CIA PLOTTING NOVEMBER 6TH BIO-CHEMICAL OR GAS RELEASE RESULTING IN MASS DEATH & MANDATORY EVACUATIONS (NOV 6, 2018): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Bio-Chemical or Gas Release on November 6, 2018, Exactly 12,757-Days After Deadly Bhopal Gas Disaster in India Back on December 3, 1984, Which Reportedly Killed 16,000 People—Unprecedented Bio-Chemical or Gas Release Pretext for: a) Activation of Rex 84-Like Legislation, b) Triggering of Martial Law Scenario in Aftermath of Mandatory Evacuations, c) Opening of FEMA Concentration Camps, d) Unleashing of Predator Drones Operating Under SKYNET and/or e) Sparking of Second Civil War in America

Posted: November 6, 2018 in Breaking News

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