Amtrak Train Attack (SSTTA): Northeast Corridor (NEC) Terror Attack Imminent

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UPDATE: On December 1, 2013, at least 4 were killed and 48 injured in an alleged “derailment” of Metro-North passenger train in the Bronx area of New York City. Whether the incident was state-sponsored is not known, but the accident comes only 5 days after this terror warning in respect to the Northeast Corridor (NEC). The wreck provides a convenient window in which explosives planted on the track can be removed without drawing suspicion.

David Chase Taylor
November 26, 2014

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Based on trending train-related terror, it’s evident that intelligence agencies are planning a wave of unprecedented terrorist attacks on U.S. commuter trains. A train attack, should it happen, will likely come around November 27, 2013, the day prior to Thanksgiving, which is widely recognized as the busiest travel day of the year.

The notion of impending train terror was most recently propagandized by Hollywood in a film entitled “Unstoppable” (2010) starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine (see trailer). The movie plot depicts a runaway freight train containing  8 cars of hazardous materials, potentially foreshowing an upcoming bio-terror attack on passenger trains.

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Aside from the Amtrak terror drills, there have been 5 highly suspicious incidents surrounding Amtrak trains, tracks and tunnels in the Northeast Corridor (NEC), which runs from Boston through New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore to Washington, D.C. Due to these highly suspicious incidents (see list below), the trains and subways running though these cities and regions are at the most risk of being targeted with future acts of state-sponsored train terror.

Top Train Terror Cities:

1. Boston, MA
2. New York, NY
3. Philadelphia, PA
4. Washington, D.C.

1. Train Terror Trending
In order to bring unprecedented media attention to train travel prior to a major state-sponsored train attack, a number of high profile incidents have occurred in 2013. The first incident occurred on July 24, 2013, when 79 people were reportedly killed in a Spanish train crash which left more than 35 in critical condition. The high-speed crash, which was likely staged, was predictably caught on video. The second incident occurred on August 1, 2013, when train drivers in Buenos Aires were caught on camera sleeping and reading a book, all while driving a train. The third incident occurred on October 7, 2013, when a man allegedly killed another man on a train in San Francisco and the passengers didn’t even notice.

2. Amtrak Attack Drill I (October 5, 2013)
On October 5, 2013, that a train terror attack was simulated as part of an emergency exercise in Providence, Rhode Island, which is coincidentally located within the aforementioned Northeast Corridor (NEC). According to reports, hundreds of people took part in a simulated terror attack on an Amtrak train that involved the FBI, the Providence Emergency Management Agency, the Rhode Island Department of Transportation and Providence and the North Kingstown police. As with every act of state-sponsored terror, a terror drill or exercise is executed just prior to train emergency response and groom patsies for the actual attack.

3. Amtrak Attack Drill II (October 25-28, 2013)
Operation Urban Shield 2013, which was executed in Oakland, California, from October 25 through October 28, 2013, also drilled a response to a terrorist attack on an Amtrak train. The terror exercise was depicted as follows: “Eight uniformed men sprinted across a West Oakland rail yard, watching each other’s backs. Moving like a heavily-armed amoeba, they surrounded the front of an Amtrak passenger train, exchanging gunfire with terrorists on board. Bullets whizzed past as the team leader ran toward the train car, shooting and killing the terrorist. He signaled with little more than a hand gesture and the camouflaged S.W.A.T. team boarded the train, reloading their weapons, determined to free the frightened hostages on-board.” Evidently, intelligence agencies are planning an Amtrak terror attack which involves the taking of hostages by “terrorists”, also known as Special Forces.

4. Train Terror Plots
In 2013 this far, there have been at least two high-profile train terror plots, the first of which was reported on April 23, 2013, when authorities allegedly thwarted an Al Qaeda-supported attack on a train traveling from Canada to U.S. Roughly two months lateron June 6, 2013, a second train terror plot was foiled when two men were indicted over the failed cyanide bombings of a high-speed train in Taiwan, China. Although both terror plots were most likely fabricated intelligence agencies, they have nonetheless set the precedence for future acts of train related terror.

5. Train Hijacks

Prior to a high-profile train hijacking by terrorists, the public must be psychologically programmed by intelligence agencies through media reports and staged events to accept that this is in fact possible. In 2013 thus far, there have been at least 4 major events which indicate that train terror is imminent. The first incident occurred on January 15, 2013, when a woman reportedly crashed a hijacked train into an apartment building in Stockholm, Sweden.  Roughly 7 months later on August 12, 2013, a man was arrested for wearing a fake uniform while trying to hijack a subway in New York City which is coincidentally located in the Northeast Corridor (NEC). New Yorker Darius McCollum has allegedly been arrested 29 times for repeatedly stealing buses and trains, yet he repeatedly avoids prison due to the fact that he is an intelligence patsy. About a month later on
September 30, 2013, Russia Today ran the headline, “Hijacked? Dozens injured in Chicago metro train crash” in respect to a train crash, ultimately foreshadowing impending train hijackings in America. Then on November 19, 2013, an Amtrak train from New York City allegedly got lost in Philadelphia. The staged publicity event was executed in order to sell the notion that trains can be hijacked from their normal routes and driven to other destinations, something that would likely happened in a train terror scenario.

6. 2013 Train Attacks
Prior to a high-profile train attack by terrorists, the public must be psychologically programmed by intelligence agencies through media reports and staged events to accept that this is in fact possible. In 2013 thus far, there have been at least 5 terror related attacks on trains, 4 of which occurred in Muslim regions of the world. Since the TSA has now expanded their duties beyond airport security to train terminals, there is even a greater chance that Amtrak trains will be targeted by the Obama administration in the near future.

2013 Train Attacks:

1. February 11, 2013: Masked Men Block Subway in Cairo (Cairo, Egypt)
2. April 30, 2013: Gunmen attack train after it derails (Collipulli, Chile)
3. June 13, 2013: Maoist Rebels Attack Train Killing 3 And Wounding 2 (Jamui, India)
4. August 16, 2013: Militants attack train in Pakistan, kill 3 (Bolan, Pakistan)
5. October 21, 2013: Bomb blast on passenger train kills 5 (Dera Murad Jamali, Pakistan)

7. Pakistani Train Terror
Based on the 5 accidents and terror attacks surrounding Pakistani trains in 2013, it is highly likely that a future terror attack on American trains would be scapegoated onto Pakistani terrorists, most likely the Pakistani Taliban or the Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group. Although unlikely, there is always the possibility that the attack could be blamed on jihadists who were formerly imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Coincidentally, it was reported on November 26, 2913, that the CIA reportedly turned some Gitmo prisoners into double agents at secret facility. Interestingly the article was clear to point out that the U.S. government knew there was a chance that some of the prisoners might renege on their deal and kill Americans.

Pakistani Train Timeline:

1. July 6, 2013: 14 killed in train accident near Sheikhupura (Sheikhupura, Pakistan)
2. July 26, 2013: Train derails in Pakistan killing two (Gujranwala, Pakistan)
3. August 5, 2013: Blast on Pakistan train kills toddler, wounds 13 (Lahore, Pakistan)
4. August 16, 2013: Militants attack train in Pakistan, kill 3 (Bolan, Pakistan)
5. October 21, 2013: Bomb blast on passenger train kills 5 (Dera Murad Jamali, Pakistan)

8. Suspicious NEC Incidents
As witnessed in the state-sponsored London bombings of  July 7, 2007, London Underground trains had bombs sewn into their undercarriage by welders prior to the explosions. Therefore, the 5 following incidents involving trains and tracks in the Northeast Corridor (NEC) may have provide the necessary window for the insertion of timed or remote controlled explosive under or around train tracks in the NEC.

I.  “Extensive Damage” (September 11, 2013)  
The first highly suspicious incident occurred on
September 11, 2013, when Amtrak suspended train service between Wilmington, Delaware, and Baltimore, Maryland, after overhead wires allegedly suffered “extensive damage” in Cecil County, Maryland. According to the report, the Acela Express and the Northeast Regional trains tracks in the Northeast Corridor (NEC) were temporarily suspended due to an unidentifiable cause.  

II. “System Update” (September 13, 2013) 
The secondhighly suspicious incident occurred on September 13, 2013 (i.e., not reported until September 26, 2013), when one of two power cables feeding the New Haven-Springfield Linein the Northeast Corridor (NEC) was “put out of service on September 13 for a system update”. The alleged update left only one cable providing power to the New Haven-Springfield Line which subsequently suffered a massive power outage on September 26, 2013 (see below). What systems were updated and who authorized it are not known, but the belated report definitely raises a red flag.

III. “Power Failure” (September 26, 2013) 
The thirdhighly suspicious incident was reported on September 26, 2013, when an undetermined and lengthy “power failure” occurred along an 8-mile stretch of the New Haven-Springfield Linein the Northeast Corridor (NEC) causing tens of thousands of commuters to search for alternative transportation between Connecticut and New York City. According to reports, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy warned that repairs could take more than three weeks. Based on the events of September 13, 2013, (see above), it would appear that the September 26, 2013, incident was a beta test to gage public reaction as well as an opportunity to rig the tracks with explosives.

IV. “13,000 Volts” (September, 2013) 
The fourth highly suspicious incident occurred in the wake of the September 26, 2013, power failure when the New York-based utility Consolidated Edison reportedly “set up three transformers” to bring 13,000 volts to the failed New Haven-Springfield Line in the Northeast Corridor (NEC). According to reports, it was unclear how many trains could be served with the added power since the line normally requires 138,000 volts. Whether or not the “three transformers” are actually explosive devices is not known, but their timely delivery to the tracks is highly suspect simply because they are useless in respect to providing enough electrical power.  

V. “Welding Accident” (October 6, 2013)
The fifth highly suspicious incident was reported on Sunday, October 6, 2013, when it was revealed that a contractor died in a welding accident/explosion  which occurred shortly after midnight in the Red Line (Washington Metro) subway tunnel between Union Station and the Judiciary Square. According to reports, the unidentified welding contractor died at a hospital where he was taken after the accident. Curiously, the Red Line rail service had already been suspended for repairs on Friday, October 4, 2013, two full days prior to the accident. The repairs were reportedly targeting five key stations: Farragut North, Metro Center, Gallery Place, Judiciary Square and Union Station. In the event that bombs were inserted into train stations and train tracks in the Northeast Corridor (NEC), a welder would be needed. Once the work had been completed, said welder would need to be terminated. Although impossible to know at this point, this appears to have been what happened.

9. Rail Terror Trending
Prior to a high-profile train attack by terrorists, the public must be psychologically programmed by intelligence agencies through media reports and staged events to accept that this is in fact possible. In 2013 alone, there has been over 100 horrific train related accidents, crashes and derailments which will likely culminate in an unprecedented Islamic-based terror attack on U.S. trains
in the Northeast Corridor (NEC).

2013 Train Terror Timeline

1. January 7, 2013:
5 Injured At Train Station after Escalator Malfunction (Jersey City, New Jersey)
2. January 15, 2013:
Dismembered Body Found On Train Tracks (Chicago, Illinois)
3. January 10, 2013: Train Collision in Swiss Town Injures 17 (Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland)
4. January 15, 2013:
Woman Crashes Stolen Train into Apartment Building (Stockholm, Sweden)
5. January 15, 2013:
Train Carrying Egypt Security Recruits Derail, Killing 19 (Giza, Egypt)
6. January 15, 2013:
Latest NYC Subway Incidents Leave 1 Dead, 1 Injured (New York, New York)
7. January 18, 2013:
Attacker Throws Woman onto Subway Tracks (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
8. January 21, 2013:
New High-Speed Trains Suffer Technical Issues (Europe)
9. January 21, 2013: Collision Of 2 Trains In Vienna Leaves Dozens Injured (Vienna, Austria)
10. January 23, 2013: Train from hits de-icing vehicle killing driver (Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia)
11. January 23, 2013:
Train Slams into Tractor-Trailer (Lyndonville, Vermont)
12. January 23, 2013:
4 Die in NYC Subway Incidents in 24 Hours (New York, New York)
13. January 25, 2013: Man Killed When Train Hits Car (High Point, North Carolina)
14. January 25, 2013:
TSA Conducts Random Checks at Texas Train Station (Austin, Texas)
15. January 30, 2013:
Amtrak Train Kills Boy on Tracks (Bernalillo, New Mexico)
16. January 31, 2013: Train crashes into station on Brisbane’s bayside (Brisbane, Australia)
17. January 31, 2013:
150 in hospital after South Africa rail crash (Pretoria, South Africa)
18. February 11, 2013:
Stampede at Train Station Packed With Pilgrims Kills 36 (Allahabad, India)
19. February 11, 2013:
Masked Men Block Subway in Cairo (Cairo, Egypt)
20. February 12, 2013: 15 people injured in train collision (Tokyo, Japan)
21. March 5, 2013:
3 People Crushed To Death Inside Train Car (Mobile, Alabama)
22. March 15, 2013: Feds Swarm Metra Train after Detecting Nuclear Risk (Chicago, Illinois)
23. March 21, 2013:
Fatal train crash at Athelney level crossing (Somerset, England)
24. April 4, 2013: 63,000 Liters Of Oil Spilled In Train Derailment (White River, Ontario, Canada)
25. April 5, 2013:
Train Derailment into River Injures 11 injured (Santander, Spain)
26. April 6, 2013:
13 Injured After Metrolink Train Collides With Truck (Los Angeles, California)
27. April 12, 2013: Bomb on Taiwan Train; 600 Evacuated (Taiwan, China)
28. April 16, 2013: Man’s Bomb Comments Halt Train at Burbank Station (Burbank, California)
29. April 21, 2013:
Barges Crash into Railroad Bridge (Vicksburg, Mississippi)
30. April 24, 2013: Iran Linked To Canadian Rail Terror Plot (Toronto, Canada)
31. April 26, 2013: Freight Train And Bus Collide Killing 1, Injuring 10 (Evans, Pennsylvania)
32. April 30, 2013: Gunmen attack train after it derails in Collipulli (Collipulli, Chile)
33. May 2, 2013: Attack On Train Injures At Least 10 Honduran Migrants (Veracruz, Mexico)
34. May 2, 2013: 22 hurt as two passenger trains collide in Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia)
35. May 4, 2013:
Train With Chemicals Derails, 1 Dead And 40 Injured (Schellebelle, Belgium)
36. May 4, 2013: Court Sentences 3 To Prison Over Train Accident That Killed 19 (Cairo, Egypt)
37. May 9, 2013: Russian train explosion injures dozens (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
38. May 10, 2013:
Man Hit and Killed By Train (Aberdeen, Maryland)
39. May 17, 2013:
Light Rail Train Derails Injuring Dozens (Hong Kong, China)
40. May 17, 2013:
Commuter Train Derails: Up To 25 Injured (Fairfield, Connecticut)
41. May 18, 2013: Two commuter trains collide in Connecticut, 72 injured (Bridgeport, Connecticut)
42. May 19, 2013: Amtrak train from New Orleans to Chicago derails (Chicago, Illinois)
43. May 25, 2013:
Two Freight Trains Collide Bringing Down Overpass (Chaffee, Missouri)
44. May 28, 2013:
Cargo Train Crash Results In Chemical Explosion (Baltimore, Maryland)
45. May 29, 2013: 1 train derailed at 125th Street and Broadway (New York, New York)
46. May 30, 2013:
Speeding Train Kills Elephants in India (Marghat, India)
47. June 2, 2013:
Train Derails in Bridge Collapse (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)
48. June 4, 2013: Tractor driver dies after collision with train (Holbaek, Denmark)
49. June 4, 2013: Area Sealed Off, Trains Stopped As Bomb Squad Blows Up Bomb (Tokyo, Japan)
50. June 5, 2013:
Moscow Metro Fire Prompts Mass Evacuation (Moscow, Russia)
51. June 6, 2013: 2 Men Indicted Over Failed Cyanide Bombings of High-Speed Train (Taiwan, China)
52. June 7, 2013: No explosive in suspicious package in train (Hillegom, Netherlands)
53. June 8, 2013: Garbage train derails in Lansdowne (Baltimore, Maryland)
54. June 9, 2013:
40 Injured When Double Decker Bus Slams Into A Railway Bridge (Munich, Germany)
55. June 12, 2013: Naked Man Assaults Passengers at Train Station (San Francisco, California)
56. June 13, 2013:
Maoist Rebels Attack Train Killing 3 And Wounding 2 (Jamui, India)
57. June 13, 2013: Trains Collide Near Buenos Aires; 3 Reported Dead (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
58. June 19, 2013: 19 Injured When San Francisco Trolley Collides With Bus (San Francisco, California)
59. June 20, 2013:
Terror Drill “Operation Hamla” Executed At Rail Station (Chennai, India)
60. June 24, 2013: 3 People Missing After Two Freight Trains Collide (Goodwell, Oklahoma)
61. June 25, 2013: Crowd Watches Man Beaten Unconscious outside Rail Station (Chicago, Illinois)
62. June 27, 2013: Collapsing Bridge Derails Train (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
63. June 27, 2013: 2 trains derail in Mohawk (Mohawk, New York)
64. June 29, 2013: Train derailment prompts evacuations in east Houston (Houston, Texas)
65. July 4, 2013: Mattress on Metro-North Tracks Triggers Train Fire and Evacuation (Bronx, New York)
66. July 6, 2013: 14 killed in train accident near Sheikhupura (Sheikhupura, Pakistan)
67. July 6, 2013: 1 dead, 60 missing as train explodes in fireball  (Lac-Megantic, Quebec, Canada)
68. July 7, 2013: At least 80 injured as passenger train derails in southern Russia (Adler, Russia)
69. July 8, 2013: Man electrocuted while relieving himself on subway’s third rail (Brooklyn, New York)
70. July 12, 2013: At least 6 dead in passenger train derailment near Paris (Paris, France)
71. July 12, 2013: Derailment of Areva Train Used for Nuclear Material (Bessines-sur-Gartempe, France)
72. July 16, 2013: Denver-bound train collides with standing train (Hays, Kansas)
73. July 17, 2013: Tourists among 23 hurt in Thai train derailment (Phrae, Thailand)
74. July 17, 2013: HAZ-MAT called to train derailment (Buffalo, New York)
75. July 19, 2013: Train Hauling Trash Derails in Bronx (Bronx, New York)
76. July 21, 2013: Greater Anglia and East Midlands trains in crash (Norwich, England)
77. July 21, 2013: Burlington Northern coal train derails (Rushville, Missouri)
78. July 22, 2013: Police respond to train derailment (Taunton, Massachusetts)
79. July 22, 2013: Gondia-Chandra passenger train derails, 20 hurt (Maharashtra, India)
80. July 22, 2013: Japanese passengers move 32-tonne train to rescue trapped woman (Tokyo, Japan)
81. July 23, 2013: Train derails, crashes through building (Denver, Colorado)
82. July 24, 2013: 79 killed in rail disaster, 35 in critical condition (Santiago de Compostela , Spain)
83. July 25, 2013: Cleanup starts after train derailment in Port of Tampa (Tampa, Florida)
84. July 26, 2013: Train derails in Pakistan killing two (Gujranwala, Pakistan)
85. July 27, 2013: Train carrying oil derails in Canada (Alberta-Saskatchewan, Canada)
86. July 29, 2013: Trains crash head-on in Switzerland; dozens hurt (Lausanne, Switzerland)
87. August 1, 2013: Man shoves elderly couple’s car off tracks as train nears (Ames, Iowa)
88. August 5, 2013: Train derails in La., about 100 homes evacuated (Lawtell, Louisiana)
89. August 5, 2013: Blast on Pakistan train kills toddler, wounds 13 (Lahore, Pakistan)
90. August 12, 2013: Man with autism arrested 29 times for nabbing buses, trains (New York, New York)
91. August 16, 2013: Militants attack train in Pakistan, kill 3 (Bolan, Pakistan)
92. August 19, 2013: 4 dead after car drives into path of California freight train (Fresno, California)
93. August 19, 2013: Mob beats conductor after 37 pilgrims die in rail accident (Dhamara Ghat, India)
94. August 26, 2013: Toll rises to 6 in Mexico migrant train accident (Chontalpa, Mexico)
95. September 16, 2013: Railway bridge collapse, sends freight cars into river (Seville, Illinois)
96. September 18, 2013: 6 killed as train hits bus (Ottawa, Canada)
97. September 19, 2013: Train derails in Virginia; 2 hurt (Southampton County, Virginia)
98. September 17, 2013:
Amtrak service suspended between Wilmington and Baltimore (U.S.)
99. September 22, 2013:
22 people suffer bruises in commuter train collision (Barcelona, Spain)
100. September 26, 2013:
Power failure snarls commute for thousands or rail travelers  (U.S.)
101. September 30, 2013:
Hijacked? Dozens injured in Chicago metro train crash  (Chicago, Illinois)
102. October 1, 2013:
Passenger train hits minibus at crossing, killing 13 (Solo, Indonesia)
103. October 6, 2013:
1 dead, 2 hurt in Metro Red Line welding accident (Washington, D.C.)
104. October 7, 2013:
Man shoots man on SF train, nobody notices (San Francisco, California)
105. October 5, 2013: Train terror attack simulated as part of emergency drill (Providence, Rhode Island)
106. October 11, 2013: West Virginia truck-train crash kills 1, injures 24 (Randolph County, West Virginia)
107. October 19, 2013:
13 oil and gas train cars derail and explode in Canada (Edmonton, Canada)
108. October 19, 2013: Dozens hurt in Buenos Aires train wreck (Buenos Aires, Chile)
109. October 20, 2013: Train kills 2 track workers amid strike (San Francisco, California)
110. October 21, 2013: Bomb blast on passenger train kills 5 (Dera Murad Jamali, Pakistan)
111. October 21, 2013: Toy lantern prompts brief shutdown of subway station (New York, New York)
112. October 24, 2013: Report: 1 believed dead in Florida train derailment (Sanford, Florida)
113. October 30, 2013: Deadly Kenyan train and bus crash in Nairobi (Nairobi, Kenya)
114. October 31, 2013: Thailand Trains to south halted by suspected bomb (Bangkok, Thailand)

115. October 31, 2013: Rail system tunnel linking US and Mexico found in TJ (Tijuana, Mexico)
116. November 8, 2013: Train carrying crude oil explodes, spills oil into wetlands (Aliceville, Alabama)
117. November 17,  2013: Warsaw subway fire sends 8 people to hospital (Warsaw, Poland)
118. November 18, 2013: 27 killed when train crashes into cars near Cairo (Cairo, Egypt)
119. November 19, 2013: Amtrak Investigates How Train Headed To NYC Got Lost (Philadelphia, PA)
120. November 20, 2013: Train crashes into Chester Station barrier (London, England)
121. November 21, 2013: Freight train catches fire in Orange (Orange, Massachusetts)
122. November 23, 2013: Homeless man charged for pushing man onto tracks (Brooklyn, New York)
123. November 25, 2013: Amtrak Train to New York Derails, 4 Hurt (Spartanburg, South Carolina)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of events of headlines]

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