OPERATION TRIPLE K: CIA PLOTTING NOVEMBER 27, 2022, KU KLUX KLAN (KKK)-RELATED ARSON FIRES, ATTACKS, BOMBINGS, CROSS BURNINGS, DRGGINGS, HOSTAGE CRISIS, KIDNAPPINGS, LYNCHINGS, MASS SHOOTINGS AND/OR TERROR EVENTS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO TRIGGER ESCALATING WAVE OF AGENT PROVOCATEUR-BASED RIOTS ACROSS AMERICA AS PRETEX FOR RACE WAR (NOVEMBER 26, 2022): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Ku Klux Klan-Related Attacks, Bombings, Cross Burnings, Lynchings and/or Terror Events in America on November 27, 2022, Exactly 389-Days After African-American CIA Operative Terresha Lucas was Arrested in Atlanta, Georgia on 8 Counts of Terroristic Threats for Leaving Racially Charged Notes in Mailboxes (Which was Designed to Foreshadow Yard-Related Cross Burnings at Later Date) Back on October 6, 2021, Exactly 861-Days After African-American NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Allegedly Found Noose Hanging in His Garage at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama Back on June 21, 2020, Exactly 1,354-Days After ‘The Democrat-Reporter’ Newspaper of Linden, Alabama, Printed Editorial Entitled ‘Klan Needs to Ride Again’ Back on February 14, 2019, Exactly 15,198-Days After CIA Staged KKK Lynching of 19-Year Old African-American Michael Donald in Mobile, Alabama Back on March 21, 1981, Exactly 20,864-Days After CIA Staged KKK Bombing Targeting the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama Back on September 15, 1965, & Exactly 39,345-Days After the CIA-Spawned Pre-KKK Terror Propaganda Film Entitled ‘The Birth of a Nation’ Premiered in Theaters Back on February 9, 1915

Posted: November 26, 2022 in Breaking News

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