TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE: VENEZUELA: CIA PLOTTING AUGUST 2, 2020, PREEMPTIVE US ATTACK ON VENEZUELA SPECIFICALLY TO: A) RESCUE TWO SPECIAL FORCES ARRESTED IN AFTERMATH OF FAILED MAY 3, 2020, CIA COUP TARGETING VENEZUELAN PRESIDENT MADURO, AND/OR B) TRIGGER WORLD WAR III WITH IRAN OR RUSSIA WHO SECRETLY BACKS MADURO (JULY 31, 2020): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Preemptive US Attack on Venezuela on August 2, 2020, Exactly 91-Days After Two American CIA Contractors Were Arrested for Alleged Role in CIA Coup Targeting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Back on May 3, 2020, Exactly 557-Days After Juan Guaido Became Unofficial President of Venezuela Back on January 23, 2019, & Exactly 2,662-Days After Nicolas Maduro Became President of Venezuela Back on April 19, 2013—Impending US Special Forces Attack on Venezuela Specifically Designed to Escalate Political Instsbility & Tension Inside Venezuela Which is Currently in State of Limbo as Both Maduro & Guiado Claim to be Duly Elected President of Venezuela With America Openly Backing Guiado & Russia Secretly Backing Maduro

Posted: July 31, 2020 in Breaking News

team america

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