OPERATION JIMINY CRICKET: CIA PLOTTING JANUARY 26, 2023, MADE-FOR-TV IRANIAN, PAKISTANI, RUSSIAN AND/OR SAUDI ARABIAN-BACKED ISLAMIC TERRORIST (E.G., AL QAEDA, ISIS, ISIS-K, KHOST PROTECTION FORCE (KPF), TALIBAN, ETC.)-RELATED 9/11-STYLE ATTACK, BOMBING, HOSTAGE CRISIS, KIDNAPPING, MASS SHOOTING, MASS STABBING, SUICIDE BOMBING, VEHICLE-BORNE IMPROVIDED EXPLOSIVE DEVICE (VBIED)-RELATED BOMBING ATTACK AND/OR VEHICULAR RAMMING ATTACK TARGETING LIVE CRICKET MATCH (E.G., AFGHANISTAN, AUSTRALIA, BANGLADESH, INDIA, MYANMAR, NEW ZEALAND, PAKISTAN, SINGAPORE, SRI LANKA, ETC.) SPECIFICALLY TO TRIGGER WORLD WAR III, LIKELY BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL, DIRTY BOMB, NUCLEAR, NOVEL AIRBORNE VIRUS, RADIOLOGICAL AND/OR WEAPONIZED CONTAGION ATTACK (E.G., ANTHRAX, EBOLA, RICIN, SMALLPOX, ETC.) IN NATURE (JANUARY 25, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Made-for-TV Terror Events Targeting Live Cricket Match on January 26, 2023, Exactly 100-Days After CIA Staged Fatal Grenade Attack Targeting Cricket Match in Kabul, Afghanistan (Which was Designed to Foreshadow for Impending Attack) Back on July 29, 2022, Exactly 722-Days After CIA Staged Plane Crash Targeting Cromer Park Roughly 18-Miles (30-Kilometers) from Where the Indian Cricket Team was Stationed Outside Sydney, Australia Back on November 14, 2020, Exactly 4,291-Days After Whistle-Blower Journalist David Chase Taylor Foiled Al Qaeda-Pakistani Nuclear Terror Attack Targeting Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas Back on February 6, 2011, & Exactly 4,996-Days After CIA Staged Islamic Terror Attack Targeting Bus Carrying Sri Lanka National Cricket Team Outside Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan Back on March 3, 2009

Posted: January 25, 2023 in Breaking News

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