OPERATION BLOCK CHAIN: CIA PLOTTING MARCH 16, 2023, CYBER-ATTACKS, CYBER-HEISTS, DDoS ATTACKS (I.E., DENIAL OF SERVICE), HACKS AND/OR MALWARE ATTACKS TARGETING BITCOIN AND/OR OTHER CRYPTOCURRENCIES AROUND THE WORL DSPECIFICALLY TO: A) SINK US DOLLAR VIA MASS PANIC & SUBSEQUENT SELL-OFF; B) SPAWN ESCALATING WAVE OF BANK RUNS AS PRETEXT FOR ECONOMIC COLLAPSE; C) SPARK ESCALATING WAVE OF CIVIL UNREST FEATURING ARSON ATTACKS, MASS LOOTINGS AND/OR MASS RIOTS AS PRETEXT FOR MARTIAL LAW; AND/OR D) TRIGGER WORLD WAR III (MARCH 15, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Cyber-Related Events Targeting Bitcoin and/or Other Cryptocurrencies Around the Word on March 16, 2023, Exactly 7-Days After CIA Staged Bank Run and Subsequent Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in Santa Clara, California (Which was Specifically Designed to Foreshadow and Set Precedent for Impending Cryptocurrency Crash) Back on March 9, 2023, Exactly 125-Days After CIA Staged Collapse of Numerous Cryptocurrencies (e.g., Alameda Research, FTX, & Over 100-Afffiliated Cryptocurrency Entities) Back on November 11, 2022, Exactly 384-Days After CIA Staged Bank Runs Targeting of Russia’s Sberban Bank in the Czech Republic in Aftermath of Start of Russo-Ukrainian War Back on February 25, 2022, Exactly 777-Days After the CIA Staged the ‘GameStop Short Squeeze’ Publicity Stunt Which Resulted in a 1,500% Increase in Gamestop’s Stock Back January 28, 2021, Exactly 3,376-Days After Global Stock Market Crash Propaganda Film Entitled ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Premiered in Theaters Back on December 17, 2013, Exactly 5,185-Days After Bitcoin was First Released Back on January 3, 2009, Exactly 7,106-Days After CIA Founded Anonymous Under the Guise of ‘4CHAN’ Hacking Group Back on October 1, 2003, Exactly 12,932-Days After CIA Staged ‘Black Monday’ Wall Street Crash Back on October 19, 1987, & Exactly 34,111-Days After CIA Staged ‘Black Friday’ Wall Street Crash Back on October 24, 1929

Posted: March 15, 2023 in Breaking News

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