Seattle’s Man-Made Earthquake Terror Plot Exposed

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Seattle Earthquake

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UPDATE: Less than 24 hours after the following terror warning was issued, a story entitled “We Need to Dig Out Truth about Bertha Problems” was published on January 18, 2014 on the front page of the Seattle Times. Evidently, the international intelligence agencies behind Seattle’s man-made earthquake terror plot desperately wanted to muddy the waters in respect to “Bertha”.

David Chase Taylor
January 18, 2014

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Based on breaking news and events, it appears that an apocalyptic earthquake “event” in the city of Seattle, Washington is imminent. Although a man-made earthquake could occur at any time in Seattle, it will most likely transpire on Sunday, January 19, 2014, during the NFL playoff game at Century Link Field between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks.

Considering that the recent NFL Wild Card games were the most watched ever with 34.7 million viewers, it stands to reason that the NFC Conference Championship game on January 19, 2014, will exceed 50 million viewers. Due to the “live” nature of this television sporting event, a repeat of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake in San Francisco, California which suspiciously occurred during the 1989 World Series is possible. The notion of a large earthquake occurring during a “live” football game was most recently evidenced on December 7, 2013, when a 4.5-magnitude earthquake struck the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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In the event that Seattle is attacked by a man-made earthquake, it is highly likely that Century Link Field, home field of the Seattle Seahawks, will suffer tremendously—possibly even total collapse. In what may be an ominous sign that CenturyLink Field is doomed, the stadium has been the alleged source of 3 man-made earthquakes in the last 3 years. The first earthquake occurred on January 8, 2011, and commonly referred to as the “Beast Quake”. The second earthquake reportedly occurred on December 2, 2013, when Seattle Seahawks fans created enough vibration to cause an earthquake. Most recently, a third earthquake occurred on January 11, 2014, which is now being called “Beast Quake II”. The earthquakes, which all occurred during games against the New Orleans Saints, have created the myth that fans can actually create earthquakes. Therefore, the notion that Seahawks could trigger a fourth and catastrophic earthquake fits perfectly into the Seattle earthquake terror narrative. In other words, football fans, not explosives or tunneling (see below) will ultimately be scapegoated as the source of the earthquake.


As the December 30, 2013, propaganda report entitled, “L.A., Santa Monica Buildings May Sit Atop Quake Faults” revealed, modern buildings have been built near “well-known faults” without undergoing the proper seismic studies to determine if the buildings could be destroyed in an earthquake. Coincidentally, the Seattle Fault passes just south of the city center, directly adjacent to or directly below Century Link Field. According to Wikipedia, “The Cascadia subduction zone poses the threat of an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 or greater, capable of seriously damaging [Seattle] and collapsing many buildings, especially in zones built on fill”. In the aftermath of a Seattle earthquake, the U.S. government will predictably find that the builders of CenturyLink Field did not execute the seismic proper studies prior to building the stadium in 1998.

Of the 104 earthquakes which have occurred within the Pacific Rim of Fire since January 1, 2012, (see list below), 44 have had a magnitude of 6.0 or higher, 15 a magnitude of 7.0 or higher, and 2 a magnitude of 8.0 or higher. Needless to say, these quakes are trending towards an unprecedented man-made earthquake on the West Coast. Interestingly, on January 17, 2014, it was reported that a 2.6 magnitude earthquake had occurred on the exact date of 20th anniversary of the Northridge Quake. Aside from rehashing the devastating quake which caused $20 billion in damage, injured 8,700, hospitalized 1,600, and killed 57, the report once again reinforced the notion that earthquakes are in fact man-made. The odds of a naturally occurring earthquake occurring on the same date and in the same location is statistically speaking, impossible.

Bertha Map

Big “Bertha”
As revealed in a December 19, 2013, report, the U.S. federal government has spent $3.1 billion on a building project to allegedly create a highway tunnel underneath the city of Seattle. This was reportedly done using a 5-story high mechanical drill entitled “Bertha” which may have been imported from Switzerland where tunnel digging is the norm. Interestingly, “Bertha” admittedly tunneled either directly underneath of or adjacent to CenturyLink Field before running into “the object” which inexplicably caused the subterranean project to be canceled. Being roughly 60-feet in height, it appears that Bertha’s job was to bore multiple tunnels underneath the city of Seattle in order to set-up a man-made movie-like earthquake scene that once triggered, would ultimately create falling skyscrapers, broken highways and ruptured gas lines. In other words, the entire city of Seattle may be ready to blow at any moment.

Fox’s “Infrared Gadget”
In what appears to be pre-Seattle earthquake planning, on January 14, 2014, it was reported that Fox Sports is testing out a new “infrared gadget” for the Super Bowl at the NFC Championship game in Seattle. What exactly this machine does and who is running it is not known, but in the event that there is an apocalyptic earthquake during the game, the “gadget” (which enables the camera to see in the dark) would be able to show the mayhem live on television, even if the power to the stadium and the city goes out. As revealed in the December 20, 2013, report entitled “China’s World War III Doomsday Plot Exposed”, Seattle, Washington was ground-zero in a state-sponsored nuclear terror plot which was to be scapegoated on China. Since the nuclear terror plot was ultimately foiled, it’s possible that the large amounts  of explosives slated for the attack (i.e., nuclear weapons likely do not exist) may detonated under the cover of “natural gas explosions” in order to create the fiery backdrop needed for a cataclysmic earthquake which will coincidentally be captured in HD by Fox’s new infrared cameras.

Seattle Earthquake History
According to Wikipedia, due to its location in the Pacific Ring of Fire, Seattle is in a major earthquake zone. In the event that Seattle is attacked by a man-made earthquake, the earthquake will literally be “off the Richter Scale”, registering a 9 or higher. Historically speaking, Seattle suffered earthquakes on January 26, 1700 (estimated at 9 magnitude), December 14, 1872 (7.3 or 7.4), April 13, 1949 (7.1), and April 29, 1965 (6.5). The 1965 quake caused three deaths in Seattle directly, and one more by heart failure. More recently, on February 28, 2001, the magnitude 6.8 Nisqually earthquake did significant architectural damage, especially in the Pioneer Square area in Seattle but caused no fatalities.The latest quake occurred on June 27, 2013, when a 4.3-magnitude earthquake occurred in Leavenworth, Washington, just 117 miles due east of Seattle. Interestingly, Wikipedia is clear to point out that, “Although the Seattle Fault passes just south of the city center, neither it nor the Cascadia subduction zone has caused an earthquake since the city’s founding”. Evidently, the minced words and the clouded history of Seattle earthquakes suggests that a major man-made earthquake is imminent.  

Seattle Earthquake Aftermath
In the immediate aftermath of a major man-made earthquake in Seattle or elsewhere, all electronic communication in the city, state and region would likely be immediately be cut-off, possibly for good. This type of scenario was recently highlighted in a January 17, 2014, propaganda report entitled, “Big L.A. Earthquake Could Cripple Internet, Cellphone Service”. Adding insult to injury, the thousands of natural gas pipelines running throughout a city would likely ignite as recently foreshadowed in the January 17, 2014, propaganda report entitled “Study Finds Nearly 6,000 Natural Gas Leaks in DC”. A major earthquake in Seattle could theoretically trigger the “supervolcano” hidden beneath Yellowstone National Park which could theoretically could “wipe out” the U.S. According to a January 6, 2014, report, these apocalyptic supervolcanoes can suddenly explode ‘with no outside cause’ and Seattle is only about 700 miles away from Yellowstone National Park. Needless to say, in the aftermath of an apocalyptic volcano, a number of other “natural disasters” will suddenly take place, triggered of course by the first event.


Earthquakes & Sports
To date, there have been at least 6 separate earthquake “events” which have occurred during “live” sporting events, 3 of which have occurred at the aforementioned Century Link Field. The Seattle Seahawks-earthquake narrative began
with the “Beast Quake” when Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch scored a long touchdown on January 8, 2011. Almost 3 years later on December 3, 2013, it was revealed that once again, noise from jumping and cheering Seahawks fans registers an earthquake in Seattle. Roughly a week later on January 11, 2014, it was reported that that UW scientists will observe seismic activity at the Seahawks vs Saints game on January 11, 2014. Predictably, a couple days later on January 13, 2014, it was once again reported that Seahawks fans did in fact generate a 3rd earthquake during their game with New Orleans Saints. In the aftermath of a Seattle earthquake, rowdy fans will scapegoated for triggering the “natural disaster”. Coincidentally, on January 12, 2014, it was reported that that the Seahawks are banning NFC Championship ticket sales to Californians, possibly for fear that they may bring their earthquakes with them.

Sports Related Earthquakes:

1. October 8, 1988: NCAA: “Earthquake Game”: Auburn vs. LSU (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
2. October 17, 1989: MLB:
World Series Quake: Oakland vs. SF (San Francisco, California)
3. January 8, 2011: NFL: “
Beast Quake”: Seattle vs. New Orleans (Seattle, Washington)
4. December 2, 2013: NFL: Seahawk Fan Quake: Seattle vs. New Orleans (Seattle, Washington)
5. December 7, 2014:
4.5 Quake: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
5. January 11, 2014:
NFL: “
Beast Quake II” Seattle vs. New Orleans (Seattle, Washington)

NFL Trending
In what appears to be 4 staged incidents with the overall goal of garnering as much public attention just prior to a terror-related earthquake event involving the NFL, it was reported on January 17, 2014, that ex-Dolphin player Davone Bess was arrested at Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida over an altercation with a police offer. That same day, it was also reported that a witness reportedly told New Jersey police that Jets’ player Kellen Winslow Jr. was masturbating in his car. A day later on January 18, 2014, it was reported that Jets QB Geno Smith was forced off a plane at LAX after altercation with a male flight attendant. Also that same day, it was also reported that ex NFL player Darren Sharper was arrested on 2 counts of rape. All 4 of these highly proactive, highly improbable, and highly publicized incidents which all just happened to occur within a 48 hour period suggests that there is a coordinated effort to create a media buzz about the NFL just prior to the AFC and NFC Championship games. The likelihood that any of these NFL players will serve jail time for their alleged crimes is next to zero. As depicted in the Protocols of Zion, Freemasonic tools who are routinely asked to participate in staged incidents (mini-false-flags) in order to cause a media distraction or sway public opinion. After all, these millionaires would never risk their livelihood, reputation, and bank accounts over something so petty and juvenile. 


ESPN Earthquake Poll

A recent ESPN poll asked: “Will Seahawks fans generate another earthquake during the NFC Championship Game?”. At the time of publishing, an astounding 77% of the people polled responded “Yes” with only 23% stating “No”.
Whether or not a quake will occur is not known, but the narrative of a Century Link Field man-made quake triggering a larger and “real” naturally occurring earthquake has been carefully constructed. Even the name “CenturyLink” suggested that the two future quakes will be linked.


1.1: Governments can “Set off Earthquakes”
In April of 1997, U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen stated that
governments “are engaging in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves”. Although Cohen would like us to take him at his word, it is far more likely that his statement was part of a military psychological operation (PSYOP) in order to draw attention away from the tried and true method of creating earthquakes—large amounts of underground or underwater explosives.

1.2: Admitted “Man-Made” Earthquakes
If in fact underground or underwater explosives are the root cause of earthquakes, oil and gas drilling operations conducted by multinational corporations would provide the optimal cover needed for these covert operations. Under the term “fracking”, the National Research Council admitted as much on June 15, 2012, when it was reported that certain oil and gas operations can result in earthquakes. The report was quick to point out that the risk of earthquakes from hydraulic fracturing is generally low and that “fracking” was only found to have caused very small quakes of 2.3 and 1.5 magnitude.

1.3: “Man-Made” Quake # 1 (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
On October 8, 1988, the Earthquake Game took place in front of a crowd of 79,431 at Tiger’s Stadium. According to reports, the game between Auburn and LSU registered an earthquake according to a seismograph located in LSU’s Howe-Russell Geoscience Complex around 1,000 feet (305 m) from the stadium. The seismograph reading was allegedly discovered the morning after the game by LSU seismologist Don Stevenson who submitted the reading to the Louisiana Geological Survey to have it preserved.  Needless to say, if thousands of screaming fans can produce an earthquake, imagine what thousands of tons of C-4 or dynamite could do.

1.4: “Man-Made” Quake # 2 (Seattle, Washington)
On January 8, 2011, the “Beast Quake” occurred at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington when Seattle Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch scored a winning 67-yard touchdown over the New Orleans Saints in the 2011 NFL Playoffs. This was the first time that the fans of Seattle Seahawks allegedly generated an earthquake during an NFL game. Needless to say, if thousands of screaming fans can produce an earthquake, imagine what thousands of tons of C-4 or dynamite could do.

1.5: “Man-Made” Quake # 3 (Punggye-ri, North Korea)
On February 12, 2013, it was reported that
South Korea had detected “an artificial earthquake” as a result of North Korea’s nuclear program. According to the report, “The United States Geological Survey confirmed an earthquake in North Korea’s northeast of between 4.9- and 5.1-magnitude, at a depth of about one kilometer.” The report further stated that, “The Japanese Meteorological Agency reports that the tremor’s epicenter was located in Kilju County, at exactly the same place and depth as the quake caused by North Korea’s last known underground nuclear test in 2009. North Korea’s first nuclear test in 2006 was also carried out at the Punggye-ri test site.” Whether or not nuclear weapons exist is debatable, but this test in North Korea shows that earthquakes can result from the use of explosives.

1.6: “Man-Made” Quake # 4 (Prague, Oklahoma)
On March 26, 2013, it was reported that a team of scientists had determined that the 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Prague, Oklahoma, on November 6, 2011, was man-made as a result of “oil drilling waste [that] was injected deep underground”. These oil and gas drilling operations could easily enable the strategic placement of large amounts of explosive far beneath the earth’s surface which can then be detonated at a later date via remote control. Based on these recent revelations, it appears that “fracking” is the political cover for man-made “black ops” earthquake operations.

1.7: “Man-Made” Quake # 5 (Seattle, Washington)
On December 2, 2013, it was reported that Seattle Seahawk fans created an earthquake during a regular season game versus the New Orleans Saints. This was the second time that the fans of the Seattle Seahawks allegedly generated an earthquake during an NFL game. Needless to say, if thousands of screaming fans can produce an earthquake, imagine what thousands of tons of C-4 or dynamite could do.

1.8: “Man-Made” Quake # 6 (Seattle, Washington)
On January 13, 2014, it was reported that Seattle Seahawk fans created an earthquake during a playoff game versus the New Orleans Saints. This was the third time that the fans of the Seattle Seahawks allegedly generated an earthquake during an NFL game. Needless to say, if thousands of screaming fans can produce an earthquake, imagine what thousands of tons of C-4 or dynamite could do.

1.9: Fake Japanese Earthquake Alarm
In yet another sign that most major earthquakes are indeed man-made, on August 8, 2013, it was reported that Japan’s Meteorological Agency was investigating itself for a fake earthquake warning after it issued an alert for a 7.8 magnitude earthquake which only resulted in a 2.3 magnitude earthquake. How any agency, earthquake or otherwise, is able to know beforehand how big an earthquake will be without somehow being responsible for initiating it defies logic. According to the report, an all-out alarm sounded, including cellphones and TV warnings, just before 5 p.m. Japanese time, warning of an earthquake and stating that Japan should be prepared for a major quake. In the aftermath of the false alarm, Broadcaster NHK said the agency blamed electronic noise for triggering the apparently false alarm. Coincidentally, the report stated that Japan is beefing up its warning systems following the March 11, 2011 tsunami which killed more than 18,000 people.


2.1: Earthquake Science Suddenly Changed
In another apparent Doomsday publicity stunt, long established peer reviewed earthquake science has been suddenly scrapped for new and laughable pseudoscience. On September 28, 2012, it was reported in an article entitled “Big Earthquakes Can Trigger Temblors Across Globe”, that earthquake behavior has suddenly changed and that large earthquakes in one part of the globe can now trigger even larger secondary earthquakes in other parts of the globe. This new theory goes against everything known about earthquakes and tectonic plates, but it provides well needed cover for man-made explosive generated earthquakes. “If you asked any of us if this event is possible a year ago, we would have laughed at you,” said Thomas Heaton, a seismologist at the California Institute of Technology. “This was a really surprising finding,” said Fred Pollitz, a seismologist with the USGS. Although the science in respect to earthquakes has been suddenly discarded, the plan to terrorize humanity under the guise of “natural disasters” has not. If and when a Doomsday asteroid, comet or meteoroid strikes Earth, expect to see a series of devastating and escalating earthquakes and tsunamis from California to Japan shortly after the alleged impact.

2.2: Earth is “Cracking Up”
In more apparent scientific programming for an impending Doomsday strike, it was reported on April 15, 2012, that a leading earthquake scientist has warned that
the planet could crack up after a series of massive quakes. According to earthquake expert Gheorghe Marmureanu of the National Institute of Earth Physics, 39 quakes recently hit the globe within two days. Marmureanu based his finding on a series of events which started with two massive quakes in Indonesia measuring 8.6 and 8.2 on the Richter scale rapidly followed by three more only slightly smaller in Mexico within hours. This pseudoscience will likely be used post-“Doomsday Asteroid” in an attempt to explain how an asteroid strike in the Pacific Ocean could cause earthquakes and tsunamis on the other side of the globe.

2.3: Earthquake “Show Trials”
In October of 2012, an unprecedented earthquake “show trial” with absolutely no evidence was conducted in Italy. Although the underlying motive behind the mock trial is still unknown, it appears that the trial was conducted with the purpose of scaring seismologists from blowing the whistle on man-made earthquakes as well as prepping the public for upcoming earthquake disasters. According to reports, 6 Italian scientists and 1 government official were facing prison terms for manslaughter
for allegedly downplaying the risk of an upcoming earthquake. The incident in question occurred on April 6, 2009, when a 6.3 magnitude earthquake killed 309 residents in the town of L’Aquila, Italy. Although the trial began about a year ago, it was on hold until October 9, 2012 (Just prior to “Carmageddon” Earthquake Plot), when the defense finally presented its closing arguments. Eventually, the 6 seismologists were ultimately convicted of manslaughter by the Italian court and have been sentenced to 6 years in prison. Four months later on February 16, 2013, apparently the same court in L’Aquila, Italy, convicted 4 people in the collapse of a university dormitory during the same 2009 earthquake. Interestingly, the Italian technicians accused of carrying out shoddy dormitory reconstruction work in 2000 were never mentioned in the previous article or trial.


3.1: Pacific Rim Earthquakes Trending

Since January 1, 2012, there have been at least 104 earthquakes which have occurred within the Pacific Rim of Fire, 44 of which have had a magnitude of 6.0 or higher, 15 of which have had a magnitude of 7.0 or higher, and 2 of which have had a magnitude of 8.0 or higher. Global earthquake activity, man-made or real, is now at an unprecedented level. In the event that the earth is stuck by a man-made or naturally occurring comet or asteroid, massive and powerful earthquakes will likely occur which will spawn tsunamis as well as volcanic eruptions around the Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim Earthquakes since 2012:

1. January 1, 2012: 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Japan)
2. March 1, 2012:
5.4 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Japan)
3. March 15, 2012:
6.8 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Japan)
4. April 13, 2012:
5.9 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Japan)
5. May 29, 2012:
5.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Cost of Japan)
6. August 27, 2012:
7.3 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of El Salvador)
7. September 1, 2012:
7.6 Magnitude Earthquake (Guiuan, Philippines)
8. September 26, 2012:
6.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Baja California, Mexico)
9. September 26, 2012:
6.4 Magnitude Earthquake (Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA)
10. September 27, 2012:
4.5 Magnitude Earthquake (Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA)
11. September 28, 2012:
4.3 Magnitude Earthquake (Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA)
12. October 2, 2012:
6.3 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Sanriku, Japan)
13. November 3, 2012:
6.4 Magnitude Earthquake (Mindanao, Philippines)
14. November 7, 2012:
7.4 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Guatemala)
15. November 7, 2012:
4.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Oregon and California, USA)
16. November 10, 2012:
6.8 Magnitude Earthquake (Burma-Myanmar)
17. November 11, 2012:
6.5 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Guatemala)
18. November 12, 2012:
6.4 Magnitude Earthquake (Gulf of Alaska, USA)
19. November 15, 2012:
6.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Mexico City, Mexico)
20. November 15, 2012:
6.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Chili)
21. November 24, 2012: 
4.9 Magnitude Earthquake (Tokyo, Japan)
22. December 10, 2013:
7.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Indonesia)
23. December 14, 2012:
6.4 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of California, USA)
24. December 14, 2012:
6.1 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of California, USA)
25. January 5, 2013:
7.5 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Canada & Alaska, USA)
26. January 30, 2013:
6.7 Magnitude Earthquake (Vallenar, Chili)
27. January 31, 2013:
6.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Alaska, USA)
28. February 6, 2013:
8.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Solomon Islands)
29. February 7, 2013:
6.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Solomon Islands)
30. February 9, 2013:
6.9 Magnitude Earthquake (Pasto, Columbia)
31. February 16, 2013:
6.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Mindanao, Philippines)
32. February 23, 2013:
5.7 Magnitude Earthquake (East Timor, Indonesia)
33. February 28, 2013:
6.9 Magnitude Earthquake (Kuril Islands, Pacific Ocean)
34. March 3, 2013:
5.5 Magnitude Earthquake (Dali City, China)
35. March 7, 2013:
5.6 Magnitude Earthquake (Hualian, Taiwan)
36. March 10, 2013:
4.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Anchorage, Alaska, USA)
37. March 11, 2013:
4.7 Magnitude Earthquake (Los Angeles, California, USA)
38. March 11, 2013:
4.6 Magnitude Earthquake (Los Angeles, California, USA)
39. March 11, 2013:
3.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Los Angeles, California, USA)
40. March 25, 2013:
6.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Guatemala City, Guatemala)
41. March 26, 2013:
5.5 Magnitude Earthquake (Oaxaca, Mexico)
42. March 26, 2013:
5.9 Magnitude Earthquake (Mexico City, Mexico)
43. April 4, 2013:
5.3 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Philippines)
44. April, 4, 2013:
5.4 Magnitude Earthquake (Guerrero, Mexico)
45. April 5, 2013:
6.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Zarubino, Russia)
46. April 6, 2013:
7.1 Magnitude Earthquake (Tolikara, Indonesia)
47. April 12, 2013:
5.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Zihuatanejo, Mexico)
48. April 12, 2013:
6.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Kobe, Japan)
49. April 14, 2013:
6.7 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Papua New Guinea)
50. April 16, 2013:
6.8 Magnitude Earthquake (Aitape, Papua New Guinea)
51. April 17, 2013:
6.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Japan)
52. April 19, 2013:
7.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Japan)
53. April 21, 2013:
6.6 Magnitude Earthquake (Chengdu, China)
54. April 22, 2013:
5.9 Magnitude Earthquake (Michoacan, Mexico)
55. April 23, 2013:
6.4 Magnitude Earthquake (Rabaul, Papua New Guinea)
56. May 16, 2013:
4.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Los Angeles, California, USA)
57. May 18, 2013:
5.9 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Japan)
58. May 20, 2013:
6.8 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Chile)
59. May 24, 2013:
8,2 Magnitude Earthquake (East Coast of Russia)
60. May 24, 2013:
7.4 Magnitude Earthquake (South Fiji Islands)
61. May 24, 2013:
4.9 Magnitude Earthquake (Namie, Japan)
62. May 27, 2013:
5.6 Magnitude Earthquake (Changuinola, Panama)
63. May 29, 2013:
4.8 Magnitude Earthquake (Coat of Southern California, USA)
64. June 3, 2013:
6.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Jenai, Taiwan)
65. June 15, 2013:
6.5 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Nicaragua)
66. June 16, 2013:
5.8 Magnitude Earthquake (Jolalpan, Mexico)
67. June 19, 2013:
5.7 Magnitude Earthquake (Los Andes, Chile)
68. June 27, 2013:
4.3 Magnitude Earthquake (Leavenworth, Washington, USA)
69. July 3, 2013:
6.1 Magnitude Earthquake (Sumatra, Indonesia)
70. July 7, 2013:
7.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Papua New Guinea)
71. July 15, 2013:
7.3 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Antarctica)
72. July 21, 2013:
6.5 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of New Zealand)
73. July 22, 2013:
5.9 Magnitude Earthquake (Chabu, China)
74. August 4, 2013:
6.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Japan)
75. August 6, 2013:
5.1 Magnitude Earthquake (Mexico City, Mexico)
76. August 12, 2013:
6.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Peru)
77. August 13, 2013:
6.7 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Columbia)
78. August 16, 2013:
6.5 Magnitude Earthquake (Seddon, New Zealand)
79. August 16, 2013:
5.3 Magnitude Earthquake (Guerrero, Mexico)
80. August 21, 2013:
6.2. Magnitude Earthquake (Acapulco, Mexico)
81. August 30, 2013:
7.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA)
82. August 31, 2013:
6.1. Magnitude Earthquake (Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA)
83. August 31, 2013:
5.9 Magnitude Earthquake (Benzilan Township, China)
84. September 3, 2013:
6.5 Magnitude Earthquake (Alaska’s Aleutian Islands)
85. September 3, 2013:
6.9 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Japan)
86. September 5, 2013:
6.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Coast Rica)
87. September 10, 2013:
4.1 Magnitude Earthquake (Anchorage, Alaska, USA)
88. September 19, 2013:
5.3 Magnitude Earthquake (Fukushima, Japan)
89. September 20, 2013:
5.7 Magnitude Earthquake (Mandalay, Myanmar)
90. September 25, 2013:
7.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Peru)
91. October 6, 2013:
5.2 Magnitude Earthquake (Coyuca de Benitez, Mexico)
92. October 15, 2013:
7.1 Magnitude Earthquake (Bohol Island, Philippines)
93. October 25, 2013:
7.3 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Japan)
94. October 31, 2013:
6,6 Magnitude Earthquake (Hualian, Taiwan)
95. November 3, 2013:
5.0 Magnitude Earthquake (Tokyo, Japan)
96. November 12, 2013:
4.8 Magnitude Earthquake (Bohol Island, Philippines)
97. November 16, 2013:
5.5 Magnitude Earthquake (Tokyo, Japan)
98. November 23, 2013:
6.5 Magnitude Earthquake (South Pacific Ocean)
99. December 1, 2013:
6.3 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Indonesia)
100. December 23, 2013: Earthquake: 4.7 quake strikes near Lone Pine (Lone Pine, California)
101. December 30, 2013: 2.9 Magnitude Earthquake (Boulder City, NV)
102. January 13, 2014: 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake (Coast of Puerto Rico)
103. January 15, 2014: 4.4 Magnitude Earthquake (Fontana, CA)
104. January 17, 2014: 2.6 Magnitude Earthquake (Universal City, CA)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of Pacific Rim earthquakes]

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