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David Chase Taylor
March 12, 2017

GERMANY, Undisclosed Location — On March 13, 2017, CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva (known locally in Germany as the Bundesnachrichtendienst) will predictably assassinate or arrest me, David Chase Taylor, a journalist who has been seeking political asylum in Switzerland since 2011.

After 71-months of being denied political asylum in Switzerland, I recently moved to Germany where I hold citizenship. Consequently, the CIA will likely order to German government to assassinate or arrest me for alleged terror-related links, possibly in respect to the Berlin Christmas Market Attack in Berlin, Germany back on December 19, 2016.

Although only conjecture, the CIA may claim that I conspired with terrorist Anis Amir and/or financed, inspired, plotted and/or was otherwise linked to the Berlin Christmas Market Attack, an attack clearly plotted and executed by the CIA. In order to sell the notion that Amir has links in Switzerland, a number of propaganda reports have been published.

In order to sell the notion that terrorists involved with the attack were living in Switzerland just prior top my assassination or arrest for alleged links to the attack, The Local Published a report back on January 5, 2017, entitled “Investigators Suspect Berlin Attacker Had Contacts in Switzerland“.

Three days later on January 8, 2017, it was reported that Amir obtained his gun in Switzerland, confirming, albeit in a de facto manner, that the ISIS terrorist has links to Switzerland. Post attack, the CIA will likely claim that: a) there is an ISIS terror cell in Switzerland which was responsible for the attacks, and/or b) that I am part of said terror cell or that I have links to Amir.

Roughly 3-weeks later on  January 27, 2017, SWI News reported that Berlin attacker Amir was in possession of a Swiss cell phone and SIM card (i.e., number), confirming, albeit in a de facto manner, that the ISIS terrorist has links to Switzerland. Again, the phone was designed to: sell the notion of an ISIS terror cell just prior to attacks, and/or b) link me to Amir simply based of the fact that I live in Switzerland.

Since I previously stayed with a Polish woman in the Swiss Alps, the CIA designed a Polish angle in the attack, namely that the slain truck driver was Polish and worked for a Polish trucking firm. In order to highlight this angle, it was reported on December 27, 2016, that Polish driver was shot hours before the attack.

To recap, a Pakistani man drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany on December 19, 2016, killing 12 and injuring 28. That same night, December 19, 2016, a gunman allegedly shot three people in an Islamic Center in Zurich, Switzerland. The gunman was reportedly found dead a few blocks away.

Two days prior to the attack in Berlin, published a terror alert in respect to Christmas Markets entitled “GLOBAL CHRISTMAS MARKET BIO-TERROR ALERT (DEC 17, 2016): Geneva-Based CIA Likely Plotting Bio-Chemical Attack on Christmas Markets this December 17-24, 2016—Impending Bio-Attack Designed to Spark 2016 Bio-Terror Pandemic that Will Cull Billions”.

The same day as the attack in Zurich, published a terror alert in respect to religion terror entitled “GLOBAL RELIGION BIO-TERROR ALERT (DEC 19, 2016): Geneva-Based CIA Plotting Bio-Chemical Attack on Cathedrals, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues and/or Temples this December 19-26, 2016. Possibly 9/11-Style—Impending Attack Designed to Spark 2016 Bio-Terror Pandemic That Will Cull Billions Worldwide”.

In order to rehash the attack as well as sell the notion that the investigation into the Berlin Christmas Market Attack is ongoig just prior to another arrest or assassination in the case, it was reported on December 28, 2016, a 40-year-old Tunisian man has been detained in Berlin in connection with the aformentioned attack.

In order to sell the notion that the Berlin Christmas Market Attack terrorist had accomplices just prior to my assassination or arrest for being linked to the attack or attacker, it was reported on December 24, 2016, that Tunisian security forces have arrested the nephew of the Berlin market attacker Anis Amri as well as two other suspects.

If and when I am assassinated or arrested for allegedly being linked to the aformentioned attacker or attacks, the Swiss government will predictably claim that they foiled an impedning attack in Switzerland. In other words, they will claim that I was linked to a terrorists group and that I had terrorist related paraphernalia (e.g., bombs, maps, weapons, etc.).

In order to set the precedent for police foiling a terror attack by an English speaker such as myself, it was reported back on December 23, 2016, that Australian police foiled an ISIS-inspired terror plot targeting Federation Square, Flinders Street Station and Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

Based on this report, the Swiss government likely claim that: a) I was plotting a Christmas Day attack, and/or was targeting Swiss churches, public gatherings, train and/or train stations. Coincidentally, all three of the aformentioned targets are located in the villiage I am currently staying in the Swiss Alps.

If and when a CIA SWAT Teams breaks down my door in order to assassinate or arrest me, they will likely claim that I detonated an explosive device. In order to set the precedent for this exact type of scneario, it was reported on December 23, 2016, that terror suspects blew themselves up during police raid on a suspected militant hideout in Bangladesh.

Based on this report, it’s highly likely that the CIA and their Swiss Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) will claim that I harbored terrorits such as the Berlin Christmas Market Attack suspect Anis Amir at my apartment in the Swiss Alps. In order to sell this very notion, Amir allegedly traveled from Germany to Milan, Italy, a route which coincidentally goes directly through the Swiss Alps.

In order to sell the notion that Anis Amir had help traveling from Germany to Italy, making the notion that I helped him, the CIA spawned media has posed the question: “He was the world’s most wanted man. So how did he travel hundreds of miles across Germany, France and Italy?.

In other words, how Amir got from Germany to Switzerland is still unknown. In the aftermath of my assassination or arrest for alleged links to Anis Amir and/or the Berlin Christmas Market Attack, the CIA will predictably claim that Amir traveled through Switzerland in order to meet with me, a laughable notion to be sure.

As evidenced, the CIA is now cuing off terror alerts in a desperate attempt to set me up. In short, identifies a terror plot and publishes a terror alert to try and stop it. The CIA then executes a “soft” version of the attack in order to link to said attack. In respect to the latest attacks, instead of staging a bio-attack as originally planned, a weak version of the attack was executed.

It is imperative to note that my impending assassination or arrest by the FIS will be executed specifically so that the assassinations, so-called natural disasters, terror attacks and wars which I prevent on a daily basis via reports can be executed by the CIA/FIS. Consequently, my illegal arrest and murder will be lost in the ensuing chaos

In order to set the precedent for the arrest of a man in Switzerland for allegedly “Crying Wolf”, possibly for publishing thousands of terror alerts, The Local published a report back on May 12, 2016, entitled “Man Arrested for Calling Swiss Police 59 Times“.

In order to foreshadow the arrest of a whistle-blower like myself in Switzerland, CNN published a report on May 25, 2016, entitled “Swedish Court Upholds Julian Assange Arrest Warrant“. Most people don’t know the difference between Sweden and Switzerland, hence the timely propaganda report.

In what appears to be more “Crying Wolf” arrest and/or assassination programming for Switzerland, Swiss Info published a report on September 16, 2016, entitled “Stiff Fine for Geneva Airport Bomber Hoax“. Needless to say, the FIS will likely claim that my reports are hoaxes being used by terrorists.

1. November 13, 2015: Paris Terror Attacks ( Alert: November 9, 2015)
2. March 22, 2016: Belgium Terror Attacks ( Alert: March 16, 2016)
3. July 14, 2016: Nice Terror Attack ( Alert: July 14, 2016)
4. June 12, 2016: Orlando Terror Attack ( Alert: June 5, 2016)
5. September 17, 2016: New York Bombings ( Alert: September 17, 2016)
6. September 26, 2016: Houston Mall Shooting ( Alert: September 26, 2016)
7. September 27, 2016:
Dresden Twin Bombings ( Alert: September 26, 2016)
8. September 28, 2016: South Carolina School Shooting ( Alert: September 26, 2016)
9. October 9, 2016: Jerusalem Terror Attack ( Alert: October 8, 2016)
10. October 9, 2016: Turkey Terror Attack: ( Alert: October 8, 2016)
11. October 9, 2016: Michigan Mall Shooting ( Alert: October 9, 2016)
12. December 19, 2016: German Christmas Market Attack ( Alert: December 17, 2016)
13. December 19, 2016: Zurich Islamic Center Attack ( Alert: December 19, 2016).


Hours prior to the 2016 Nice Attack on July 14, 2016, published a report entitled in-part “FRENCH COUP/TERROR ALERT (JULY 14, 2016): CIA Likely Plotting Coup and/or Mass Attacks in France on July 14-21, 2016” about an impending state-sponsored terror attack in France. Unbeknownst to, a mass attack on the Eiffel Tower was planned for Bastille Day, July 14, 2016, the same day as the Nice Attack. However, due to the timely report, the CIA was forced to cancel the attack in Paris, resulting in a massive inferno at the base of the Eiffel Tower (see above photo). Caught red-handed, the CIA panicked and decided to create a major distraction from Paris by driving a truck (possibly via an On-Star-like GPS technology) into a crowd in Nice. This is likely why there is no video or photos of the truck driver for the truck was likely being steered via remote control drone-like technology from CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Nevertheless, the official story is that Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a Tunisian resident of France, drove a 19-ton cargo truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, killing 84 people and injuring more than 300. In order to dispel the notion that a mass attack on the Eiffel Tower was foiled, The Mirror published a report on July 16, 2016, entitled “ISIS Propaganda Claims Bastille Day Eiffel Tower Fire Was Terror Attack – Even Though It Was An Accident“. Although the inferno was blamed on a truck with fireworks, fireworks are not shot-off from beneath the Eiffel Tower. Lastly, in order to establish a Swiss connection to the attack, which ultimately gives the Swiss Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) local jurisdiction in the case, it was reported on July 15, 2016 that a Swiss woman was killed in the Nice attack. Consequently, due to my July 14, 2016, report, and the alleged death of a Swiss citizen, it’s highly likely that the CIA/IFS will attempt to link me to the attack.

BÖHMERMANN ARREST (APRIL 7, 2016): In order to set the precedent for the illegal arrest and incarceration of journalist like myself in Germany and/or Switzerland, the CIA is currently engineering a political drama in Germany over the arrest of German comedian Jan Böhmermann who will reportedly face trial for making sexual innuendos on German television about Turkish President Erdogan. Considering that I have repeatedly stated that heads of state are puppets of the CIA in Switzerland, my words will no doubt be construed as insulting. The decision to prosecute Böhmermann is reportedly based on a German law from 1871 which bans the defamation of foreign leaders. Back in 2007, Switzerland allegedly made use of Germany’s law against insulting foreign heads of state when they called on the German government to open an investigation into a Swiss citizen living in Germany who allegedly insulted former Swiss cabinet member Micheline Calmy-Rey on the internet. Whether the 2007 incident transpired in reality is not known, but it’s highly unlikely. In all likelihood, the incident was fabricated by the CIA in order to set the precedent for the illegal arrest of myself, a German citizen currently living in Switzerland. Considering that a similar Swiss law from 1951 states that “Whoever insults a foreign head of state, a member of their government or diplomatic representation…shall be punished by imprisonment of up to three years or a fine”, my arrest in Switzerland may be imminent. In all likelihood, I will be arrested in Switzerland for allegedly insulting foreign heads of state and subsequently deported to Germany where I will be assassinated while in police custody. I could also be arrested and deported to Germany in the aftermath of a “National Emergency” in Switzerland (see below) where he will suffer the same fate. In order make my impending arrest less of an anomaly, it was reported on April 24, 2016, that a Dutch journalist who criticized Turkish President Erdogan was detained in Turkey. In summation, 2 people have now been arrested in Europe during the month of April for allegedly insulting heads of state despite the fact that tabloids routinely published egregious and unsubstantiated claims about heads of state with impunity.

People leave the scene of explosions at Zaventem airport near Brussels, Belgium

The notion that the CIA is planning to link me, David Chase Taylor, to the Brussels Bombings was first identified back on March 22, 2016, when the Swiss Federal Office of Police FEDPOL) stated that they were trying to “ascertain whether there was a Swiss connection to the attacks“. Similar to the Paris Terror Attacks, I published a Belgium terror alert 6-days prior to the attacks. Consequently, the CIA will predictably claim that I inspired Islamic terrorists to attack Brussels, a laughable notion to be sure. Nevertheless, I released a video stating that the attacks were part of a CIA plot to link me to the attacks.

The notion that the CIA is planning to link me, David Chase Taylor, to the Paris Terror Attacks was identified shortly after the attacks of November 13 2015. Since I published a report 4-days prior warning that the CIA was plotting ISIS attacks in France, the CIA will predictably claim that I had something to do with the attacks. Two days later on November 15, 2015, a CIA-spawned report stated that “What is particularly noteworthy about [my warning] is that the [I] presented a literal catalogue of potential terrorist targets located throughout Paris”. Translation: I am helping terrorists identify their respective targets, a laughable notion to be sure. As depicted in the report entitled “10 Reasons Why the Paris Terror Attacks Were Executed by the CIA”, I am clearly being set-up for the state-sponsored attacks, hence my report stating as much.

Exhibit A

Back on October 19, 2014, highly suspicious items were found within the house I was renting. In short, 9 bags of camera equipment were found in the attic which were evidently stashed there by the CIA/FIS in order to make it appear that I was working as an American or German spy. Also, highly suspect paraphernalia (e.g., billow pads, burners, chemical books, gloves, matches, pipes, etc.) were found in the basement which were evidently stashed by the CIA in order to make it appear that I was in the process of building a bio-chemical and/or explosive-related device.


FIS Motives for My Arrest and/or Deportation
As evidenced herein, the FIS definitely has the means, motive and opportunity (the three aspects of a crime that must be established before guilt can be determined in a court of law) to arrest, incarcerate and/or deport me. The FIS’s motives for removing me from Switzerland are multi-faceted, but I just foiled a 9/11-style bio-chemical attack on the UEFA Europa League Final in Basel, Switzerland on May 18, 2016. Consequently, the FIS is in a race against time to silence me and delete my websites before the truth in respect to Flight 804 goes viral. In the aftermath of my arrest, incarcerate and/or deportation, my website and reports such as this will predictably be deleted by the FIS. In order to set the precedent for the impending removal of my websites, it was reported back on April 18, 2016, that a web hosting company deleted hundreds of websites from the internet. Back on October 23, 2015, an anonymous Swiss citizen translated my report entitled “10 Reasons Why Switzerland is Home to the CIA” into the German language (i.e., “10 Gründe warum die CIA in der Schweiz beheimatet ist”) which is now in the process of going viral. Consequently, the CIA is beyond desperate as their days are numbered.

Switzerland Map and Flag on a world globe background

Assange & Snowden to Provide Political Cover for CIA/FIS
In order to provide the necessary political cover for the FIS just prior to my arrest and/or subsequent deportation to Germany or the United States where I will be incarcerated, tortured and eventually killed, a statue of whistle-blowers Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange was erected in front of United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland back in September of 2015. Consequently, it’s highly likely that Assange, Snowden and/or Manning will apply for and/or be granted political asylum in Switzerland. At the very least, the notion that Switzerland may grant these state-sponsor whistle-blowers asylum will be discussed in the media ad nauseum. In other words, if and when I am arrested, incarcerated and/or deported for crimes I did not commit, the aforementioned whistle-blowers will make headline news in Switzerland and around the world in respect to asylum. The notion that Julian Assange will apply for political asylum in Switzerland was foreshadowed back on December 6, 2010, when CBS news published a report entitled “WikiLeaks’ Assange May Seek Swiss Asylum“. Although Swiss authorities have downplayed Assange’s chances, he will likely be granted political asylum in Switzerland at some point. The notion that Edward Snowden will apply for political asylum in Switzerland was foreshadowed back on March 6, 2015, when NPR published a report entitled “Snowden: Asylum In Switzerland A ‘Great Political Option‘” which essentially revealed that Snowden wants Switzerland to grant him asylum. More recently, on September 8, 2015, The Independent published a report entitled “Switzerland ‘Could Grant Edward Snowden Asylum if He Testifies Against NSA‘” which further foreshadowed the notion that Snowden will be granted political asylum in Switzerland.

About the Author
David Chase Taylor is an American journalist and the editor-in-chief of, a state-sponsored terror whistle-blower website. Taylor currently lives in Switzerland where he applied for political asylum on July 17, 2015. Taylor authored The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with foiling a nuclear terror attack upon Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011, and Greenland Theory: Apocalypse Now, a book and website exposing the true power structure of the world, especially in respect to Greenland and its primary proxy state of Switzerland which is coincidentally home to the CIA. Taylor has also published The Bio-Terror Bible, a book and website exposing the global bio-terror pandemic planned for 2015. To date, Taylor has blown the whistle on over 100 state-sponsored terror plots, including the 2012 Democratic National Convention Terror Plot, the 2011 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the 2014 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, theTerrorgate Scandal, the 2014 Memorial Day Massacre, the man-made asteroid attack planned for 2015, and the drone strike which killed “Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker. Taylor was also the first to expose Alex Jones’ treacherous links to STRATFOR and is noted for the 10 reasons why the Rosetta Comet landing was a hoax.

READ: World’s ‘Most Wanted’ Whistle-Blower Journalist David Chase Taylor Applies for Political Asylum in Switzerland Legal Disclaimer’s stated purpose is to stop terrorism by drawing unwanted global attention to terror plots prior to their fruition. Terror alerts and warnings made by DO NOT necessarily imply that these terror events will transpire in reality but rather that there is a distinct possibility that they may occur based on breaking terror-related news, events and data. Historically speaking, once a major false-flag terror plot is exposed, it is immediately canceled, postponed, or reworked (e.g., the 2011 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the 2014 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the 2014 Freedom Tower Nuclear Terror Plot, etc.). State-sponsored acts of terror must have a prior paper trail in order to set-up patsies, prime scapegoats, create plausible deniability, and mislead the public from the usual suspects of terror which work at the behest of the CIA in Switzerland. Please support real citizen journalism and help make terrorism a thing of the past. Blessed are the Peacemakers. Namaste


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