FBI TERROR ALERT (SEP 10, 2016): Obama Likely Plotting Attack on FBI this September 10-17, 2016—FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia & J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, DC Most Likely to Suffer Attack

Posted: September 10, 2016 in Breaking News

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Because I, David Chase Taylor, officially applied for political asylum in Switzerland on July 17, 2015, the state-sponsored terror plots and so-called “natural disasters” I expose rarely come to fruition. In short, the Swiss CIA does not want to afford me any more credibility or publicity than they have to, lest they turn me into a modern-day prophet. They also do not want to provide yet another open-and-shut case as to why I deserve political asylum. For those wondering why I would apply for political asylum in Switzerland, know this: a) I originally applied for asylum in Switzerland on March 8, 2011, roughly 2-years before I discovered that Switzerland was harboring the CIA; and b) the CIA has historically not shat where it eats in Switzerland. That being said, the CIA has now been exposed for the first time in history. Consequently, they are extremely desperate and may assassinate me Switzerland.

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David Chase Taylor
September 10, 2016

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Considering that the Truther.org report entitled “10 Reasons Why Switzerland is Home to the CIA” was just translated in German, it’s highly likely that CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva will attack on the Federal Bureau of Investigation, otherwise known as the FBI.

The impending attack on the FBI is designed to draw attention away from the CIA in Switzerland which was recently exposed by Truther.org. Any attack on the FBI would put the agency in the media spotlight for years to come, muddying the waters in respect to CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva.

Although the impending attack could theoretically transpire at any FBI field office in America, it will most likely occur at the FBI’s “data campus” in Clarksburg, West Virginia, the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia and/or the J. Edgar Hoover Building (FBI Headquarters) in Washington, D.C., which is coincidentally slated for demolition.

In order to highlight the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia on an an international level just prior to a state-sponsored terror attack, Fox News published a report on April 29, 2016, entitled “An Exclusive Look Inside FBI’s Leadership Academy for Law Enforcement Executives“.

Exactly what type of FBI terror plot is now in play is not known, but it will most likely involve a ground assault by so-called domestic terrorists using automatic weapons (i.e., AR-15’s). This terror scenario will allow the Obama administration to pass draconian gun control legislation in the aftermath of the attack.

A gun-related attack would likely be followed by an Oklahoma City Bombing-like attack which is expected considering that the J. Edgar Hoover Building is currently slated for demolition. The bombing could also be bio-chemical terror in nature, sparking the bio-terror pandemic planned for 2015. Said attack could be launched conventionally or aerially—9/11 style.

In order to provide a timely motive for a domestic terror attack on the FBI, it was reported back on April 18, 2015, that the FBI has admitted flaws in hair analysis over decades. These mistakes have to the conviction and incarceration of thousands of innocent people, so-called domestic terrorists included.

Less than a week later on April 24, 2015, it was reported that an FBI sniper rifle was stolen from hotel parking lot days before Obama’s visit to Utah. The incident was likely staged or fabricated in order to sell the notion that the FBI is being targeted and that its internal security may be compromised.

Five days later on April 29, 2015, American traitor Alex Jones of Infowars.com published a report entitled “The FBI Sent Innocent People To Their Deaths For Decades”. Needless to say, the patsies arrested in the aftermath of an FBI-related domestic terror attack will predictably be followers of Jones.

In what appears to be a Roman-like blood sacrifice offered to a successful attack on the FBI, it was reported on April 29, 2015, that a suspect was arrested in the murder of FBI police officer in Virginia, home of the FBI’s “data campus”. People associated with a given target (e.g., the FBI) are often sacrificed just prior to an attack on said target.

In order to foreshadow a domestic terrorist assault on FBI Headquarters, USA Today published a report on May 5, 2015, entitled “Report: Former FBI Agent Charged CIA Headquarters, NSA”. The timely report consummated the terms “FBI”, “Charged” and “Headquarters” just prior to an attack on FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

A day later on May 6, 2015, it was revealed that the FBI may have missed a chance to stop Texas shooters. The timely report was designed to provide a motive for a revenge-like domestic terror attack on the FBI, most likely emanating out of the state of Texas.

Less than 24.hours later on May 7, 2015, it was reported that the FBI sent out an alert about the ISIS gunman just prior to the Texas terror attack on May 3, 2015. The report was designed to show that the FBI had foreknowledge about the attack and therefor was complicit, providing yet another motive for a retaliatory attack.

That same day, May 7, 2015, the Director of the FBI stated that ISIS’ influence is growing within the United States. Again, the timely report was designed to provide yet another motive for a domestic terror attack on the FBI by so-called patriots who know that the FBI is staging terror attacks in America.

Also on May 7, 2015, CBS Baltimore published a report entitled “Did The FBI Secretly Hover Over The Streets Of Baltimore?”. The report was designed to show that the FBI is guilty of secretly spying on the American people, providing yet another timely motive for an attack.

This notion was corroborated a day later on May 8, 2015, when ABC News published a report entitled “Texas Attack Spurs Increase of FBI Surveillance on ‘Marginal’ Terror Threats”. Again, the report was designed to show that the FBI is guilty of secretly spying on the American people.

A day later on May 9, 2015, it was reported that an FBI agent was shot at Denver, Colorado hotel while serving an arrest warrant. The incident was likely staged or fabricated in order to set the precedent for an unprecedented domestic terror attack on the FBI.

Lastly, in order to associate the FBI with Islamic terror recruits just prior to a state-sponsored Islamic terror attack on the FBI, Yahoo News published a report on October 22, 2015, entitled “In Hunt for US Terror Recruits, FBI Agents Set Traps”.

FBI Spawned Terror
The notion that the FBI would attack itself and blow up its own building is not that farfetched. Back on April 28, 2012, the New York Times published a report entitled, “Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.” which revealed that out of the 22 terror plots foiled on American soil since September 11, 2001, a total of 14 were hatched by the FBI. In other words, roughly 64% of the terror plots were created by the FBI. Needless to say, these revelations give new meaning to the “War on Terror”. Since the FBI is actively engaged in state-sponsored terrorism, it makes the likelihood of a self-infected wound all the more likely.


FBI Headquarters Slated for Demolition
According to an April 6, 2012 report entitled “Replacing D.C. Eyesores”, the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover Building is currently pending demolition: “The FBI is poised to make a move from this location, raising the possibility that its ugly headquarters may be finally demolished. In 2014, the Government Accountability Office issued a report detailing all the reasons why that the poorly maintained Hoover Building no longer functions for the agency. The report eventually led the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works to approve a resolution authorizing a new FBI headquarters, though final consensus on the measure has yet to be reached. Similar to the 9/11 Attacks, high profile buildings which are slated for demolition make lucrative terror targets.

New FBI Director Jamey Comey
An unprecedented FBI terror attack would be the coming out party for FBI Director James Comey (as in Communism) who was approved by the U.S. Senate back on July 29, 2013. Like J. Edgar Hoover before him, Comey will attempt to crack down on anti-government decent in America which is currently at an all-time high. However, prior to making his grand entrance as a full-blown “Commie Bastard”, a staged terror attack on the scale of 9/11 must take place so that the anti-Obama crowd can be scapegoated and silenced. Less than a month after he was confirmed, it was reported that Comey fears another 9/11-style attack in the U.S., potentially foreshadowing that an aerial-related domestic terror attack on the FBI is now in play.

FBI Security Compromised
As foreshadowed in the August 1, 2013, report entitled “FBI: Man Arrested at Theater had Armor, Gun, Fake CIA ID”, a future FBI attack will likely be blamed on stolen badges, identification and/or uniforms which will predictably be used to circumvent FBI security. Immediately after the aforementioned report was published, a string of FBI-related thefts commenced starting on August 19, 2013, when it was reported that a reward was being offered for weapons stolen from an FBI vehicle in North Carolina. 4 days later on August 23, 2013, it was reported that the state-sponsored terror group known as  “Anonymous” trolled the FBI, subsequently releasing the contact data for all federal employees, ultimately making the notion of a fake or stolen FBI ID theoretically possible. Roughly 3 months later on November 8, 2013, it was reported that 2 rifles were stolen from an FBI vehicle in Andover, Massachusetts, roughly 450 miles away from FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. What exactly was stolen from the FBI vehicles in question is rather ambiguous (possibly classified), ultimately providing the well needed plausible deniability in the wake of a future breach in FBI security. Needless to say, the rash of FBI thefts has set the precedent that the FBI is vulnerable to attack.


1971 FBI Break In
Roughly 43 years ago on March 8, 1971, the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI broke into a FBI field office in Media, Pennsylvania. Predictably, the group was led by a Jewish physicist professor who, being COINTEL himself, helped steal and release documents about the FBI’s COINTEL program. The planted COINTEL documents which were “discovered” in the break-in detailed how the FBI under Hoover was spying on anti-war groups in America. Coincidentally, on January 7, 2014, it was reported that the details of the 1971 FBI theft has now been revealed in a new book entitled, ‘The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s Secret FBI’. The timing of the book is highly suspicious and suggests that another staged FBI false-flag is imminent.

1986 FBI Shootout Redux?
Roughly 28 years ago on April 11, 1986, a staged shootout in Miami, Florida resulted in the alleged deaths of 2 FBI agents and 2 attackers. The FBI stated that they were under-gunned in the shootout which eventually led to the militarization of the entire FBI. In the wake of a future FBI attack, the same sort of response is likely except this time around, the FBI will launch autonomous drones into American skies, something they are already doing, albeit in secret. Aside from the drones, draconian gun-control legislation will likely be implemented which will predictably ban assault weapons, likely sparking a civil-war in America over the right to bear arms.

About the Author
David Chase Taylor is an American journalist and the editor-in-chief of Truther.org, a state-sponsored terror whistle-blower website. Taylor currently lives in Switzerland where he applied for political asylum on July 17, 2015. Taylor authored The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with foiling a nuclear terror attack upon Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011, and Greenland Theory: Apocalypse Now, a book and website exposing the true power structure of the world, especially in respect to Greenland and its primary proxy state of Switzerland which is coincidentally home to the CIA. Taylor has also published The Bio-Terror Bible, a book and website exposing the global bio-terror pandemic planned for 2015. To date, Taylor has blown the whistle on over 100 state-sponsored terror plots, including the 2012 Democratic National Convention Terror Plot, the 2011 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the 2014 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the Terrorgate Scandal, the 2014 Memorial Day Massacre, the man-made asteroid attack planned for 2015, and the drone strike which killed “Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker. Taylor was also the first to expose Alex Jones’ treacherous links to STRATFOR and is noted for the 10 reasons why the Rosetta Comet landing was a hoax.

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Truther.org Legal Disclaimer
Truther.org’s stated purpose is to stop terrorism by drawing unwanted global attention to terror plots prior to their fruition. Terror alerts and warnings made by Truther.org DO NOT necessarily imply that these terror events will transpire in reality but rather that there is a distinct possibility that they may occur based on breaking terror-related news, events and data. Historically speaking, once a major false-flag terror plot is exposed, it is immediately canceled, postponed, or reworked (e.g., the 2011 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the 2014 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the 2014 Freedom Tower Nuclear Terror Plot, etc.). State-sponsored acts of terror must have a prior paper trail in order to set-up patsies, prime scapegoats, create plausible deniability, and mislead the public from the usual suspects of terror which work at the behest of the CIA in Switzerland. Please support real citizen journalism and help make terrorism a thing of the past. Blessed are the Peacemakers. Namaste


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