DAY OF YHWH: JULY 30, 2021 (7/30 = 7/3 = 7×3 = 777 = vיהוה‎ = YHWH), IS WHEN CIA HEADQUARTERS LOCATED IN GENEVA, SWITZERLAND STAGES ATTACKS, ASSASSINATIONS, BOMBINGS, NATURAL DISASTERS AND/OR TERROR EVENTS OFFERED UP TO JEWISH GOD OF YHWH VIA HER VAST ARRAY OF ARMIES & PROXY TERRORIST NETWORKS, POSSIBLY TRIGGERING WORLD WAR III (JULY 29, 2021): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Assassinations, Attacks & Invasions by China, Iran and/or Russia, Biological Attacks and/or Outbreaks, Bombings, Chemical Attacks, Coup D’états, Cyber-Attacks, Earthquake Attacks, Hacks, Mass Riots, Natural Disasters, Nuclear Attacks, Terror Attacks and/or Terror Events by Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda and/or ISIS, Tornado Attacks and/or Tsunami Attacks as Part of Ritualistic Blood Sacrifice(s) Offered Up to Jewish God of YHWH on July 30, 2021, Exactly 24,411-Days After CERN (Secret Entrance to CIA Headquarters) was Purportedly Founded in Geneva, Switzerland Back on September 29, 1955, Exactly 26,740-Days After State of Israel was Founded Back on May 14, 1948, & Exactly 260,042-Days After Country of Switzerland (Confederation Helvetica) was First Founded Back on August 1, 1309—The Number 73 or 37 (3×7=777) is Found in the Esoteric Tetragrammaton of the Jewish God of YHWY (i.e., יהוה‎) Who the Israelites Worshipped Alongside the Canaanite Gods & Goddesses of Asherah, Baal & El

Posted: July 29, 2021 in Breaking News

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