INCITEMENT ASSASSINATION/ARREST ALERT (MAY 19, 2017): GENEVA-BASED CIA TO ASSASSINATE OR ARREST DAVID CHASE TAYLOR IN GERMANY ON MAY 20, 2017, FOR ALLEGED INCITEMENT, POSSIBLY ANTI-SEMITIC IN NATURE—Conviction of Russian Blogger for Inciting Religious Hatred on May 12, 2017, & the 6-Persons Allegedly Arrested for Incitement in Germany on May 17, 2017, Designed to Set Precedent & Provide the CIA Media/Political Cover in Aftermath of Taylor’s Assassination or Arrest for Alleged Incitment After Publishing Anti-Semitic Terror Alerts & “10 Reasons Why Switzerland was First Jewish State” Back on December 25, 2016

Posted: May 19, 2017 in Breaking News


David Chase Taylor
May 19, 2017

GERMANY, Undisclosed Location — On May 20, 2017, CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva will predictably assassinate or arrest me, David Chase Taylor, a nuclear terror whistle-blower journalist who was denied political asylum in Switzerland for 6-years because it is home to the one and only CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

After numerous failed assassination attempts and set-ups since May 25, 2011, the CIA is evidently planning to assassinate or arrest me in Germany for alleged incitement, possibly for publishing Anti-Semitic terror alerts. Needless to say, I am not guilty of anything of the sort.

That being said, back on December 25, 2016, I published a report revealing that Switzerland was the first Jewish State. Consequently, it appears that I may be assassinated or arrested for inciting religious hatred for revealing this secret to the world which has evidently been hidden since 1309.

Incitement is defined by Wikipedia as “… the encouragement of another person to commit a crime. Depending on the jurisdiction, some or all types of incitement may be illegal. Where illegal, it is known as an inchoate offense, where harm is intended but may or may not have actually occurred”. Needless to say, I prevent crime, not promote it.

In order to set the precedent for the arrest of persons for incitement against Jews, it was reported that on May 17, 2017, 6-people were charged with incitement after they allegedly made anti-Semitic slurs towards Jewish passengers riding on a bus in Munich, Germany.

Considering that the report of the anti-Semitic verbal attack raised the notion of a “right-wing radical group” persons with a “far-right extremist background” in respect to attacks on Jews, false-flag Neo-Nazi/Right-Wing-related attacks allegdly incited by my writings are expected

In order to set the preceden for a blogger like myelf being assassinated or arrested for allegedly inciting religious hatred, it was reported on May 11, 2017, that a Russian blogger was found guilty of inciting religious hatred and given a three-and-a-half year suspended sentence.

That same day, May 11, 2017, it was reported that an Imam in Denmark has been accused of calling for murder of Jews. This report suggest that the CIA may claim that my Anti-Semitic terror alert are in fact callinig for the murder of Jews, regardless if the opposite is true.

Dan Rosenberg Asmussen, the head of the Jewish community in Denmark, urged police to open an investigation into a possible case of incitement to racial hatred. Asmussen stated that, “We fear that weak and easily-influenced persons could interpret this kind of preaching as an appeal to visit acts of violence or terror on Jews”.

In other words, the CIA plans to claim that “weak and easily-influenced persons could interpret” terror alerts as an appeal to commit acts of violence or terror on Jews. Needless to say, the terror alerts are issued specifically so that the Geneva-based CIA does not “visit acts of violence or terror on Jews”.

In order to set the precedent for a German journalist being arrested on terrorism charges, it was reported back on February 28, 2017, Turkey jailed a German journalist Deniz Yücel was charged with inciting hatred and spreading terrorist propaganda. Similar charged are likely in order for yours truly.

In order to set another precedent for a hate speech-related arrest in Europe, it was reported back on October 31, 2016, that anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is facing a hate speech trial in Netherlands. Needless to say, the made-for-TV trial is designed to incite Islamic violence and provide the CIA media/political cover in the aftermath of my arrest.

In order to set the precedent for the arrest of an editor on so/called “hate speech” charges” in the German-speaking part of Europe, it was reported back on October 25, 2016, that the editor of Austria’s largest paper was charged with ‘hate speech’ over an article on migrants. Austria coincidentally borders Germany to the east.

In order to set the precedent for a raid which results in the arrest of a person affiliated with a popular website, it was reported back on October 7, 2016, that the CEO of was arrested in Texas on sex.trafficking charges. He has since been transferred to California, my last place of residence in the United States.

In order to set the precedent for the conviction of a person affiliated with a popular website, it was reported back on October 7, 2016, that the CEO of plead guilty to promoting prostitution. Needless to say, the timely conviction was designed to further associate web-related persons with criminal acts just prior to my arrest.

In order to set the precedent for the arrest of an activist on defamation charges just prior to my arrest by the Geneva-based CIA, the BBC published a report on September 19, 2016, entitled “Andy Hall: Thai Court Finds UK Activist Guilty of Defamation“.

According to reports, Hall was found guilty of defamation and computer crimes after he allegedly contributed to a report alleging the mistreatment of migrant workers. Because the report was published online, he was also found guilty of violating the Computer Crimes Act.

Based on the precedent set by the conviction of Hall, the German government will predictably arrest me and charge me with the defamation of a politician or government-related agency which was previously named in an online report. Legal Disclaimer’s stated purpose is to stop terrorism by drawing unwanted global attention to terror plots prior to their fruition. Terror alerts and warnings made by DO NOT necessarily imply that these terror events will transpire in reality but rather that there is a distinct possibility that they may occur based on breaking terror-related news, events and data. Historically speaking, once a major false-flag terror plot is exposed, it is immediately canceled, postponed, or reworked (e.g., the 2011 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the 2014 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the 2014 Freedom Tower Nuclear Terror Plot, etc.). State-sponsored acts of terror must have a prior paper trail in order to set-up patsies, prime scapegoats, create plausible deniability, and mislead the public from the usual suspects of terror which work at the behest of the CIA in Switzerland. Please support real citizen journalism and help make terrorism a thing of the past. Blessed are the Peacemakers. Namaste


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