COUNTDOWN TO OLYMPIC TERROR: SWISS CIA PLOTTING JULY 23, 2021, MADE-FOR-TV OLYMPIC TERROR EVENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: A) ACID ATTACK, B) ATHLETE PARYLIZATION, C) ASSASSINATION, D) AVALANCHE, E) BEHEADING, F) BIOLOGICAL OUTBREAK, G) BOMBING, H) BUILDING COLLAPSE, I) BUS CRASH, J) CYBER-ATTACK, K) CHEMICAL ATTACK, L) ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE (EMP) ATTACK, M) FOOD POISONING, N) FLASH FLOOD, O) INVASION BY CHINA OR RUSSIA, P) MAN-MADE EARTHQUAKE AND/OR TSUNSMI ATTACK, Q) MUD SLIDE, R) NUCLEAR ATTACK, S) NUCLEAR REACTOR MELTDOWN, T) STABBING, U) STAMPEDE ATTACK, V) SUICIDE BOMBING, W) VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER ATTACK, X) VILLIAGE FIRE, Y) WATER POISONING AND/OR WILD FIRE (JULY 22, 2021) CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Made-forTV Olympic Terror Attack, Terror Event and/or Natural Disaster in Japan on July 23, 2021, Exactly 5-Days After CIA Staged the First COVID-19 Outbreak Targeting the Olympic Villiage Bubble in Tokyo, Japan Back on July 18, 2021, Exactly 9,127-Days After the CIA Staged the Centennial Olympic Park Bombing in Atlanta, Georgia during the 1996 Olympics Back on July 27, 1996, Exactly 17,852-Days After the CIA Staged the So-Called Munich Massacre Targeting the Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany Back on September 6, 1972, & Exactly 46,416-Days After the CIA Founded the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland Back on June 23, 1894—According to Sports Media Watch, NBC’s Primetime Coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil Averaged 25.4 Million Viewers in America While the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea had a Global Cumulative Audience of 1.92 Billion

Posted: July 23, 2021 in Breaking News

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