THE SPACE-X WORLD WAR III CONSPIRACY THEORY: CIA PLOTTING JUNE 9, 2021, SPACE-X ROCKET AND/OR SATELLITE-RELATED ACCIDENT, ATTACK, CRASH, CYBER-ATTACK, EXPLOSION AND/OR ICBM LAUNCH HOAX SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO TRIGGER ‘ACCIDENTAL’ WORLD WAR III WITH CHINA AND/OR RUSSIA BY TRIGGERING MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION (MAD) SCENARIO (JUNE 7, 2021): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Space-X-Related False-Flag Event on June 9, 2021, Exactly 1,243-Days After CIA Staged North Korean Nuclear Missile Attack Hoax Targeting Hawaii Back on January 13, 2018, Exactly 1,740-Days After CIA Staged Space-X Launchpad Explosion Targeting Space-X’s Falcon 9 Rocket Launch in Cape Canaveral, Flordida Back September 3, 2016, Exactly 6,974-Days After Space-X was Founded by CIA Back on May 6, 2002, Exactly 15,188-Days After CIA Staged 250 Russian Nuclear Missile Attack Hoax Targeting United States Back on November 9, 1979, & Exactly 22,162-Days After CIA Staged Russian Nuclear Missile Attack Hoax Targeting Europe Back on October 5, 1960

Posted: June 7, 2021 in Breaking News

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