AFGHANISTAN ENDGAME: NUCLEAR TERRORISM: CIA PLOTTING AUGUST 14, 2021, AFGHANISTAN AND/OR TALIBAN-RELATED 9/11-STYLE NUCLEAR TERROR ATTACK(S) TARGETING AMERICA, ISRAEL AND/OR EUROPE SPECIFICALLY TO TRIGGER ALL-OUT NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III WITH IRAN, PAKISTAN AND/OR RUSSIA, LIKELY EMANATING FROM ABANDONED BAGRAM AIR FORCE BASE IN AFGHANISTAN WITH LAYOVER IN CUBA, LIBYA, AND/OR VENEZUELA (AUGUST 14, 2021): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Afghanistan and/or Taliban-Related Nuclear Terror Attacks on August 14, 2021, Exactly 44-Days After the US Military Unceremoniously Handed Back Bagram Airfield-BAF (i.e., Bagram Air Base) to the Government of Afghanistan Back on July 1, 2021, Exactly 106-Days (Afghanistan Time) After Current Taliban Military Offensive Commenced Back on May 1, 2021, Exactly 375-Days After CIA Staged Unknown Islamic and/or Russian Nuclear Terror Attack Targeting Port of Beirut, Lebanon Back on August 4, 2020 (Killing 171 People & Injuring 6,000 Others), Exactly 2,512-Days (Afghanistan Time) After Ashraf Ghani Became President of Afghanistan Back on September 29, 2014, Exactly 2,717-Days (Malaysia Time) After Unknown Islamic Terrorists Hijacked Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Back on March 8, 2014, Exactly 3,842-Days After David Chase Taylor Foiled Al Qaeda, Taliban & Pakistan-Related 9/11-Style Nuclear Terror Attack Targeting Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas Back on February 6, 2011, & Exactly 7,278-Days (Afghanistan Time) After CIA Staged Afghan-Based 9/11-Attacks Targeting New York City & Washington, DC, Back on September 11, 2001 —Impending 9/11-Style Nuclear Terror Attack(s) are Specifically Designed to: a) Trigger Nuclear World War III, and/or b) Political Resurrect America’s Dictator-in-Waiting—Barack Hussein Obama

Posted: August 14, 2021 in Breaking News

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