ALOHA OBAMA: MAN-MADE FEBRUARY 2019 HURRICANE-LIKE STORM ATTACK ON HAWAII SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO POLITICALLY RESURRECT OBAMA IN AFTERMATH OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY (FEB 10, 2019): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath Lake Geneva in Switzerland Now Staging Mysteriously Unamed Hurricane-Katrina-Like Attack on Hawaii Specifically Designed to Grant Obama Global Media Platform in Aftermath of National Emergency Which Ultimately Results in Obama-Led US Militaty Dictatorship and/or Obama as Emergency Secretary-General of the United Nations—Obama’s Alleged & Unsubstantiated Home State of Hawaii Now Suffering Escalating 60+ Foot Waves Specifically Designed Swamp & Destroy Hawaiian Island Chain in Last Ditch Effort by CIA to Ressurect Failed Would-Be Global Dictator

Posted: February 10, 2019 in Breaking News

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