THE NEW INDO-SINO WAR: CIA PLOTTING JUNE 30, 2020, CHINESE AND/OR INDIAN ATTACK, INVASION AND/OR TERROR EVENT SURROUNDING ONGOING BORDER DEISPUTE IN WESTERN HIMALAYAS SPECIFICALLY TO TRIGGER NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III (JUNE 29, 2020): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Chinese or Indian Revenge Attack, Invasion and/or Terror Event on June 30, 2020, Exactly 15-Days After 20 Chinese & Indian Soldiers Were Killed in Himalayan Border Clash Back on June 15, 2020, Exactly 52-Days After Himalayan Border Clash Commenced with Rock Throwing Attack (Designed to Foreshadow Mutal Nuclear Missile Attack) Back on May 29, 2020, Exactly 2,227-Days After Natendra Modi Became Prime Minister of India Back on May 26, 2014, Exactly 2,666-Days After Xi Jinping Became President of China Back on March 14, 2013, & Exactly 21,0319-Days After First Indo-Sino War Concluded Back on November 21, 1963

Posted: June 29, 2020 in Breaking News

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