OPERATION SKY FALL: CIA PLOTTING AUGUST 16, 2022, SERIES OF CYBER-HIJACKS TARGETING: A) AUTONOMOUS DRONES; B) COMMERCIAL AIRLINERS; C) MILITARY JETS; D) MILITARY PLANES; E) INTERNET SATELLITES; F) MILITARY SATELLITES; AND/OR G) WEATHER SATELLITES AS PRETEXT FOR SCORES OF FIERY MADE-FOR-TV 9/11-STYLE ARIEL CRASHES TARGETING NOTED CELEBRITIES AND/OR ICONIC METROPOLITAN AREAS OF EARTH (AUGUST 15, 2022): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Made-for-TV Wave of Aerial Cyber-Hijacks & Subsequent Crashes on August 16, 2022, Exactly 148-Day After CIA Staged Cyber-Hijack of China Eastern Airlines Before Which Crashed into Side of Mountain in Guangxi Region of China Back on March 21, 2022, Exactly 168-Days After Anonymous Offshoot NB65 Hacked the Control Center of the Russian Space Agency Allegedly Resulting in Temporary Loss of Their Spy Satellites Back on March 1, 2022, Exactly 173-Days After Anonymous Officially Declared War Against Russia as Pretext for Impending Cyber-Hijack Attack Back on February 24, 2022, Exactly 1,387-Days After CIA Staged Cyber-Hijack of Lion Air Flight 610 Subsequently Crashing it Directly into the Java Sea of Southeast Asia Back on October 29, 2018, Exactly 1,255-Days After CIA Staged Cyber-Hijack of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Subsequently Crashing it Directly into the Ground Outside of Nairobi, Kenya Back on March 10, 2019, Exactly 1,693-Days After CIA Staged Cyber-Hijack of Russian Satellite ‘Meteor M’ (Which Crashed to Earth 1-Day Later on December 28, 2017) Back on December 27, 2017, Exactly 1,681-Days After CIA Staged Cyber-Hijack of Chinese Satellite ‘Tiangong-1’ (Which Crashed to Earth 86-Days Later on April 2, 2018) Back on January 6, 2018, Exactly 3,083-Days After CIA Staged Cyber-Hijack of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Subsequently Disappearing it Over the Bay of Bengal in Southeast Asia Back on March 8, 2014, Exactly 3,584-Days After Pre-Aircraft Cyber-Hijack Propaganda Film Entitled ‘Skyfall’ Premiered in Theaters Back on October 23, 2012, & Exactly 6,894-Days After Anonymous was Founded by the CIA Under the Guise of ‘4CHAN’ Back on October 1, 2003 

Posted: August 15, 2022 in Breaking News

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