26 = Z = ZIONISM: CIA PLOTTING NOVEMBER 26, 2021, ATTACKS, ASSASSINATIONS, BOMBINGS, NATURAL DISASTERS AND/OR TERROR EVENTS VIA HER VAST ARRAY OF ARMIES & PROXY TERRORIST NETWORKS, POSSIBLY TRIGGERING WORLD WAR III (NOVEMBER 26, 2021): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Wave of Assassinations, Attacks, Biological Outbreaks, Bombings, Chemical Attacks, Coup D’états, Earthquake Attacks, Foreign Attacks & Invasions, Hacks, Mass Riots, Natural Disasters, Nuclear Attacks, Terror Events, Tornado Attacks and/or Tsunami Attacks on November 26, 2021, Exactly 3,099-Days After Pre-World War III Zionist Propaganda Film Entitled ‘World War Z’ Premiered in Theaters Back on June 2, 2013, Exactly 19,051-Days After CERN (Secret Entrance to CIA Headquarters) was Purportedly Founded in Geneva, Switzerland Back on September 29, 1969, Exactly 53,912-Days After Referendum of Swiss Federal Constitution was Passed Back on April 19, 1874 (Thereby Creating Modern Switzerland), Exactly 63,262-Days After Swiss Federal Constitution was Enacted Back on September 12, 1848 (Thereby Creating Swiss Army), & Exactly 260,162-Days After Switzerland (Confederation Helvetica) was Founded Back on August 1, 1309—The Term Coup D’état (e.g., Ousting, Overthrow, Golpe de Estado, Putsch, etc.) is Derived from French, Literally Meaning a ‘Stroke (Strike) of State’ and/or ‘Blow Against the State’ Which America and/or the World is Slated to Suffer on this Date

Posted: November 26, 2021 in Breaking News

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