WORLD WAR IIIRAN: CIA PLOTTING JUNE 4, 2020, IRANIAN REVENGE ATTACK, COUP AND/OR INVASION SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO TRIGGER WORLD WAR III (JUNE 3, 2020): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Iranian Revenge Attack, Coup and/or Invasion on June 4, 2020, Exactly 2,497-Days After Hassan Rouhani Became President of Iran Back on August 3, 2013, & Exactly 153-Days After CIA Staged Drone Strike Assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimania in Iraq Back on January 3, 2020—Impending Iranian Attack, Coup & Invasion Scenarios Include but are Not Limited to: a) 9/11-Style Attacks, b) Aircraft Carrier Attacks & Bombings, c) Airliner Hijacks, d) Cyber-Attacks, e) Embassy or Consulate Attack and/or Siege, f) Made-For-TV Hostage Crisis, g) Invasion of Afghanistan, h) Invasion of Iraq, i) Invasion of Israel, j) Invasion of Syria, k) Kamikaze Drone Attacks, l) Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Surprise Attack, m) Missile Attacks or Missile Assassinations, n) Naval Assaults & Sinkings, o) Nuclear Attacks, p) Oil Tanker Attacks, q) Oil Refinery & Production Attacks, r) Political Assassinations, s) Strait of Hormuz Block Ship, t) Strait of Hormuz Naval Attack, u) Suicide Bomber Attacks, and/or v) US Troops-Related Attacks and/or Terror Events

Posted: June 4, 2020 in Breaking News


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