OPERATION FTSE LIVE: CIA PLOTTING AUGUST 16, 2022, RUSSIAN OR RUSSIA-BACKED TERRORIST (E.G., ISIS, ISIS-K, KHOST PROTECTION FORCE (KPF), TALIBAN, ETC.)-RELATED ATTACK, BOMBING, CHEMICAL ATTACK, HOSTAGE CRISIS, KIDNAPPING, OCCUPATION, SIEGE, STORMING, TERROR EVENT AND/OR TRUCK BOMBING TARGETING FTSE STOCK EXCHANGE IN LONDON, ENGLAND SPECIFICALLY TO CRASH MARKET & SINK BRITISH POUND VIA MASS PANIC & SUBSEQUENT SELL-OFF (AUGUST 15, 2022): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Russian or Russia-Backed Terrorist-Related Attack, Bombing and/or Terror Event Targeting FTSE Stock Exchange in London, England on August 16, 2022, Exactly 778-Days After CIA Staged ‘Nationalist’ Pakistani Special Forces Attack Targeting Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi, Pakistan Back on June 29, 2020, Exactly 3,304-Days After the Pre-Wall Street Terror Attack Propaganda Film Entitled ‘Assault on Wall Street’ Premiered in Theaters Back on July 30, 2013, Exactly 11,086-Days After CIA Staged Baltic Exchange Bombing in London, England Back on April 10, 1992, Exactly 11,716-Days After CIA Staged London Stock Exchange Bombing in London, England Back on July 20, 1990, Exactly 14,105-Days After the FTSE Stock Exchange was Founded in London, England Back on January 3, 1984, & Exactly 37,224-Days After CIA Staged Wall Street Bombing in New York City Back on September 16, 1920

Posted: August 15, 2022 in Breaking News

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