OPERATION BOXING DEW: TYSON FURY: CIA PLOTTING NIGHT OF  DECEMBER 3, 2022, TOP-SECRET DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON (DEW)-RELATED ATTACK TARGETING TYSON FURY, LIKELY UNDER GUISE OF ROUTINE BLOCK, CELEBRATION, KNOCK-DOWN, PUNCH, STEP-BACK AND/OR UPPER-CUT WHICH RESULTS IN: A) BONE BREAK; B) BRAIN DAMAGE; C) CAREER-ENDING INJURY; C) CATASTROPHIC INJURY; D) COMA; E) CONCUSSION; F) DEATH EVENT; G) HOSPITALIZATION; I) PARALYZATION AND/OR J) SHOULDER DISLOCATION (DECEMBER 3, 2022): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Direct Energy Weapon (DEW)-Related Attack Targeting Tyson Fury on December 3, 2022, Exactly 476-Days After CIA Maimed UFC Fighter Conor McGregor with Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) During UFC 264 Resulting in Shattered Ankle Back on July 10, 2021, Exactly 2,326-Days After CIA Assassinated UFC Fighter Kimbo Slice with Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Under Guise of Heart Failure Back on June 6, 2016, Exactly 3,227-Days After CIA Maimed UFC Fighter Anderson Silva with Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) During UFC 168 Resulting in Shattered Leg Back on December 28, 2013, & Exactly 5,167-Days After the CIA Assassinated UFC Fighter Evan Tanner via Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Under Guise of Heat Stroke Back on September 5, 2008 — Directed-Energy Weapons (DEW), Which Damage Their Given Target via Highly Focused Energy (e.g., Lasers, Microwaves, Particle Beams, etc.), Were Developed In-Part by the Air Force Research Laboratory, DARPA, Naval Research Laboratory, the Pentagon, & United States Army Armament Research Development & Engineering Center

Posted: December 3, 2022 in Breaking News

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