WORLD WAR Z: JERUSALEM: CIA PLOTTING NIGHT OF NOVEMBER 25, 2021, ESCALATING WAVE OF AGENT PROVOCATEUR-BASED ISLAMIC ARSON ATTACKS & MASS RIOTS IN JERUSALEM, ISRAEL SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO CULMINATE IN ISLAMIC SUICIDE BOMBER ATTACKS FOLLOWED BY 9/11-STYLE NUCLEAR TERROR ATTACKS, POSSIBLY AL QAEDA, IRANIAN, ISIS, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, PAKISTANI, SAUDI ARABIAN AND/OR TALIBAN IN NATURE (NOVEMBER 23, 2021): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Escalating Wave of Agent Provocateur-Based Riots in Jerusalem, Italy on Night of November 25, 2021, Exactly 88-Days After CIA Executed Premeditated Drone Strike Killing 10 Civilians in Kabul, Afghanistan (Snuff Video Will Likely be Released by CIA Globally as Pretext for Impending Islamic Riots) Back on August 29, 2021, Exactly 203-Days After the Ongoing Palestinian Riots Commenced in Jerusalem, Israel Back on May 6, 2021, Exactly 616-Days After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Instituted Draconian Nationwide Lockdown Under Guise of COVID-19 (as Pretext for Islamic Rebellion) Back on March 19, 2020, Exactly 1,417-Days After CIA Staged the So-Called ‘Arab Summer’ Back on January 1, 2018, Exactly 1,614-Days After CIA Staged First So-Called ‘Black Lives Matter’ Riot in London, England (Under Guise of Fatal Police Attack on Black Males) Back on June 25, 2017, Exactly 3,057-Days After the CIA Spawned the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Terror Group as Prelude to Islamic Terror Riots Back July 13, 2013, & Exactly 3,996-Days After CIA Staged the So-Called ‘Arab Spring’ Back on December 17, 2010—The So-Called ‘Arab Spring’ & ‘Arab Summer’ Were a Series of CIA-Spawned Agent Provocateur-Based Riots Across the Arab World Whose Slogan ‘Ash-Shaʻb Yurīd Isqāṭ An-Niẓām!’ (i.e., ‘The People Want to Bring Down the Regime!’) was Chanted Ad Nauseam in Virtually Every Islamic Country, Including but Not Limited to: a) Algeria, b) Bahrain, c) Djibouti, d) Egypt, e) Gaza Strip, f) Iran, g) Iraq, i) Jordan, j) Khuzestan, k) Kuwait, l) Lebanon, m) Libya, n) Mauritania, o) Morocco, p) Oman: q) Palestine, r) Saudi Arabia, s) Sudan, t) Syria, u) Tunisia, and v) Yemen

Posted: November 23, 2021 in Breaking News

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