JUNE 18TH QUEEN ELIZABETH ASSASSIATION ‘EVENT’ ALERT (JUNE 18, 2018): GENEVA, SWITZERLAND-BASED CIA LIKELY PLOTTING QUEEN ELIZABETH ASSASSINATION ‘EVENT’ ON JUNE 18, 2018, EXACTLY 24,249-DAYS AFTER SHE BECAME QUEEN ON FEBRUARY 6, 1952 & EXACTLY 13,396-DAYS AFTER FAILED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON QUEEN BY MENTALLY ILL MAN IN NEW ZEALAND ON OCTOBER 14, 1981—Impending Assassination ‘Event’ Designed In-Part to Create Fraudulent Pretext to Assassinate, Arrest and/or Expel Whistle-Blower David Chase Taylor from Germany for Allegedly Committing, Egging On, Inciting, Inspiring and/or Otherwise Being Linked to Said Assassination ‘Event’ Which may be Blamed on Mentally Ill Persons

Posted: June 17, 2018 in Breaking News

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