OPERATION ISI-SSG: CIA PLOTTING JANUARY 21, 2022, FALSE-FLAG PAKISTAN-BACKED ATTACKS, BOMBINGS AND/OR TERROR EVENTS TARGETING AIRPORTS AND/OR MASS TRANSIT IN INDIA AND/OR MADE-FOR-TV HIJACKING AND/OR HOSTAGE CRISIS TARGETING INDIAN AIRLINER(S) SPECIFICALLY TO TRIGGER NUCLEAR INDO-PAKISTANI WAR, POSSIBLY AL QAEDA, ISI (INTER-SERVICES INTELLIGENCE), ISIS, ISLAMIC TERRORIST, JAISH-E-MOHAMMED, KASHMIR SEPARATIST, LASHKAR-E-TAIBA (LET), PAKISTANI ARMY SPECIAL SERVICE GROUP (SSG), PAKISTANI NATIONALIST AND/OR TALIBAN IN NATURE (JANUARY 13, 2022): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland False-Flag Pakistan-Backed Attacks, Bombings, Hijackings, Hostage Crisis and/or Terror Events Targeting India and/or Indian-Related Entities on January 21, 2022, Exactly 571-Days After CIA Staged ‘Nationalist’ Pakistani Terror Attack Targeting Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi, Pakistan Back on June 29, 2020, Exactly 1,253-Days After CIA Staged Bomb Threats Targeting 11 Commercial Airliners in Europe & South America (Resulting in 9 Being Taken Out of Service for Impending Hijackings & Subsequent 9/11-Style Attacks) Back on August 16, 2018, Exactly 1,853-Days After CIA Staged Last Islamic Hijacking of a Commercial Airliner While En Route to Tripoli (i.e., Afriqiyah Airways Flight 209) Back on December 25, 2016, Exactly 8,064-Days After CIA Staged the Taliban-Based Hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight 814 Back on December 24, 1999, Exactly 8,642-Days After CIA Staged the Baloch Students Organization-Based Hijacking of Pakistan International Airlines Flight 544 Back on May 25, 1998, Exactly 13,714-Days After CIA Staged the Sikh-Based Hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight 405 Back on July 5, 1984, Exactly 18,619-Days After CIA Staged the Kashmiri Separatists-Based National Liberation Front (NLF) Hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight Back on January 30, 1971, Exactly 20,574-Days After First Indo-Pakistani War Concluded Back on September 23, 1965, & Exactly 27,189-Days After Great Britain Partitioned Pakistan & India Back on August 14, 1947, Which Spawned the Ongoing So-Called Kashmir Conflict

Posted: January 13, 2022 in Breaking News

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