BLACK FLAG: THE IRANIAN COUP D’ÉTAT: CIA PLOTTING MAY 15, 2021, SURPRISE IRANIAN REVENGE ATTACK, COUP AND/OR HOSTAGE CRISIS TARGETING AMERICA(NS) AND/OR ISRAEL(IS) SPECIFICALLY TO TRIGGER ALL-OUT NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III (MAY 15, 2021): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Surprise Iranian Attack on America and/or Israel on May 15, 2021, Exactly 78-Days After Joe Biden-Ordered US Air Strike Consisting of Seven 500-Pound Missiles Targeted Iran-Backed Miitias in Syria Back on Feburary 26, 2021, Exactly 115-Days After Joe Biden Became President of the United States Back on January 20, 2021, Exactly 498-Days After US Airstrike Assassinated Iranian General Qassame Solimani in Iraq Back on January 3, 2020, Exactly 845-Days After Secret Iranian Attack Fleet Reportedly Set Sail for Atlantic Ocean Back on January 4, 2019, Exactly 1,269-Days After Secret Iranian Attack Fleet Reportedly Set Sail for Gulf of Mexico Back on November 23, 2017, & Exactly 2,842-Days After Hassan Rouhani Became President of Iran Back on August 3, 2013

Posted: May 15, 2021 in Breaking News

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