RED SCARE REDUX: CIA PLOTTING APRIL 14TH TRUMP ARREST, INDICTMENT AND/OR RESIGNATION FOR RUSSIAN COLLUSION, TREASON AND/OR LINKS TO RUSSIAN HACKING OF 2016 US ELECTION (APRIL 12, 2019): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland to Stage Trump Arrest, Indictment and/or Resignation for Russian Collusion or Treason on April 14, 2019, Exactly 824-Days After Release of CIA-Spawned Russian Dossier Linking Trump to Alleged Russian Hacking of 2016 US Presidential Election Back on January 10, 2017—Impending Removal of Trump Specifically Designed to Spark Civil War in America & Trigger Political Resurrection of Global Dictator-in-Waiting Barack Hussein Obama

Posted: April 12, 2019 in Breaking News

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