SHOCKTOBER 7TH: ALL THE KING’S MEN COULD’T PUT THE WORLD BACK TOGETHER AGAIN (OCT 6, 2018): CIA Headquarters at CERN Located Beneath Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Major False-Flag Made-for-TV ‘Event’ on October 7, 2018, as Precursor to Asteroid/Space Rock Strike, Bio-Chemical Attack, Civil War, Global Biological Pandemic, Nuclear Attack, and/or World War III—Date of October 7th (1/7) Marks Exactly 1,117-Days Since CERN was Exposed as Secret Entrance to CIA Headquarters by David Chase Taylor Back on September 17, 2015 […The Number ’17’ is Reflected in the ‘1117’ Numerology Which Features: a) The Number ’11’ Which (Aside from Being Featured in the 9/11 Attacks) Equates to the Letter ‘K’ Which is an Acronym for ‘Kill’, and b) The Number ’17’ Equates to the Letter ‘Q’ as in ‘Coup D’état’ Which is Defined as ‘Blow’ or ‘Hit of State’ Which the World is Evidently Slated to Suffer on this Date…]

Posted: October 6, 2018 in Breaking News

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