons Headlines:

1. December 10, 2012: Al Qaeda May Have Chemical Weapons, Spain’s Counter-Terror Chief Warns
2. June 2, 2013:Al Qaeda Plot to Use Toy Planes in Chemical Attack Foiled, Iraqi Officials Say
3. July 11, 2013:
MI6 Warning: ‘Catastrophe’ If Chemical Weapons Fall into Al-Qaeda Hands
4. August 6, 2013:Al Qaeda Threat: Officials Fear ‘Ingenious’ Liquid Explosive
5. August 25, 2013:
Leader of Al-Qaida-Linked Militia in Syria Vows Revenge for Chemical Attacks
6. September 17, 2013:
‘Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra in Syria May Have Significant Amounts of Sarin’
7. September 19, 2013: Al Qaeda Running Chemical Weapons Program?

8.2: Al-Qaeda Creates Brigade to Hijack Syria’s Chemical Weapons

On May 15, 2012, it was reported that Robert Tilford, a former soldier and a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School in Georgia, stated in writing that
Al Qaeda members have created their own brigades in an effort to take over Syria and their dangerous chemical weapons stockpile. “U.S. officials deny al-Qaeda is part of the rebel movement it is helping to arm and equip in some cases…but that is another story,” Tilford said. “The fact is the US has no good plan on what to do if Syria collapses, the military loses control or if Al-Qaeda manages to steal chemical weapons from one or all of the more than 50 suspected sites in that country”.


9.1: Al Shabaab & Obama
fictitious feud between U.S. President Barack Obama and the CIA funded terror group Al Shabaab is outright laughable. According to reports, Al Shabaab planned to kill Obama at his presidential inauguration and allegedly targeted Obama’s grandmother in Kenya. On June 7th, 2012, the U.S. government offered a reward for information on the whereabouts of leaders in the Somali militant group Al-Shabaab. Two days later on June 9th, 2012, Al Shabaab responded to Obama’s bounty by offering a counter bounty of 10 camels for President Barack Obama and two camels for information on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Then on September 25, 2013, the President of Somalia went on the record stating that Al-Shabaab could Attack the United States, another ominous sign that Al Shabaab terror is imminent.

9.2: Al Shabaab Mall Attack
The September 21, 2013, Westgate Shopping Mall Attack in Nairobi, Kenya was the coming out party for the state-sponsored terror group entitled “Al Shabaab” who claimed responsibility for the attack the same day. In an obvious sign that the attack was a false-flag attack, it was reported on September 22, 2013, that Israel was reportedly “helping” Kenya during the shopping mall siege. A week later on September 29, 2013, a report entitled “Was an American Security Team Inside Kenya Massacre Mall?” was published, ultimately covering for the Israeli team or indicating that an American terror squad was also present at the mall. Another major red flag in respect to the attack is the fact that a renowned Ghanaian poet,four British citizens, and the nephew of the President of Kenyan were also allegedly executed in the attacks. The deaths of celebrities and foreigners were part staged in part to milk the attacks for as much publicity as possible.

9.3: The “White Widow”
In the aftermath of the
Westgate Shopping Mall Attack, the notion that “white” terrorists were working with the Al Shabaab terrorists was disseminated globally in order to set the pretext for upcoming Islamic terror attacks in the U.S. that will be committed with the help of white terrorists sympathetic to the Islamic cause. A day after the mall siege had ended, a propaganda report entitled “Was ‘White Widow’ Samantha Lewthwaite Involved in Kenya Mall Attack?” was published. That same day, Interpol issued a warrant for British terror widow who was reportedly the pregnant wife of one of the suicide bombers who allegedly killed 52 people in the July 7, 2005 terror attacks in London, England.

9.4: Gulf Coast-Somali Terror Connection
If and when terrorists land on American shores, they may need some help hiding out and conducting their reign of terror on the American people. On December 23, 2012, it was reported that two Alabama men have been arrested and charged with planning to wage violent jihad in Africa. According to the report, federal prosecutors portrayed Randy Wilson as an Islamic radical who wanted to reunite with Omar Hammami, an American who also grew up in Alabama but has since become one of the most well-known jihadists in Somalia. Wilson and another American who lived in Alabama for the last year, Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair, are accused of plotting to leave the country to join Islamic radicals fighting in North Africa. According to an FBI statement, the Alabama men “discussed their joy that Omar Hammami is now on the FBI `Most Wanted Terrorists’ list, and were excited that he is now even more famous”. These men are likely part of a Gulf of Mexico terror cell which will be incited as terrorist collaborators in the wake of a terrorist invasion of America.


10.1: Syrian Rebel Bio-Terror Trending
Just days after the
U.N. chemical weapons inspection team lands in Syria, the largest Syrian chemical attack took place on August 21, 2013 . Regardless of whether the attack actually happened or who is to blame, the attack was staged to set the precedence for a Syrian Rebel bio-terror attack within the United States. Although Western intelligence stated that the Syrian government was behind the attacks, the Syrian Rebels have since been implicated (see below). The U.N. is now investigating a total of 14 alleged attacks in which chemical weapons or chemical agents were used since September of 2011. Naturally, the Syrian Rebels are the prime suspect. According to a September 16, 2013, U.N. report concluded that chemical weapons have been used in Syria on ‘large scale’. In what can only be more psychological programming for future bio-chemical attacks in America, on October 9, 2013, it was reported that three Americans won the 2013 Nobel Prize for chemistry. Only 2 days later, it was reported on October 11, 2013, that the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize went to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), an ominous sign that an earth-changing event involving chemical weapons is imminent.

Syrian Bio-Terror Timeline:

1. August 23, 2013: Initial Western Intelligence Finds Syrian Forces Used Chemical Weapons
2. August 24, 2013:
Syria Accuses Rebels of Using Chemical Weapons against Troops
3. August 30, 2013:
U.S. Had Intel on Chemical Strike Before It Was Launched
4. September 5, 2013:
Russia Compiles100-Page Report Blaming Syrian Rebels for Chemical Attack
5. September 7, 2013: Direct Link between Assad and Gas Attack Elusive for U.S.
6. September 9, 2013:
Evidence Shows Chemical Weapons Involvement by Rebel Jihadists
7. September 11, 2013:
U.S. Military Confirms Rebels Had Sarin
8. September 17, 2013:
‘Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra in Syria may have Significant Amounts of Sarin’
9. September 18, 2013:
Syria Gives Russia ‘Evidence’ Rebels Behind Chemical Attack
10. September 18, 2013:
Unverified Videos allegedly show Syria Rebels using Chemical Weapons
11. September 19, 2013:
Assad Insists Rebels, not Regime, used Chemical Arms
12. September 18, 2013:Russia to Provide Data for Chemical Weapons’ use by Syrian Rebels
13. September 24, 2013: Chemical Weapons Held by All Sides in Syria Should be Destroyed
14. September 26, 2013:Homemade Sarin was used in Attack Near Damascus
15. October 11, 2013: Foreigners Train Syrian Rebels in Afghanistan to use Chemical Weapons

[Does not purport to a complete list of events]

10.2: Obama’s ‘Red Line’
On August 21, 2012,
U.S. President Obama declared chemical or biological warfare in Syria a “red line”. Exactly 1 year later on August 21, 2013, the Ghouta Chemical Attack was executed in Syria, a coincidence to be sure. Roughly ten months later on June 13, 2013, Obama’s “red line” in respect to Syria’s was officially “crossed”, further indicating that the Syrian Rebels and their bio-chemical weapons will eventually be unleashed in  America. The so called “red line” ultimatum was ultimately given by the Obama administration to gain plausible deniability in the aftermath of bio-terror attacks emanation out of Syria. 

10.3: CIA- Al Qaeda-Syrian “Rebels”
The U.S. and NATO are not shy about admitting that they both fund and arm Al Qaeda because they want the American public to see them as criminal in order to bait Americans into a civil-war which entails the use of drone strikes on American citizens. On March 29, 2011, a top ranking NATO Commander admitted that
elements of “Al Qaeda” are amongst the Libyan rebel fighters currently receiving financial and military support from U.S.  According to the report, Admiral James Stavridis, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander of Europe and commander of U.S. European Command, stated during a hearing in the U.S. Senate that, “We are examining very closely the content, composition, the personalities, who are the leaders of these opposition forces…We have seen flickers in the intelligence of potential al Qaeda, Hezbollah, we’ve seen different things.” Stavridis said, while adding that the rebel’s leadership appeared to be comprised also of “responsible men and women”. Eleven months later on February 26, 2012, then U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that, “We have a very dangerous set of actors in the region, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and those who are on our terrorist list, to be sure, supporting – claiming to support the opposition [in Syria].” A few weeks later on March 13, 2013, it was reported that James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, filed his annual report to Congress on the threats facing the United States in which he stated that the bigger concern is the rising influence and strength of the al-Nusra Front, an “al Qaeda in Iraq” offshoot who is among the Syrian Rebels.

CIA-Al Qaeda-Syrian Rebels:

1. March 25, 2011:Libyan Rebel Commander Admits His Fighters Have Al-Qaeda Links (Telegraph)
2. March 29, 2011:
Intelligence on Libya Rebels Shows “Flickers” Of Qaeda (Reuters)
3. March 29, 2011:
Rice: Obama Has Not Ruled Out Military Support For Libyan Rebels (CNS News)
4. August 22, 2011:
Britain’s MI6 Played Secret Role in Fall of Tripoli (Telegraph)
5. August 22, 2011:
CIA-Backed Groups And Al-Qaeda-Linked LIFG On Top  In Libya (Asian Tribune)
6. August 23, 2011:
SAS Troopers Help Co-Ordinate Rebel Attacks in Libya (Guardian)
7. August 24, 2011:
West Fears Al-Qaeda Could Seize Gaddafi Weapons – Paper (Rianovosti)
8. August 28, 2011:
Libya Ex-Islamic Terrorist Leader Heads Tripoli Military Council (Digital Journal)
9. November 2, 2011:
Al Qaeda Flag Flying over Birthplace of Libya’s Revolution (Telegraph)
10. November 25, 2011:
Libya’s New Rulers Offer Weapons to Syrian Rebels (Telegraph)
11. November 27, 2011:
Leading Libyan Islamist Met Free Syrian Army Opposition Group (Telegraph)
12. November 28, 2011:
Al-Qaeda Terrorists Airlifted From Libya To Aid Syrian Opposition (Infowars)
13. March 1, 2012:
Hillary Clinton Admits US And Al-Qaeda On Same Side in Syria (Infowars)
14. May 14, 2012:
Al-Qaeda Rebel Pictured With UN Observers In Syria (Infowars)
15. June 21, 2012:
C.I.A. Said To Aid In Steering Arms To Syrian Opposition (New York Times)
16. July 30, 2012:
Al-Qaida Turns Tide for Rebels in Battle for Eastern Syria (Guardian)
17. August 1, 2012:
Exclusive: Obama Authorizes Secret U.S. Support For Syrian Rebels (Reuters)
18. August 2, 2012:
Report: Obama OKs Support For Syrian Rebels (USA Today)
19. September 19, 2012:
Video Shows Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Burning U.S. Flag (Infowars)
20. October 6, 2012:
Syrian Rebel: ‘We Won’t Stop Until Al-Qaeda Flag Over White House’ (Infowars)
21. December 5, 2012:
Rebels: “When We Finish With Assad, We Will Fight the U.S.” (Infowars)
22. December 2, 2012:
Al Qaida-Linked Syrian Rebels Key to Anti-Assad Victories (McClatchy)
23. December 8, 2012:
Syrian Rebels Tied To Al Qaeda Play Key Role In War (New York Times)
24. December 10, 2012:
Syrian Rebels Defy U.S. And Pledge Allegiance To Jihadi Group
25. January 30, 2013:
U.S. “Backed Plan to Launch Chemical Weapons Attack on Syria (Yahoo)
26. April 3, 2013:
Syrian Rebels Appear To Have British-Made AS-50 Sniper Rifle (Fox News)
27. April 9, 2013:
Al Qaeda’s Iraq Branch and Syria Militant Group Announce Merger (Fox News)
28. March 31, 2013:
Syria Accuses Rebels of Setting Fire to Oil Wells (Fox News)
25. May 9, 2013:
U.S. Sending $100 Million in Aid Package to Syria (RT)
26. May 18, 2013:
Al-Qaeda’s Syrian Wing Takes over Assad Oilfields (Telegraph)
27. June 3, 2013:
New Al Qaeda Video Urges Boston-Like Homeland Attacks (ABC News)
26. June 15, 2013:
CIA Will Lead U.S. Effort to Arm, Train Syrian Rebel Forces (Fox News)
27. July 11, 2013:
Money, Guns Flowing from Kuwait to Syria’s Radical Rebel Factions (Fox News)
28. August 28, 2013:Al Qaeda behind Benghazi Attack-Trains Jihadists for Syrian Rebel Groups
29. September 3, 2013:
First Syria Rebels Armed And Trained By The CIA (Telegraph)
30. September 11, 2013:
U.S. Weapons Reaching Syrian Rebels (Washington Post)
31. September 12, 2013:
Report: U.S.-Funded Weapons Reaching Syrian Rebels (USA Today)
32. September 12, 2013: Jihadis Gain Ground in Syrian Rebel Movement (NBC)
33. September 15, 2013:
Nearly Half of Syrian Rebels are Jihadists or Hardline Islamists (Telegraph)
34. September 17, 2013:Obama Waives Ban on Arming Syrian Terrorists (Washington Examiner)
35. September 17, 2013:
Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Dies Fighting Assad in Syria (McClatchy)
36. September 18, 2013: Sarin Attack in Syria Lures Jihadists to Fight Assad Regime(Fox News)
37. September 19, 2013:
Al Qaeda-Linked Gunmen Capture Syrian Town Near Turkey (Fox News)
38. September 19, 2013:
Pentagon Proposes Plan to Equip and Train ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels (RT)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines]

10.4: Al-Qaeda Terrorists Airlifted To Syria
On November 28, 2011, it was reported that the same
Al-Qaeda terrorists who fought U.S. troops in Iraq and helped NATO overthrow Colonel Gaddafi in Libya were airlifted into Syria to aid rebels there in an attempt to topple President Bashar al-Assad. “There is something being planned to send weapons and even Libyan fighters to Syria,” a Libyan source told the London Telegraph, speaking on condition of anonymity. The Telegraph also reported that Al Qaeda terrorist commander Abdulhakim Belhadj, now head of the Tripoli Military Council, “met with Free Syrian Army leaders in Istanbul and on the border with Turkey,” after being sent there by Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the interim Libyan president.

10.5: Rebel Infighting & Betrayal
In the aftermath of the August 21, 2013 Ghouta Chemical Attack in Syria and the foiled U.S. terrorist invasion and terror attacks of August 24, 2013, both of which were to be scapegoated onto the Syrian Rebels and Al Qaeda, Western intelligence agencies have changed their tune in respect to their Syrian Rebels and have initiated a propaganda campaign in order to distance themselves from the Rebels by implying that they have succumbed to Jihad and Islamic extremism. This was first evident on September 18, 2013, when the Wall Street Journal reported that “Rebel-on-Rebel violence” had seized Syria. 10 days later on September 28, 2013, Fox News reported that the Syrian Rebels were facing a growing threat from foreign jihadists, again trying to imply that there is in fact a difference between the two factions. Another Fox News report from October 3, 2013, stated that the Syrian Rebels and Al Qaeda were “infighting”, also meant to suggest that the U.S. backed Syrian Rebels and Al Qaeda are not one in the same entity. It is imperative that intelligence agencies make the distinction between the two groups prior to the Rebels attacking the U.S. in order to give the Obama administration plausible deniability in the wake of a terrorists invasion emanating from Syria. Two recent headlines dated October 11, 2013, entitled “Syrian Rebels Committed War Crimes, Killed Civilians In Planned Attack” and “Syrian Rebels Killed or Kidnapped Hundreds of Civilians, Report Says” indicate that the U.S. government has officially turned their back on the Syrian Rebels—an ominous sign that a Syrian Rebel attack on the U.S. is imminent.


11.1: Governmental Security Breaches Trending
Prior to a high profile terrorist attack on government-related facilities, the public must first be psychologically programed to accept that this is in fact possible. Since September 7, 2013, there have been at least 7 major breaches of security which indicate that governmental buildings are vulnerable to attack.

Security Breach Headlines:

1. September 7, 2013: Burglar Arrested Inside Buckingham Palace (London, England)
4. September 13, 2013:
Afghan Militants Attack US Consulate In Afghanistan (Herat, Afghanistan)
3. September 19, 2013:
Bahrain Jails 5 Shiites For Attack On Government Office  (Diraz, Bahrain)
4. September 19, 2013:
Tony Blair’s Daughter Threatened in Gun Robbery (London, England)
5. September 22, 2013:
Mortar Shell Hits Russian Embassy Compound (Damascus, Syria)
6. September 22, 2013:
President of Kenya’s Nephew Killed in Mall Attack (Damascus, Syria)
7. October 14, 2013:
Police Stop Man with Knife at Buckingham Palace (London, England)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines]

11.2: Embassy Attacks
A consulate or an embassy is considered a sovereign part of a country’s government and therefore an attack on it is considered an attack on the country itself. Starting with the
U.S. embassy attack in Libya, which has recently been alleged to have been a Mossad operation, the U.S. and her allies have suffered multiple attacks on its consulate and embassies which suggests that an attack on America herself is next. A recent Joint Intelligence Bulletin issued by the FBI and DHS has warned that the violent outrage aimed at U.S. embassies, which was spawned by a movie mocking the Prophet Mohammed, could spread to America and other nations by extremist groups eager to “exploit anger” and that “the risk of violence could increase both at home and abroad as the film continues to gain attention.”

Embassy Attack Timeline:

1. September 11, 2012: U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya Attacked (Benghazi, Libya)
2. June 11, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Attacks near US embassy in Afghanistan (Kabul, Afghanistan)
3. August 3, 2013:
9 Dead in Suicide Attack on Indian Consulate (Jalalabad, Afghanistan)
4. September 13, 2013:
Afghan Militants Attack US Consulate in Afghanistan (Herat, Afghanistan)
5. September 22, 2013:
Mortar Lands inside Russian Embassy Compound (Damascus, Syria)
6. September 30, 2013:Mortar shell falls near Chinese embassy in Syrian capital (Damascus, Syria)
7. October 2, 2013:
Gunmen Try to Storm Russian Embassy in Libya (Tripoli, Libya)
8. October 2, 2013:
Gunmen Shoot and Killed Libyan Naval Officer and His Son (Benghazi, Libya))
9. October 6, 2013:
Gunmen Kill German Embassy Guard outside Supermarket (Sanna, Yemen)
10. October 10, 2013:
Libyan PM Kidnapped by Rebels Revenge for US Raid (Tripoli, Libya)
11. October 11, 2013:
Car bomb blasts Swedish, Finnish Consulates in Benghazi (Benghazi, Libya)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of events]

Embassy Threats & Closures:

1. August 2, 2013: List of Embassies Closed over Security Concerns (20 Embassies)
2. August 2, 2013:
Britain to close Yemen embassy at weekend over security (Sanaa, Yemen)
3. August 3, 2013:
Canada to shut Dhaka mission on Sunday (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
4. August 3, 2013:
France to shut embassy in Yemen over security fears (Sanaa, Yemen)
5. August 4, 2013:Security tighter near 21 US missions over al-Qaida attack fears (21 Missions)
6. August 5, 2013:
Norway closes 15 embassies in the Middle East, Africa (15 Embassies)
7. August 5, 2013:
Britain extends closure of Yemen embassy  (Sanaa, Yemen)
8. August 6, 2013:
UK evacuates Yemen embassy staff amid threat (Yemen)
9. August 6, 2013:
US Consulate in Milan evacuated after bomb threat (Milan, Italy)
10. August 8, 2013:
U.S. issues warning over Pakistan consulate threat (Pakistan)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of events]

11.3: U.S. Military Base Attacks

Prior to a high-profile terrorist attack on a military base, the American public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. In 2013 alone, there have been at least 13 attacks or attempted attacks by terrorist against on military bases, most of which occurred in Africa and the Middle East. Curiously, on September 18, 2013, it was that a
“major security review” has been ordered for US defense facilities worldwide. Whether or not this “review” will not make U.S. military bases more susceptible to future attacks is not known, but on October 1, 2013, it was reported that two Marine Corps generals were forced to retire over a military base attack on Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. Coincidentally, the date of the attack was September 14, 2013, a year prior to the scheduled Terrorgate Attack in Texas and Las Vegas. In an ominous sign that U.S. military bases may come under terrorist fire, on October 6, 2013, it was reported that wild fires forced the evacuation of the Marine Corps’ military base at Camp Pendleton in California.

Military Base & Convoy Attacks:

1. September 14, 2012:2 Marines Killed in U.S. Military Base Attack (Camp Bastion, Afghanistan)
2. October 24, 2012:
Woman Charged U.S. Military Base Attack (Bethesda, Maryland)
3. December 2, 2012:
Suicide Bombings at U.S.-Afghan Military Base Kills 5 (Jalalabad, Afghanistan)
4. December 15, 2012:
Soldier Killed In Shootout With Police At U.S. Military Base (Fort Hood, Texas)
5. January 19, 2013:Man Drives through Gate at U.S. Military Base (Anchorage, Alaska)
6. February 26, 2013:
2 Navy Divers Die At U.S: Military Base (Aberdeen; Maryland)
7. March 3, 2013:
20 Killed In Terror Attack on Nigerian Military Base (Mongo, Nigeria)
8. March 19, 2013:
7 Killed In Explosion At U.S. Military Base (Hawthorne, Nevada)
9. March 22, 2013:
3 Dead In Shooting at U.S. Military Base (Quantico, Virginia)
10. March 25, 2013:
Man Found Guilty Terror Plot to Attack U.S. Military Base (Seattle, Washington)
11. August 6, 2013:
Al Qaida Groups Lead Syrian Rebels’ Seizure of Air Base (Idlib, Syria)
12. September 2, 2013:
Taliban attack on U.S. base near Pakistan border (Nangarhar, Pakistan)
13. September 20, 2013:
Al-Qaida attack army barracks killing at least 38 troops (Shabwa, Yemen)
14. September 28, 2013:
Suicide bombers blow up vehicle at Mali military camp (Timbuktu, Mali)
15. September 30, 2013: Al Qaeda Gunmen Seize the Yemen Army Headquarters (Mukalla, Yemen)
16. October 4, 2013:
Attack on Army Convoy East of Cairo Kills 2 Soldiers (Cairo, Egypt)
17. October 5, 2013:
Gunmen Attack Libyan Amy Post, Killing 15 Soldiers (Libya)  (Mukalla, Yemen)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of events]

About the Author
David Chase Taylor is an American journalist and the editor-in-chief of Taylor currently lives in Zürich, Switzerland where he has applied for political asylum after the release of The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with foiling a state-sponsored nuclear terror attack upon Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011. Taylor has also authored The Bio-Terror Bible, a book and website exposing the 2013 global bio-terror pandemic. To date, has identified and exposed over 50 Obama sanctioned terror plots, as well as the Alex Jones’ links to STRATFOR. Legal Disclaimer’s stated purpose is to prevent terror attacks by drawing unwanted global attention to these terror plots prior to their fruition. State-Sponsored Terror Threat Assessments (SSTTA), assertions, and forecasts made by DO NOT necessarily imply that these terror events will transpire in reality but rather that there is a distinct possibility they could theoretically occur based on the cited date. Historically, once a major false-flag terror plot is exposed (e.g., the Super Bowl XLV Nuclear Terror Plot), the terror plot is immediately canceled or postponed. State-sponsored acts of terror must have a prior paper trail in order to set-up patsies, prime scapegoats, create plausible deniability, as well as mislead the public from the true perpetrators of terror. By first identifying and then connecting the dots of the terror related paper trail, has successfully blown the whistle on numerous terror related plots. Please spread the word in helping make terrorism a thing of the past. Blessed are the Peacemakers. Namaste

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