OPERATION WIDOW MAKER: CIA PLOTTING MARCH 26, 2023, ASSASSINATION OF US PRESIDENT JOSEPH R. BIDEN UNDER GUISE OF NATURALLY OCCURING HEART ATTACK (I.E., MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION) SPECIFICALLY SO THAT KAMALA HARRIS CAN BE SWORN IN AS PRESIDENT (MARCH 25, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Assassination of Joseph R. Biden Under Guise of Naturally Occurring Heart Attack (i.e., Myocardial Infarction) on MARCH 26, 2023, Exactly 665-Days After Biden Became President of the United State Back on January 20, 2021, Exactly 734-Days Prior to the 2024 Presidential Election on November 5, 2024, Exactly 17,228-Days After CIA’s Top-Secret Heart Attack Gun was Revealed by Senator Frank Church During a Congressional Hearing in Washington, DC Back on September 16, 1975, & Exactly 29,216-Days After Joe Biden was Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania Back on November 20, 1942

Posted: March 25, 2023 in Breaking News

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