OPERATION DOCTOR FAUCI: VLADIMIR PUTIN: CIA PLOTTING MARCH 27, 2023, CORONAVIRUS AND/OR COVID-19-RELATED FATALITY, INFECTION AND/OR SUBSEQUENT HOSPITALIZATION EVENT TARGETING RUSSIAN PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN SPECIFICALLY TO TRIGGER POLITICAL POWER VACCUME IN MOSCOW AS PRETEXT FOR CIA INSTALLATION OF HARDLINE COMMUNIST DICTATOR PUPPET (E.G., ALEXEI NAVALNY, GENNADAY ZYUGANOV, PAVEL GRUDININ, ETC.) SLATED TO TRIGGER NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III (MARCH 25, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Coronavirus and/or COVID-19-Related Fatality, Infection and/or Subsequent Hospitalization Event Targeting Vladmir Putin on MARCH 27, 2023, Exactly 532-Days After ‘Dozens of People’ Within President Putin’s Entourage Allegedly Tested Positive for COVID-19 Back on September 14, 2021, Exactly 1,022-Days After President Putin’s Spokesman Dmitry Peskov Allegedly Tested Positive for COVID-19 Back on May 12, 2020, Exactly 1,177-Days After the CIA Staged the Coronavirus (i.e., COVID-19) Outbreak in Wuhan, China Back on December 8, 2019, Exactly 3,830-Days After the First-Ever Known Coronavirus (i.e., SARS-COV-2) was Allegedly Detected in Saudi Arabia Back on September 3, 2012, Exactly 3,949-Days After Vladmir Putin Became President of Russia for a Second Time Back on May 7, 2012, & Exactly 25,711-Days After Vladimir Putin was Born in Leningrad, Russia Back on October 7, 1952

Posted: March 25, 2023 in Breaking News

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