DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS: CIA PLOTTING JUNE 19, 2021, FALSE-FLAG ISLAMIC TERRORIST-RELATED ARSON FIRE, ATTACK, BIO-TERROR ATTACK, BOMBING, COUP, D’ÉTAT, EXPLOSION, HOSTAGE CRISIS, INVASION, MASS SHOOTING, STORMING AND/OR TERROR EVENT IN TEXAS, POSSIBLY IRANIAN, ISIS AND/OR OIL & GAS-RELATED (JUNE 19, 2021): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting False-Flag Islamic Attack and/or Terror Event in Texas on June 19, 2021, Exactly 897-Days After Secret Iranian Attack Fleet Reportedly Set Sail for Atlantic Ocean Back on January 4, 2019, Exactly 1,304-Days After Secret Iranian Attack Fleet Reportedly Set Sail for Gulf of Mexico Back on November 23, 2017, Exactly 967-Days After The Pentagon Ordered 21,000 Troops to Texas Under Guise of ‘Operation Faithful Patriot’ Back on October 26, 2018, Exactly 2,239-Days After CIA Staged ISIS Terror Attack Targeting Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas Back on May 3, 2015, & Exactly 2,342-Days After Greg Abbot Became Governor of Texas Back on January 20, 2015—CIA Plans to Trigger Civil War in Texas by Pitting 21,550+ US Troops Now Deployed in Texas Versus Hoard of US & NATO Special Forces (i.e., Professional Terrorists) Airlifted from Secret ISIS Base in Al-Tanf, Syria to Texas-Mexico Border Back on September 7, 2018

Posted: June 19, 2021 in Breaking News

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