OPERATION STAR WARS: CIA PLOTTING MARCH 22, 2023, ICBM, ISS (INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION), MISSILE, ROCKET, SATELLITE AND/OR SPACE SHUTTLE-RELATED ACCIDENT, ATTACK, CRASH, CYBER-ATTACK, CYBER-HEIST AND/OR EXPLOSION SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO TRIGGER ‘ACCIDENTAL’ WORLD WAR III COURTESY OF THE MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION (MAD) SCENARIO (MARCH 21, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting False-Flag ICBM, ISS, Missile, Rocket, Satellite and/or Space Shuttle-Related Event on MARCH 22, 2023, Exactly 265-Days After ‘The Daily Mail’ Published Report Entitled, ‘Russian ‘Star Wars’ Missile Designed to Shoot Down Satellites, Nukes and Orbital Hypersonic Weapons Enters Service Amid Tensions with the West’, Back on December 29, 2021, Exactly 1,006-Days After US Space Force was Created Back on December 20, 2019, Exactly 1,710-Days After CIA Staged North Korean Nuclear Missile Attack Hoax Targeting Hawaii Back on January 13, 2018, Exactly 2,208-Days After CIA Staged Launchpad Explosion Targeting Space-X Falcon 9 Rocket While on Launchpad in Cape Canaveral, Florida Back September 3, 2016, Exactly 7,442-Days After the CIA Founded Space-X as Logistics Cover for Space-Based World War III Back on May 6, 2002, Exactly 14,414-Days After TIME Magazine Published Star Wars Cover Back on April 4, 1983, Exactly 15,656-Days After CIA Staged 250 Russian Nuclear Missile Attack Hoax Targeting United States Back on November 9, 1979, & Exactly 22,631-Days After CIA Staged Russian Nuclear Missile Attack Hoax Targeting Europe Back on October 5, 1960

Posted: March 21, 2023 in Breaking News

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