THE EAST-STAR MONDAY APOCALYPSE: MAYAN APOCALYPSE EXPECTED TO COMMENCE ON EASTER MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2019, FOLLOWED BY END OF MAYA CALENDAR ON HALLOWEEN, OCTOBER 31, 2020 (APRIL 21, 2019): Impending 620-Day Apocalypse Will Evidently Feature Three Distinct Phases: a) 558-Day Global Blood Moon-Like Solar Eclipse Starting on April 21, 2019, Due to Incoming Orion Nebula; b) 62-Day Passage of Earth Through Black Hole-Like Rings of Orion Nebula Starting on October 31, 2020, Ultimately Resulting in Transcendent Recreation of Earth; and c) Dawn of a New Age Starting on January 1, 2021, New Year’s Day

Posted: April 21, 2019 in Breaking News


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