OPERATION AIR JORDAN: CIA PLOTTING OCTOBER 31, 2022, MADE-FOR-TV 9/11-STYLE SUICIDE ATTACK, BOMBING, CAR/TRUCK BOMBING, CRASH-LANDING, HIJACKING, HOSTAGE CRISIS, MASS SHOOTING, MASS STABBING, RAMMING ATTACK, SUICIDE BOMBING AND/OR TERROR EVENT TARGETING AMMAN, JORDAN (POSSIBLY QUEEN ALIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT) SPECIFICALLY SPAWN SECOND GLOBAL BIOLOGICAL PANDEMIC & TRIGGER WORLD WAR III, LIKELY BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL, DIRTY BOMB, NUCLEAR, NOVEL AIRBORNE VIRUS (E.G., COVID-19), RADIOLOGICAL, SUITCASE NUKE AND/OR WEAPONIZED CONTAGION ATTACK (E.G., ANTHRAX, EBOLA, RICIN, SMALLPOX, ETC.) ATTACK IN NATURE (SEPTEMBER 29, 2022): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland is Plotting Made-for-TV Terror Event Targeting Amman, Jordan on October 31, 2022, Exactly 1,853-Days After Yousef Shawarbeh Became Mayor of Amman, Jordan Back on August 20, 2017, Exactly 2,095-Days After CIA Staged Series of ISIS Mass Shooting Attacks Targeting Al-Karak, Jordan Back on December 18-21, 2016, Exactly 2,388-Days After the Top-Secret ISIS Headquarters (i.e., the Al-Tanf Garrison) was Founded at Al-Tanf, Syria on the Jordanian-Syrian Border Back on March 3, 2016, Exactly 3,366-Days After ISIS was Founded by CIA Headquarters Back on June 29, 2013, Exactly 3,114-Days After CIA Staged Hijacking of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 While En Route to  Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, China (Which was Designed to Provide Logistics Cover for Impending 9/11-Style or Crash Landing Attack) Back on March 8, 2014, Exactly 7,675-Days After CIA Staged 9/11-Style Suicide Bomber Attacks Targeting New York City & Washington, DC, Back on September 11, 2001, Exactly 8,295-Days After the CIA-Spawned Al Qaeda Bomb Plot Targeting Four Sites in Jordan (i.e., a) Israeli-Jordanian Border, b) Jordan River where John the Baptist was Baptized; c) Mt. Nebo, and d) Radisson Hotel in Amman) was Foiled Back on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1999, Exactly 8,622-Days After Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein Became King of Jordan Back on February 7, 1999, Exactly 9,318-Days After CIA Staged Jordanian Soldier-Related Mass Shooting Attack Targeting Israeli Schoolgirls at the Island of Peace in Jordan Back on March 13, 1997, Exactly 16,655-Days After CIA Assassinated Queen Alia Al-Hussein of Joran via Helicopter Crash in Amman, Kingdom of Jordan (Which was Designed to Foreshadow & Set Precedent for 9/11-Style Attack Targeting Jordan at Later Date) Back on February 9, 1977, Exactly 18,689-Days After ‘Black September’ (i.e., Jordanian Civil War) Officially Concluded Back on September 6, 1970, through July 17, 1971, & Exactly 19,000-Days After Three Airliners Hijacked by Palestinian Terrorists were Forced to Land at Dawson’s Field Outside of Zarqa, Jordan Back on September 6-9, 1970

Posted: September 29, 2022 in Breaking News

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