WAL-MART TERROR ALERT (SEP 20, 2016): Obama Likely Plotting Attack on Wal-Mart this September 20-27, 2016—9/11-Style Bio-Chemical Attack, Hostage Crisis, Mass Shooting, Made-For-TV Siege & Race War Attack Most Likely Terror Scenarios

Posted: September 20, 2016 in Breaking News

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Because I, David Chase Taylor, officially applied for political asylum in Switzerland on July 17, 2015, the state-sponsored terror plots and so-called “natural disasters” I expose rarely come to fruition. In short, the Swiss CIA does not want to afford me any more credibility or publicity than they have to, lest they turn me into a modern-day prophet. They also do not want to provide yet another open-and-shut case as to why I deserve political asylum. For those wondering why I would apply for political asylum in Switzerland, know this: a) I originally applied for asylum in Switzerland on March 8, 2011, roughly 2-years before I discovered that Switzerland was harboring the CIA; and b) the CIA has historically not shat where it eats in Switzerland. That being said, the CIA has now been exposed for the first time in history. Consequently, they are extremely desperate and may assassinate me Switzerland.

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David Chase Taylor
September 20, 2016

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Based on breaking news and events, it appears that the Obama administration (at the behest of CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva) is plotting domestic terror attacks on Wal-Mart stores, most likely this week.

Exactly what type of Wal-Mart-related terror attacks are planned is not known, but a race war attack consisting of a gun-related massacre, hostage crisis and/or domestic terrorist siege are the most likely terror scenarios. That being said, arson, suicide bombings and car bombings are also possible.

In the event that Wal-Mart suffers a horrific terror attack, so-called white racist American gun owners will predictably be scapegoated. Consequently, the Wal-Mart-related terror attack will likely occur in a predominantly African-American neighborhood in the South.

In what appears to be the chosen Wal-Mart slated for terror, it was reported back on November 3, 2015, that a Rebel Flag supporting man detonated a bomb inside a Mississippi Walmart. Wal-Mart reportedly banned the Confederate Flag, hence the revenge-like bombing.

Whether the timely bombing provided the necessary cover for the installation of weapons and/or explosives within the Mississippi Wal-Mart store is not known, but it’s highly likely. Said weapons and/or explosives could be utilized at a later date in a coordinated state-sponsored terror attack.

In order to bring unprecedented media attention to Wal-Mart just prior to a staged terror attack, it was reported back on March 15, 2015, that a meth lab was found in a Wal-Mart bathroom. The publicity stunt was evidently executed by the CIA in order to associate Wal-Mart with chemicals prior to a bio-terror attack.

Back on March 16, 2015, it was reported that a Wal-Mart worker stole thousands of rounds of ammunition and survival gear. The theft was likely fabricated in order to set the precedent for a Wal-Mart-related terror attack by so-called domestic terrorists armed with AR-15 assault rifles, thousands of rounds of ammunition and survival gear.

In what appears to be pre-Wal-Mart standoff terror programming, it was reported on April 24, 2015, that a gunman was killed in a standoff with police in a Walmart parking lot in Oregon. Needless to say, the incident has set the precedent for a siege-like standoff at a Wal-Mart store.

Roughly 4-months later on August 9, 2015, it was reported that 7 people at Wal-Mart were taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. The incident was likely executed at the behest of the CIA in order to set the precedent for a real-life bio-chemical attack on a Wal-Mart store.

Roughly a week later on August 17, 2015, Fox News published a report entitled “Mayor to Walmart: Pay for Your Own Security” which was designed to highlight Wal-Mart security (or lack thereof) just prior to a state-sponsored terror attack.

Lastly, 10-days later on August 27, 2015, Fox News published a report that Walmart will stop selling semi-automatic weapons. The timely report was designed to intimately associate Wal-Mart with automatic weapons just prior to a domestic terrorists attack by gunmen with automatic rifles, namely AR-15s.


Wal-Mart Sieges
Aside from the fact that Truther.org has published numerous Wal-Mart-related terror alerts, it was reported back on March 16, 2015, that a Wal-Mart worker stole thousands of rounds of ammunition and survival gear. The theft was likely fabricated in order to set the precedent for Wal-Mart-related attacks and sieges by so-called domestic terrorists, possibly during JADE HELM 15. Back on April 21, 2015, the Intellihub published a report entitled “Are the Closed Walmarts Being Activated as Central Command for Underground Operations?”. The disinformation report stated that Wal-Mart tunnels will be used by the U.S. military to transport troops across the country, a laughable notion considering that the U.S. government already has all the military bases it needs, many of which are in Texas. Regardless, the fraudulent report provided a timely motive for the eventual siege of Wal-Mart stores by domestic terrorist forces during JADE HELM 15. Roughly a month later on May 17, 2015, the Hartford Courant‍ reported that “Wal-Marts could be used by the military to ‘stockpile supplies’ for Chinese troops who will be arriving to disarm Americans”. In all likelihood, Wal-Mart stores will be seized by Texas militiamen during JADE HELM 15 as they provide shelter and a wealth of military supplies, namely guns, ammunition, food, fuel, and potential components for IED’s. This particular notion was foreshadowed by May 6, 2015, report from the New York Times which stated that “shuttered Walmart stores would be used for guerrilla-warfare staging areas and FEMA processing camps”. The usage of the term “guerrilla-warfare staging areas” essentially equates to “military bases”. Roughly 2-weeks later on May 17, 2015, the Hartford Courant‍ reported that the “military is secretly using recently closed Wal-Marts to stockpile supplies”, further raising the notion that Wal-Marts will be used operationally to house military supplies. Roughly 2-months later on July 10, 2015, Russia Today published a report which stated that the sudden closure of five Walmart stores just prior to JADE HELM 15 has led to speculation that these stores “will serve as ‘processing centers’ once martial law goes into effect this summer”. In the event that Wal-Marts stores become bases for domestic terrorists, they will be used to process and train Americans fighting against the Obama administration. Two days later on July 12, 2015, Yahoo News reported that a “labyrinth of tunnels is being built under Walmart stores for military attacks on civilians”, further confirming the notion that attacks will be launched from Wal-Mart stores. Lastly, on July 14, 2015, Russia Today published a report which stated that “Walmart stores will be repurposed as underground bases connected by tunnels”, further confirming, albeit in a de facto manner, that Wal-Mart stored are slated to become military bases.

Wal-Mart Terror Trending
Aside from the plethora of Wal-Mart-related terror plots exposed by Truther.org, breaking news and events suggests that another attack is now in play. Prior to a high-profile Wal-Mart-related terror attack, the American public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Fraudulent headlines and fabricated events are a slick way of convincing people that yes, it can happen. As evidenced Wal-Mart-related terror is now at an all-time high which suggests that a state-sponsored terror attack on Wal-Mart is imminent.

Wal-Mart Terror Timeline

1. December 30, 2014: Man threatens to cut people after shoplifting from Walmart
2. December 31, 2014: Idaho woman accidentally shot and killed by 2-year-old in Wal-Mart
3. January 1, 2015: Man Shot In Parking Lot Of Northeast Philly Walmart
4. January 9, 2015: Walmart employee refuses to print shotgun engagement photo
5. January 22, 2015: Small Fire Forces Evacuation at Walmart on Gunbarrel Road
6. January 23, 2015: Black Man Lawfully Carrying Gun Gets Pummeled by White Vigilante at Walmart
7. January 25, 2015: Pair Of Alleged Young Torches Arrested For Setting Fire To Walmart Store
8. January 26, 2015: Measles Panic Spreads at Bay Area Costco, Walmart
9. March 15, 2015: You Can Find Anything at Walmart … Even a Meth Lab
10. March 16, 2015: Shoppers sickened at Gurnee Walmart
11. March 16, 2015: Bomb squad called to San Antonio Walmart
12. March 16, 2015: Wal-Mart Worker Stole Thousands Of Rounds Of Ammunition, Survival Gear
13. March 18, 2015: Mid-Michigan Walmart evacuated because of odor
14. March 24, 2015: Police: Idaho family behind fatal Walmart brawl
15. March 26, 2015: Mystery odor at Muncie Walmart sends 8 to hospital
16. April 11, 2015: 2 shot, 1 killed in deadly brawl at Arizona Walmart parking lot
17. April 14, 2015: Weird Nationwide Walmart Closures Spark Conspiracy Theories
18. April 16, 2015: Wal-Mart fired 2,200 to fix the plumbing
19. April 17, 2015: Wal-Mart suddenly closes 5 stores and lays off thousands of workers
20. April 18, 2015: Walmart ‘Plumbing’ Issue Related To DHS Underground Tunnel Network
21. April 24, 2015: Gunman dies after police shootout in Walmart parking lot in Salem
22. June 9, 2015: Women get into brawl inside Indiana Walmart, 6-year-old throws punches
23. June 17, 2015: Man arrested in Ohio Wal-Mart shooting protest convicted of trespassing
24. June 17, 2015: Second woman in Walmart brawl charged
25. August 7, 2015: Possible tornado damages Wal-Mart in southeast Alabama
26. August 9, 2015: 7 taken to hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning at Walmart
27. August 15, 2015: Police evacuate New Orleans Wal-Mart, search store for armed robbery suspect
28. August 27, 2015: Walmart to stop selling semi-automatic weapons
29. September 4, 2015: Police officer indicted on murder, firearms charges in fatal Walmart shooting
30. September 15, 2015: Walmart in Midway evacuated after pressure cooker found in parking lot
31. October 13, 2015:
Man sets Halloween costumes on fire inside Bay-area Walmart
32. October 18, 2015:
Walmart shooting suspect charged with attempting to kill officers
33. November 3, 2015:
Man detonates bomb at Miss. Walmart

[Does not purport to be a complete list of Wal-Mart terror headlines]

About the Author
David Chase Taylor is an American journalist and the editor-in-chief of Truther.org, a state-sponsored terror whistle-blower website. Taylor currently lives in Switzerland where he applied for political asylum on July 17, 2015. Taylor authored The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with foiling a nuclear terror attack upon Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011, and Greenland Theory: Apocalypse Now, a book and website exposing the true power structure of the world, especially in respect to Greenland and its primary proxy state of Switzerland which is coincidentally home to the CIA. Taylor has also published The Bio-Terror Bible, a book and website exposing the global bio-terror pandemic planned for 2015. To date, Taylor has blown the whistle on over 100 state-sponsored terror plots, including the 2012 Democratic National Convention Terror Plot, the 2011 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the 2014 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the Terrorgate Scandal, the 2014 Memorial Day Massacre, the man-made asteroid attack planned for 2015, and the drone strike which killed “Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker. Taylor was also the first to expose Alex Jones’ treacherous links to STRATFOR and is noted for the 10 reasons why the Rosetta Comet landing was a hoax.

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Truther.org Legal Disclaimer
Truther.org’s stated purpose is to stop terrorism by drawing unwanted global attention to terror plots prior to their fruition. Terror alerts and warnings made by Truther.org DO NOT necessarily imply that these terror events will transpire in reality but rather that there is a distinct possibility that they may occur based on breaking terror-related news, events and data. Historically speaking, once a major false-flag terror plot is exposed, it is immediately canceled, postponed, or reworked (e.g., the 2011 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the 2014 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the 2014 Freedom Tower Nuclear Terror Plot, etc.). State-sponsored acts of terror must have a prior paper trail in order to set-up patsies, prime scapegoats, create plausible deniability, and mislead the public from the usual suspects of terror which work at the behest of the CIA in Switzerland. Please support real citizen journalism and help make terrorism a thing of the past. Blessed are the Peacemakers. Namaste


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