GANG RELATED: CIA PLOTTING OCTOBER 26, 2021, GANG-RELATED ASSASSINATION, ATTACK, BEATING, DRIVE-BY SHOOTING, MASS SHOOTING, STABBING, AND/OR TERROR EVENT (POSSIBLY 18TH STREET, BLOODS, CRIPS AND/OR LATIN KINGS IN NATURE ) TARGETING AFRICAN-AMERICAN, LATINO AND/OR MINORITY-RELATED ACTIVIST, ATHLETE, CELEBRITY, GANG MEMBER, HIP HOP ARTIST, POLITICIAN AND/OR RAPPER AS PRETEXT FOR: A) MASS RIOTS, B) MARTIAL LAW, C) JOE BIDEN DISSOLUTION OF PRESIDENCY EVENT (DOPE) AND/OR D) POLITICAL RESURRECTION OF ONE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA (OCTOBER 23, 2021): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Gang-Related Assassination, Attack, Beating, Drive-By Shooting, Mass Shooting, Stabbing and/or Terror Event on Night of October 26, 2021, Exactly 50-Days After CIA Assassinated African-American Actor Michael K. Williams (who Starred in Gang-Related HBO Television Show Entitled ‘The Wire’) in Ritualistic Blood Sacrifice (Under Guise of Accidental Drug Overdose) Offered Up to Impending Gang-Related False-Flag Event Back on September 6, 2021, Exactly 940-Days After CIA Assassinated Rapper Nipsey Hustle (Under the Guise of a Gang-Related Drive-By Shooting) in Los Angeles, California Back on March 31, 2019, Exactly 1,227-Days After CIA Staged Gang-Related Mass Shooting Targeting the Art All Night 24-Hour Art & Music Festival in Trenton, New Jersey Back on June 17, 2018, Exactly 8,784-Days After CIA Released Pre-Gang-Related Terror Propaganda Film Starring Tupac Shakur Entitled ‘Gang Related’ Back on October 8, 1997, Exactly 8,997-Days After CIA Assassinated Rapper Biggie Smalls (Under the Guise of a Revenge-Based Gang-Related Drive-By Shooting) After the Soul Train Awards in Los Angeles, California Back on March 9, 1997, & Exactly 9,174-Days After CIA Assassinated Rapper Tupac Shakur (Under the Guise of a Gang-Related Drive-By Shooting) After a Mike Tyson Fight on Las Vegas, Nevada Back on September 13, 1996

Posted: October 23, 2021 in Breaking News

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