OPERATION HOSTAGE ZERO: FRANCIS NGANNOU: CIA PLOTTING JANUARY 18, 2023, MADE-FOR-TV ASSASSINATION, DISAPPEARENCE, DEATH EVENT, KIDNAPPING, MURDER, MURDER-SUICIDE AND/OR PROLONGED HOSTAGE CRISIS TARGETING UFC STAR FRANCIS NGANNOU WHILE ABROAD IN CAMEROON, POSSIBLY AL-QAEDA, AL-SHABBAB, AQAP, BOKO HARAM, ISIS, ISLAMIC TERRORIST AND/OR TALIBAN IN NATURE (JANUARY 17, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland is Plotting Made-for-TV Terror Event Targeting UFC Star Francis Ngannou on January 18, 2023, Exactly 4-Days After the UFC Inexplicably Stripped Francis Ngannou of the UFC Heavyweight Championship (Which was Specifically Designed to Highlight Ngannou on International Level Just Prior to Made-for-TV Terror Event) Back on January 14, 2023, Exactly 357-Days After CIA Staged Kidnapping & Murder of ‘Walking Dead’ Actor Moses J. Moseley in Stockbridge, Georgia Back on January 26, 2022, Exactly 675-Days After CIA Staged Kidnapping & Hostage Crisis Targeting Paris Saint-Germain Soccer Player Angel di Maria’s Family in Paris, France Back on March 14, 2021, Exactly 3,404-Days After Pre-Kidnapping & Hostage Crisis Television Propaganda Series Entitled ‘Hostages’ Premiered on CBS Back on September 23, 2013, Exactly 13,284-Days After Francis Zavier Ngannou was Born in Batié, Cameroon Back on September 5, 1986, Exactly 15,338-Days After the Conclusion of 444-Day Iranian Hostage Crisis Targeting US Embassy in Tehran, Iran Back on November 4, 1979, Through January 20, 1981, Exactly 18,396-Days After CIA Staged Kidnapping & Hostage Crisis Targeting Israeli Athletes at the Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany Back on September 6, 1972, & Exactly 33,195-Days After CIA Staged Kidnapping & Hostage Crisis Targeting Charles Lindbergh’s Son Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr., in Hopewell, New Jersey Back on March 1, 1932

Posted: January 17, 2023 in Breaking News

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