OPERATION OMG (OUTLAW MOTORCYBLE GANGS): CIA PLOTTING NIGHT OF SEPTEMBER 18, 2022, MADE-FOR-TV MOTORCYCLE GANG-RELATED ARSON ATTACKS, BEATINGS, DRAGGINGS, LYNCHINGS, HOSTAGE CRISIS, KIDNAPPINGS, MASS SHOOTINGS, MASS STABBINGS, RACE WAR ATTACKS AND/OR TERROR EVENTS DESIGNED TO CULMINATE IN POLICE SHOOTOUT,  STANDOFF AND/OR SWAT TEAM RAID IN NEW YORK CITY AND/OR WASHINGTON, DC (POSSIBLY AVENGERS, BANDITOS, BIKERS FOR TRUMP, BUFFALO SOLDIERS, COSSACKS, HELLS ANGELS, MONGOLS, OUTLAWS, POW-MIA, ROLLING THUNDER, VAGOS AND/OR WARLOCKS IN NATURE), LIKELY FEATURING PUBLIC DEMAND BY BIKERS WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE JANUARY 6TH ATTACK ON THE US CAPITOL THAT DONALD J. TRUMP BE REINSTATED AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (SEPTEMBER 16, 2022): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Rolling Thunder-Related Storming & Subsequent Occupation Event in America on Night of September 18, 2022, Exactly 239-Days After CIA Staged Freedom Convoy Trucker Strike in, Canada (Which was Designed to Foreshadow & Set Precedent for Biker Gang-Related Convoy Attack in America at Later Date) Back on January 22, 2022, Exactly 1,211-Days After CIA Staged Latest Rolling Thunder Biker Ride Targeting Washington, D.C. Back on Memorial Day of May 26, 2019, Exactly 1,475-Days After Pre-Biker Gang Race War Propaganda Television Series Entitled ‘Mayans M.C.’ Premiered on FX Back on September 4, 2018, Exactly 1,499-Days After US President Donald J. Trump President Hosted ‘Bikers for Trump’ at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey Back on August 11, 2018, Exactly 2,681-Days After the CIA Staged the Fatal Waco Shootout Between the Banditos & Cossacks Versus the Waco Police Department in Waco, Texas Back on May 17, 2015, Exactly 5,128-Days After Pre-Biker Gang Race War Propaganda Television Series Entitled ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Premiered on FX Back on September 3, 2008, Exactly 7,449-Days After CIA Staged the Fatal So-Called River Run Riot Between the Hells Angeles & Mongols a Casino in Laughlin, Nevada Back on April 27, 2002, Exactly 11,099-Days After CIA Staged Unprovoked African-American (i.e., the L.A. Four) Riot Attack Targeting White Truck Driver Reginald Denny During the Los Angeles Riots in California Back on April 29, 1992, Exactly 12,900-Days After CIA Staged First-Ever Rolling Thunder Ride Targeting the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC Back on Memorial Day, May 25, 1987, & Exactly 19,279-Days After Student Meredith Hunter was Stabbed to Death by Hells Angels Motor Cycle Members During Rolling Stones Concert in Alameda County in California Back on December 6, 1969

Posted: September 18, 2022 in Breaking News

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