BEHEADING RUSSIA: CIA PLOTTING JANUARY 14, 2020, ASSIGNATION EVENT TARGETING RUSSIAN PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN (JANUARY 14, 2020): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Assassination ‘Event’ Targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin on January 14, 2020, Exactly 2,877-Days After CIA Staged Failed Chechen Assassination Attempt Targeting Prime Minister Putin’s Motorcade Back on February 28, 2012, Exactly 2,808-Days After Putin Became President of Russia for a Second Time Back on May 7, 2012, Exactly 1,224-Days After CIA Staged Fatal Assassination Event Targeting Putin’s Personal BMW Chauffeur Back on September 7, 2016, & Exactly 37,106-Days After CIA Staged Assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand Back on June 12, 1918, Specifically to Trigger World War III

Posted: January 14, 2020 in Breaking News


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