WALL STREET TERROR ALERT (SEP 12, 2016): Obama Likely Plotting Real-World Attack & Siege of NYSE and/or Wall Street in New York City this September 12-19, 2016—Will Likely Blame ISIS, Domestic Terrorists and/or Occupy Wall Street Movement

Posted: September 12, 2016 in Breaking News

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Because I, David Chase Taylor, officially applied for political asylum in Switzerland on July 17, 2015, the state-sponsored terror plots and so-called “natural disasters” I expose rarely come to fruition. In short, theSwiss CIA does not want to afford me any more credibility or publicity than they have to, lest they turn me into a modern-day prophet. They also do not want to provide yet another open-and-shut case as to why I deserve political asylum. For those wondering why I would apply for political asylum in Switzerland, know this: a) I originally applied for asylum in Switzerland on March 8, 2011, roughly 2-years before I discovered that Switzerland was harboring the CIA; and b) the CIA has historically not shat where it eats in Switzerland. That being said, the CIA has now been exposed for the first time in history. Consequently, they are extremely desperate and may assassinate me Switzerland.

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David Chase Taylor
September 12, 2016

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Based on breaking news and events, it appears that the Obama administration (the behest of CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva) is plotting a real-world attack on Wall Street, namely the  New York Stock Exchange, which is located in the heart of New York City’s Financial District.

Exactly what type of terror is planned for the New York Stock Exchange is not known, but a Mumbai-like terror scenario in which multiple targets within the financial district are attacked simultaneously is the most likely terror scenario. The attack is designed to give the appearance that the U.S. economy is under attack, causing a panic and subsequent sell-off.

The notion that New York Stock Exchange could come under attack by terrorists was witnessed 95 years ago when the Wall Street Bombing transpired at 12:01 PM (EST) on September 16, 1920. The state-sponsored terrorist attack in New York City’s Financial District killed 38 and injured 14.

More recently, on November 18, 2008, Islamic terror suspect Aafia Siddiqui was taken into custody following her capture in Afghanistan on charges that she was plotting a “mass casualty attack” on various landmarks in New York City, including Wall Street.

Prior to a high-profile terror attack on New York Stock Exchange , the public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012) is a film (see trailer) which depicts Wall Street as the target of a major terror attack.

In order to further program the American public for real-world attack on Wall Street, another Hollywood propaganda film entitled “Assault on Wall Street” (2013) was released (see trailer) which depicts Wall Street coming under a an attack by a common citizen (i.e., domestic terrorist).

With the rise of the Occupy Wall Street movement as well as the ever increasing hatred of banks and their incessant practice of usury, it is highly likely that Wall Street will once again be targeted with false-flag terror. Needless to say, the attack could be blamed on members of Occupy Wall Street.

In order to foreshadow that the state-sponsored terror group known as ISIS is planning an attack on Wall Street, the Blaze published a reported back on August 30, 2015, entitled “ISIS Plotting ‘Second Blow’ to U.S. Financial System”.

Ten days later on September 9, 2015, NBC News published a report entitled “Al Qaeda Mag Urges Attack on Koch Brothers, Buffett, Bloomberg”. Considering that these bankers are intimately associated with both Wall Street and New York City, an attack on Wall Street-related appears imminent.

Lastly, in order to associate Wall Street with criminals just prior to a major false-flag terror attack, Fox News published a report on September 15, 2015, entitled “Wall Street Executive May Seek Venue Change in Sexual Harassment Trial”.

Bank Terror Drills
In what appears to be cover drills for the controlled demolition of the U.S. economy, it was reported on October 10, 2014, that the U.S. and the UK will execute a “big bank collapse” simulation. According to reports, officials will “get together in a war room next week to see if they can cope with any possible fall-out when the next big bank topples over”. The banking collapse drill will reportedly involve Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, and be hosted by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The drill will involve the hypothetical failure of U.S. banks, most likely the Federal Reserve. Needless to say, key term such as “collapse” and “topples over” are designed to foreshadow that a controlled demolition of the U.S. economy is indeed planned. Roughly 2-weeks late on October 26, 2014, it was reported that four in five Eurozone banks pass European Central Bank health test. Interestedly, the very next day, October 27, 2014, it was reported that 25 European Union banks failed a “stress test” exposing a $31billion shortfall. The bi-polar reporting was evidently designed to insinuate that banks are on the verge stressed to the point of collapse.

DHS Banking Continuity
In the wake of a major U.S. bank or stock market, a global financial panic in respect to the U.S. dollar will likely ensure. According to a December 10, 2004, CRS Report for Congress entitled “Homeland Security: Banking and Financial: Infrastructure Continuity”, bank terror and financial collapse have been planned for accordingly. According to the report, “H.R. 2043 sought to address bank risks under terrorism” and the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 (TRIA) “provides a federal backstop for insurers willing to provide terrorism insurance”, ultimately protecting insurance banks against “catastrophic payouts in case of terrorist attacks”.  In other words, if and when a bank related terror attacks occur resulting in financial panic, private banks will not have to foot the bill for their losses because the U.S. government has assumed all the risk and liability. This convenient set-up essentially guarantees that the U.S. government, not the banks, will go bankrupt in the aftermath of bank related terror attacks.


Banking “Contagion Effect”
In the aftermath of U.S. bank failures (a bi-product of an irreversible U.S. stock market crash), other banks will begin to panic, setting off a chain reaction of banking collapses around the world. The aforementioned CRS Report for Congress found that when one bank goes, the rest will follow:  “Financial institutions face two categories of emergencies that could impair their functioning. The first is directly financial: danger of a sudden drop in the value of financial assets, whether originating domestically or elsewhere in the world, such that a global financial crisis might follow. The second is operational: failure of physical support structures that underlie the financial system. Either could disrupt the nation’s ability to supply goods and services and alter the behavior of individuals in fear of the disruption (or fear of greater disruption). They could reduce the pace of economic activity, or at an extreme, cause an actual contraction of economic activity”. The report went on to state that “Collapse of one prominent entity could evoke a contagion effect, in which sound financial institutions become viewed as weak — today’s equivalents of a bank run, in which panicked customers withdraw funds from many entities, causing others to fail as well”.


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