OPERATION REAGAN NATIONAL: CIA PLOTTING JANUARY 18, 2023, MADE-FOR-TV 9/11-STYLE ATTACK, ASSASSINATION, ARSON ATTACK, BOMBING, CAR/TRUCK BOMBING, HOSTAGE CRISIS, KIDNAPPING, MASS SHOOTING, MASS STABBING, OCCUPATION, RAMMING ATTACK, SHOOTOUT, SIEGE, STANDOFF, STORMING AND/OR TERROR EVENT TARGETING RONALD REAGAN WASHINGTON NATIONAL AIRPORT IN ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO SABOTAGE ‘TRUMP 2024’ PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN AND/OR SPAWN SECOND GLOBAL BIOLOGICAL PANDEMIC, LIKELY AMMONIUM PERCHLORATE, BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL, HAZMAT MATERIAL (E.G., AMMONIUM NITRATE, COW DUNG, FERTILIZER, ETC.), NERVE AGENT (E.G., NOVICHOK, SARIN, VX, ETC.), NOVEL AIRBORNE VIRUS, NUCLEAR, RADIOLOGICAL, UREA FERTILIZER AND/OR WEAPONIZED CONTAGION (E.G., ANTHRAX, EBOLA, RICIN, SMALLPOX, ETC.) IN NATURE (JANUARY 16, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Made-for-TV Terror Event Targeting Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (i.e., Reagan National Airport) in Arlington, Virginia on January 18, 2023, Exactly 176-Days After Donald J. Trump Returned to Washington, DC for the First Time Since Leaving the White House (Which was Designed to Foreshadow Impending Attack) Back on July 26, 2022, Exactly 177-Days After CIA Staged Suspension of Service Targeting Reagan National Airport Under Guise of Passenger Being Caught With Loaded Gun (Which Likely Provided Logistics Cover for Impending Attack) Back on July 25, 2022, Exactly 181-Days After CIA Staged Suspension of Service Targeting Reagan National Airport Under Guise of Drone Airspace Violation (Which Likely Provided Logistics Cover for Impending Attack) Back on July 21, 2022, Exactly 1,622-Days After CIA Staged Domestic Airliner Hijack & Subsequent 9/11-Style Aerial Suicide Crash of Alaska Airlines Aircraft into Puget Sound Outside of Seattle, Washington Back on August 10, 2018, Exactly 2,533-Days After the CIA-Spawned Bundy Militia Siege & Subsequent Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon Concluded Back on February 11, 2016, Exactly 2,534-Days After Bundy Militia Leader Cliven Bundy was Arrested at Portland International Airport (Which was Designed to Foreshadow Militia-Related Attack Targeting Airport at Later Date) Back on February 10, 2016, Exactly 3,210-Days After the CIA Staged the Ongoing Bundy Militia Standoff with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Outside of Las Vegas, Nevada Back on April 5, 2014, Exactly 3,323-Days After CIA Staged Failed Domestic Suicide Bombing Attack Targeting Wichita Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita, Kansas Back on December 13, 2013, Exactly 3,365-Days After CIA Staged Domestic Terrorist Mass Shooting Attack Targeting TSA (Transportation Security Agency) Officials at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, California Back on November 1, 2013, Exactly 4,717-Days After CIA Staged Domestic 9/11-Style Aerial Suicide Crash Attack Targeting IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Occupied US Federal Building in Austin, Texas Back on February 18, 2010, & Exactly 29,801-Days After Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Officially Began Operation Back on June 16, 1941

Posted: January 16, 2023 in Breaking News

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