RED ALERT: GERMAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION WINNER TO REMAIN IN DOUBT (SEP 23, 2017): Geneva-Based CIA to Keep Winner of German Presidential Election on September 24, 2017, In Doubt, Possibly Due to Recount, Runoff and/or Allegations of Russian Hacking—Lack of Decisive Winner on September 24, 2017, Specifically Designed to: a) Give Swiss CIA More Time to Assassinate David Chase Taylor who Exposed Plot to Oust Incumbent Merkel, b) Stage Russian Attack on Germany, Assassination ‘Event’ Targeting German Presidential Candidates and/or Terror Attack in Germany and/or Europe to Sway Election Towards Neo-Con Martin Schulz, and/or c) Break News Slowly to Germany that Merkel will NOT Remain as Chancellor 

Posted: September 23, 2017 in Breaking News

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