THE DE-FACTO OBAMA COUP D’ÉTAT: CIA PLOTTING NOVEMBER 24, 2021, SELECTION OF FORMER PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA AS NEW CZAR, LIAISON OR EQUIVALENT CABINET POSITION OF NEW CIA-SPAWNED FALSE-FLAG CRISIS AND/OR CURRENT CRISIS PLAGUING THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION (E.G., AFGHANISTAN PULLOUT DEBACLE, COVID-19 PANDEMIC, GLOBAL WARMING, HAITIAN IMMIGRANT CRISIS, MASS SHOOTING CRISIS, SUPPLY CHAIN CRISIS, US-MEXICO BORDER CRISIS, ETC.) SPECIFICALLY TO POLITICALLY RESURRECT OBAMA JUST PRIOR TO JOE BIDEN DISSOLUTION OF PRESIDENCY EVENT (NOVEMBER 23, 2021): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Unprecedented Selection of Former President Barack Obama as Biden Administration’s New Crisis Czar on November 24, 2021, Exactly 245-Days After Biden Administration Nominated Vice President Kamala Harris as Liaison (i.e., Point Person) for US-Mexico Border Crisis Back on March 24, 2021, Exactly 308-Days After Joe Biden Became President of the United State Back on January 20, 2021, & Exactly 1,769-Days After the Obamas Left the White House in Washington, DC Back on January 20, 2017, Exactly 2,067-Days After Journalist David Chase Taylor Published ‘OBAMA 666: Will America’s First Dictator Please Stand Up? Back on March 28, 2016, Exactly 22,027-Days After Barack Hussein Obama was Born Back on August 4, 1961, & Exactly 32,411-Days After One Adolf Hitler Declared Himself Dictator of Germany Under the Guise of a National Emergency Back on February 28, 1933

Posted: November 23, 2021 in Breaking News

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