OPERATION PUTIN RX: CIA PLOTTING FEBRUARY 4, 2023, POISONING-BASED ASSASSINATION EVENT TARGETING RUSSIAN PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN (POSSIBLY CIA, CHECHEN, FSB, KGB, ISIS, MI6, NATO AND/OR UKRAINIAN IN NATURE) AS PRETEXT FOR CIA INSTALLATION OF HARDLINE COMMUNIST DICTATOR PUPPET (E.G., ALEXEI NAVALNY, GENNADAY ZYUGANOV, PAVEL GRUDININ, ETC.) SLATED TO TRIGGER WORLD WAR III VIA UNPRECEDENTED ICBM NUCLEAR MISSILE STRIKES TARGETING AMERICA, EUROPE AND/OR UKRAINE (FEBRUARY 1, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Poisoning-Related Assassination Event Targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin on FEBRUARY 4, 2023, Exactly 282-Days After US Senator Lindsey Graham Stated in Respect to Russian President Vladimir Putin that, ‘The Only Way This Ends is for Somebody in Russia to Take this Guy Out’, Back on March 3, 2022, Exactly 662-Days After the Atlantic Council Published Report Entitled ‘Putin the Poisoner’ (Which was Designed In-Part to Foreshadow Poison-Based Assassination of Putin) Back on February 16, 2021, Exactly 842-Days After CIA Staged Russian Novichok Nerve Agent Poisoning Attack Targeting Putin Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny in Tomsk, Russia Back on August 20, 2020, Exactly 1,081-Days After David Chase Taylor Published ‘The Birth of Nazi Russia’ (Which Politically-Speaking Castrated or Deballed the Putin Regime) Back on December 25, 2019, Exactly 1,087-Days Since CIA Staged Mass Shooting Targeting FSB Headquarters in Moscow, Russia While Putin was in the Vicinity (Which Likely Provided Logistics Cover for Impending Putin Assassination) Back on December 19, 2019, Exactly 1,742-Days After CIA Staged Russian Novichok Nerve Agent Poisoning Attack Targeting Former Russian Military Officer & Double Agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, England Back on March 4, 2018, Exactly 2,285-Days After CIA Staged Car Accident Assassination of Putin’s Personal Chauffeur While Driving His BMW in Moscow, Russia Back on September 7, 2016, Exactly 2,766-Days After Putin Puppet was Crucified by So-Called Artist Outside of Former KGB Headquarters in Riga, Latvia Back on May 15, 2015, Exactly 3,869-Days After Putin Became President of Russia for a Second Time Back on May 7, 2012, Exactly 3,939-Days After Russia’s FSB Russia Thwarted Plot to Assassinate Putin by Chechen Rebels in Odesa, Ukraine Back on February 27, 2012, Exactly 5,396-Days After Sniper was Arrested Just Prior to Putin Walking Through the Gates of the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia on Election Night Back on March 2, 2008, Exactly 5,862-Days After CIA Staged Russian Plutonium Poisoning Assassination of Former Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) & KGB Officer Alexander Litvinenko in London, England Back on November 22, 2006, Exactly 25,631-Days After Vladimir Putin was Born in Leningrad, Russia Back on October 7, 1952, Exactly 32,359-Days After CIA Founded Second Jewish State (After Switzerland) in Eastern Russia Entitled ‘Jewish Autonomous Oblast’ Back on May 7, 1934, & Exactly 38,696- Days After CIA Staged Russian Cyanide Poisoning Assassination Attempt Targeting Russian Mystic & Socialite Grigori Rasputin (Whom Russian President Vladimir Putin is Named After) in St. Petersburg, Russia Back on December 30, 1916

Posted: February 1, 2023 in Breaking News

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