IN A NEW YORK MINUTE: CIA PLOTTING JUNE 23, 2022, APOCALYPTIC MAN-MADE EARTHQUAKE ATTACK TARGETING NEW YORK CITY AND/OR NEW YORK METROPOLITAN AREA, LIKELY RESULTING IN WIDESPREAD FIRES, MASS RIOTS AND/OR MARTIAL LAW  SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO CULMINATE IN JOE BIDEN DISSOLUTION OF PRESIDENCY EVENT (DOPE) & POLITICAL RESSURECTION OF WOULD-BE AMERICAN DICTATOR — BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA (JUNE 22, 2022): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Apocalyptic Man-Made Earthquake Attack Targeting New York City and/or New York Metropolitan Area on June 23, 2022, Exactly 816-Days After CIA Staged 2.6-Magnitude Man-Made Earthquake Attack Targeting Rochester, New York, the most recent earthquake was reported on March 29, 2020, Exactly 3,957-Days After CIA Staged 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Attack Targeting Virginia Back on August 23, 2011, Exactly 4,116-Days After New York Daily News Published Pre-New York Man-Made Earthquake Propaganda Report Entitled, ‘Could an Earthquake Hit New York City? History Says Yes, But Not Like 9.0 Magnitude Japan Earthquake’, Back on March 17, 2011, Exactly 8,257-Days After the Pre-New York Man-Made Earthquake Propaganda Mini-Series Entitled ‘Aftershock: Earthquake in New York’ Premiered Back on November 14, 1999, & Exactly 8,656-Days After the Pre-New York Man-Made Earthquake Propaganda Film Entitled ‘Earthquake in New York’ Premiered Back on October 11, 1998

Posted: June 22, 2022 in Breaking News

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