OPERATION 911 TWICE: CIA PLOTTING OCTOBER 31, 2022, FALSE-FLAG IRANIAN OR IRAN-BACKED TERRORIST 9/11-STYLE ATTACK, BOMBING AND/OR TERROR EVENT TARGETING THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES SPECIFICALLY TO TRIGGER WORLD WAR III, LIKELY BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL, NUCLEAR, NOVEL AIRBORNE VIRUS, RADIOLOGICAL AND/OR WEAPONIZED CONTAGION ATTACK (E.G., ANTHRAX, EBOLA, RICIN, SMALLPOX, ETC.) IN NATURE (SEPTEMBER 29, 2022): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting False-Flag Iranian or Iran-Backed Terrorist Attack, Bombing and/or Terror Event Targeting the United Arab Emirates on October 31, 2022, Exactly 67-Days After Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Became President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Back on May 14, 2022, Exactly 68-Days After the CIA Assassinated United Arab Emirates (UAE) President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Ritualistic Blood Sacrifice Offered Up to Impending Attack Back on May 13, 2022, Exactly 280-Days After CIA Staged Largest-Ever Joint Israeli and United Arab Emirates Air Force Drill Entitled ‘Blue Flag’ in Israel Back on October 24-31, 2021, Exactly 351-Days After Ebrahim Raisi Became President of Iran Back on August 3, 2021, Exactly 539-Days After Iran-Backed Terrorists Threatened to Bomb the Burj Khalifa (i.e., the World’s Tallest Skyscraper) in Abu Dhabi via an Unmanned Drone Back on January 27, 2021, Exactly 706-Days After the So-Called ‘Israel-United Arab Emirates Normalization Agreement’ was Signed Back on August 13, 2020, & Exactly 7,617-Days After CIA Staged Aerial Suicide Bombing Attack Targeting World Trade Center (WTC) in New York, New York Back on September 11, 2001

Posted: September 29, 2022 in Breaking News

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